Does Ether Exist?  Yes, it is “Spirit”

By William Bezanson


A question that has long puzzled me is “What is the medium through which electromagnetic (EM) energy propagates?”.  In this article, I want to propose that the medium, even in outer space, is Ether.  And further, its relationship to Spirit makes it very interesting to the spiritually focused conscious community.


Consider the propagation of sound energy through air and mechanical energy through water:

  • When sound energy propagates through the atmosphere, and causes audible sounds to manifest, the energy causes air molecules to vibrate.  The medium that vibrates, and thus provides a transmission vehicle for sound energy is air.  This vibration ranges from zero to several thousand cycles per second (Hertz, Hz).  Human ears can detect it from about 50 to 20,000 Hz.
  • When mechanical energy propagates through water, and manifests on the surface as surface ripples or waves, the energy causes water molecules to vibrate.  The medium that vibrates, and thus provides a transmission vehicle for mechanical energy is water.  The vibrational frequency is very low, say up to about 10 Hz.

Now let us move up to the higher frequencies of EM radiation.  When radio waves, or light waves, or X-rays, or Gamma rays, or Cosmic rays (from low to very, very high EM frequencies) propagate through the "vacuum" of empty space, or simply from a radio antenna to a radio receiver, my question amounts to "What is the medium of energy propagation?"  And for the highest frequencies of all, Spirit Energy, as taught by the Rosicrucians, beyond even Cosmic rays, again what is the medium of propagation?  Spirit energy vibrational frequencies extend up to around 10^30 Hz and higher.

Is this medium dark matter or dark energy, both of which are very modern hypothetical concepts?

My suggestion is that the medium is Ether, which is called Spirit by the Rosicrucians.  Yes, Ether, the 19th century substance that physics hypothesized permeated the universe, and was "disproved" by the Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887 and many times thereafter by others.  The official position of Physics is that ether does not exist. (Incidentally, reading about the Michelson-Morley experiment, say on the WWW, will introduce you to one of the cleverest, most ingenious experiments in all of Physics, in my mind.)

But my hypothesis is that ether does exist, and that those guys, smart as they were, simply did not measure the right things, or with enough sensitivity.  And my guess is further, that ether provides the very medium through which Spirit Energy and other forms of EM waves propagate.  

I recognize that modern Physics explains EM transmission through empty space as not the vibration of some physical matter, but as the propagation of electric and magnetic waves, and that EM waves do not need a medium for their propagation.  However, I still hold the hypothesis that a substance called ether provides the basis for such propagation.

It may be that physicists before long will conclude that ether is actually dark matter or dark energy or both, or some such yet to be discovered substance.  But I call it ether.

So, recasting my hypothesis in the form of the two points above, I would state:

  • When psychic or Spirit energy or other forms of electromagnetic energy propagates through the universe, the energy causes ether substance to vibrate.  The medium that vibrates, and thus provides a transmission vehicle for Spirit energy and EM energy is ether.  The vibrational frequency is incredibly high, around 10^30 Hz and higher.

Note that Spirit (which is equivalent to Ether) is not the same as the Christian notion of the Holy Spirit, because the former is actuality and the latter is reality, as explained in my earlier articles (see, for example, ).  Also, Spirit is not the same as spirit;  the former is universal and the latter is another name for spirit body or psychic body for each individual living entity.  Capital-S Spirit is the fundamental foundation of all existence.  Spirit energy propagates through the medium call Spirit, which is Ether.


I have pored over associated literature from Alpha to Omega, and I cannot find anywhere any statement of what medium vibrates in order to transmit Spirit energy or, indeed, any electromagnetic waves.  So I am going far out on a limb with the ideas in this article, and I acknowledge that I may be very naive and totally wrong.   I will retain this question and this hypothesis high on my list of interests, until I learn of a more correct explanation, or until I find my hypothesis is confirmed as correct.



William Bezanson is a retired engineer who has turned into an author.  His most recent book is Abandoned Shopping Carts:  Personal and Spiritual Responsibility.  He is currently writing a book I Believe:  A Rosicrucian Looks at Christianity and Spirituality, to be published in 2014.   He lives with his wife in Ottawa, Canada.  To learn about his books, visit his website.

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Comment by Donna Boyle on January 2, 2014 at 1:01pm

Hello William,

Interesting article.  I am a "medium" and I must tell you, when I started doing this work, I actually vibrated as I raised my vibration to match spirits.  The play on words--by me-- as I read your article was very amusing.  As you can imagine, each time you used the word "medium" I thought of myself.

Best of everything to you in this New Year!


Comment by Trevor Taylor on December 5, 2013 at 5:14am

Hi William. Interesting. Recommended to the Publishers for inclusion in a forthcoming multi-media edition

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