Ancient people used sound and music to heal, balance and uplift their worlds. One crucial way was to properly use the sound of one’s name. The sound of one’s name is a constant energy-influence for one’s entire life, because of the sheer number of times it is heard. In ancient times, how one said his name was crucial, as it described his energy to others. They guarded against saying their name in combination with negative emotions, as these subtle energies intermingled. They would, however, say their name with love to uplift their subtle energy communication, or utter their name with the feeling of power to assert their authority.

Reflect on how you say your name. When you introduce yourself to others, does your name sound like a question or a request for approval from others? Is it a warm and inviting sound? We can easily perceive how others react to us - all on their own, yet this subtle art that we are discussing arms us with the power to put out a vibratory field in our voice so that others react to us - as we decide. It is simple to do this: merely project a feeling when you say your name. That simple exercise intertwines your name with energy that emits more powerfully in all directions throughout the quantum fields. This is tantamount to throwing a little pebble into a lake versus a large rock - the difference is obvious.

The Ancient Sumerians took the art of using the sound of one’s name to another level. They converted one’s name into pitches. There were several processes that were utilized to convert one’s name to music. One system was called Gematria, in which a number was assigned to each letter in the alphabet, and thus letters were converted into numbers. For example, the 25th letter of the alphabet would represent the number 25. Numbers were then used as frequencies. The number 25 correlated to 25 cycles of sound per second or a very low musical note! This converts the letters in one’s name to sound. Ancient people listened to the music of their name and harmonized with this sound. Thus, they accepted their energies, strengths and weaknesses in a positive and harmonious manner.

In Africa some tribes, villagers would give a baby a name and song. That song was sung at birth and important passages of life: such as puberty, becoming an adult, marriage and death. If that person committed a crime or deviant social behavior, the whole village would surround them, singing their name and song, restoring inner harmony.

Many sages believed that pitches, rhythms and harmonics (vowel sounds create different harmonics) were the building blocks of the energy in one’s name. For example, how fast or slow a name is uttered affects its “feeling.” Vowels and consonants were said to bestow specific vibratory benefits. Each vowel sound has a subtle psychological and chemical influence, because the physical and emotional body are both affected by vibration. For example, the letter E denotes a subtle feeling of the feminine qualities of grace, wisdom, beauty and receptivity, while letters O and U have a masculine quality of power and expression. The letter A has the perfection of both qualities. What “energy” is in your name?

With intense focus, vowel sounds were correlated to parts in the body with which they resonated with. Through sympathetic resonance, these sounds massaged subtle energy in a specific part of the body. For example, the letter U stimulated the pelvis, hips, legs, feet and lower body in general. The letter O vibrated the lower trunk, abdomen area from solar plexus to groin. The letter A vibrated the chest cavity, heart and the body as a whole. The letter E massaged the throat, upper chest and head regions. Finally, the letter I energized the back of the skull and head regions. The vowel sounds within your name, were believed to subtly encourage health in resonant areas of your body. In an interesting application of this, a person could take a nickname, with the energy sounds, to stimulate body areas that need extra energy.

What energy is in your name? What is the feeling that accompanies your full name versus nick name? Which do you prefer? Practice how you say your name so that its sound matches your desired emotional qualities!


Jill Mattson spent 25 years researching Vibratory Sound Energy for healing and a wide array of remarkable uses. In addition to writing three soundhealing books, Mattson composes and produces her own CD's employing Sound Healing Techniques & Energies. Her Deep Wave Beauty CD won a silver COVR award for best specialty CD. Three are free soundhealing mp3s at,

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Comment by Jill Mattson on March 25, 2015 at 6:27pm

All done Shelly

Comment by Jill Mattson on March 25, 2015 at 6:17pm

Thank you Shelly will do

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