Dylan knew a secret, a secret that his Aunt had told him. Dylan could go and visit Mother Earth whenever he wanted. Auntie had taught
Dylan how to send down little roots from his toes.
With these roots he could go on adventures in the Crystal City.
Dylan had woken up really early, he would usually go and wake up Mommy.
But this morning he decided that he would let her sleep in as it was
her birthday.
At first he played with his toys, but he grew tired of them very
quickly. Next he sat and looked at his books, that was not working
either. He was feeling like he needed to run
and burn off some energy. He thought of Mommy and Daddy sleeping and
knew that he would wake them. Then he remembered what Auntie had
taught him about sending his extra energy to Mother Earth.

Dylan sat in his perfect sized chair in the middle of his room. He
closed his eyes and thought about what Auntie had told him. She had
said "relax and take big slow breaths". Dylan took three big breaths.
He remembered the next things Auntie had told him "feel all of your
body relaxing from your head right down to your toes". Dylan
concentrated on relaxing, he felt his fingers and arms go limp. He
worked his way down to his legs and feet, and as he reached his toes he
giggled. This was his favourite part, Auntie had taught him to wiggle
his toes, and then feel little roots growing from them. He imagined the
roots going down through the floor and into the ground. Down, down,
down they went winding their way around rocks. Down they went into
caves, caves full of crystals.

He said hello to the worms and bugs that lived in the earth as he
passed them by. They all seemed too busy to stop and visit with him.
Dylan didn't mind as he felt he was getting close to the Crystal City.
Dylan was looking forward to asking Mother Earth to make something
special with his extra energy. As he came to the gates where he could
find Mother Earth, he stopped and thought about what it was that he was
supposed to say. Quietly he said "Dear Mother Earth, I have come here
to ask, if you could use my extra energy to make something special". A
wonderful warm loving voice replied " Hello young one, what is it you
would like me to make?" Dylan thought for a moment and said "what would
you choose to do with my extra energy?" Mother Earth laughed, which
made the ground shake, "why young one, I would use it to help clean up
some rivers or send a breath of fresh air to a smoggy City". This
sounded like a wonderful thing to Dylan and he said "yes, Mother Earth,
that would be a very good thing to do.

Dylan asked Mother Earth "what would you do with all the extra energy
from my classmates?" A warm glow lit up the whole area. "Why young one
I could clean up a few lakes, or blow away the pollution from a single
city." Dylan thought for a moment then asked "what would you do with
all the extra energy from all of the children in my country?" The warm
glow turned into a beautiful bright light. "young one, if you could get
all the children from your country to send me their extra energy, I
could clean up an Ocean". Dylan sat quietly and then finally
asked "what would you do if all the children in the world sent you
their extra energy?" All of a sudden there appeared a glorious rainbow
which seemed to be all around him. Mother Earth then said "my child, if
you could get all the children from around the world to send me their
extra energy, I could work miracles."

Dylan sat smiling at the thought of what miracles would mean. Dylan
then asked "Mother Earth is there anything else that would help? Mother
Earth then asked Dylan if he could bring the power of the universe to
her. Dylan was quiet, how was he going to do that? Mother Earth spoke
once again "Young one, you would have to grow tall and strong to bring
me this power." Dylan thought about this for a moment and then said
"but this would take a long time for me to grow up big and strong, what
would do until then?" Mother Earth laughed and shook the ground. Dylan
fell over and wondered what was so funny. Mother Earth then explained
that he could imagine being a tree, sending up his branches into the
sky. Branches that could go up through the clouds into the blue sky
above. Dylan imagined how tall he could grow, he could send his
branches right out into space. Dylan then asks Mother Earth "what do I
do next?" Mother Earth replies "feel the unconditional love coming from
the source, the Creator."

Dylan felt like he had never felt before, so much love flowed over and
through him. He was surrounded by a beautiful golden light, he heard no
words but he understood what was happening.
Dylan felt the love flowing all the way back to Mother Earth, he knew
she was happy as rainbows danced all around in the golden light. Mother
Earth then spoke to Dylan "thank you my child, you are now an anchor of
love and light to this planet. You can send this love, peace, harmony
and joy around the world. Spread what you have learned as you my
children are the future of this planet."


Deb Graves.

written April 2009

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