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Eclipses and Energy Shifts

Since the dawn of time, there are few astronomical phenomena that are exciting to the human mind as an eclipse.

Traditionally, eclipses bear a bad reputation among the diverse fields of astrology and many times they are regarded as omens of calamity and disaster. Generally eclipses are seldom used in individual astrological readings because their occurrences, amplitude and radius of influence have more a broader planetary aspect. This augmented influence is because eclipses always happen in the proximity of one of the Lunar Nodes, adding a great amount of energy and influence to every lunar phase.

A Lunar Eclipse happens during the Full Moon when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned in Celestial Latitude and the Moon passes through the Earth's shadow, making an interface between her and the sun. The term Solar Eclipse is technically a wrong one, because in truth it is a phenomenon where the Moon hides or occults the sun due to its interposition before the solar disc.

The lunar nodes are the orbital nodes of the Moon, that is, the points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic (which is the apparent path of the Sun across the heavens against the background stars).

Traditionally, the lunar nodes (The Nodal Axis) are known to be points where opportunities for grow and self-development present themselves. In Karmic astrology, the lunar nodes are seen as the connections or invisible threads between the Soul and its numerous past lives.

In a spiritual way, the south node represents the open door, the collection of past experiences and habits that make us feel good. The north node, its opposite, evokes the blockages and difficulties we must transcend in order to progress along the spiritual path.

We can read that basic information as a needles in a our cosmic compass and the indications where they are placed on our map can give us an indication of which areas in our lives we have to do the most work. The south node is our clear reference to the past of the ancient times, the gathering of attitudes, ideas, choices and fears that shaped the physiognomy of our souls in our previous selves, and ultimately the orbital point and the reason that made the soul decision to incarnate again.

The north node, on the other hand, is the key for your future lives, because it is through this point that we empower our souls to apply to new lessons, and at the same time helping us to get rid of old karmic debt, old sets of beliefs and repetitive thought patterns.

In working with the energies surges of an Eclipse, some caution should be observed, independently of the astrological House in which the eclipse is happening. Keep in mind that an eclipse is always a planetary cleansing process on a major scale, as well as an opportunity for a heavy duty Karma clearance on a personal level.

1. To be in attunement with this “Chi” energy, you should first practice an energetic detoxification.

2. Be aware that every time we face a major energy shift, all the cells of your body have to re adapt to the new level of energy, so expect to feel tired or a little irritable. The effect of an eclipse can last up to 15 days and can influence the general chemistry of your metabolism, influencing your appetite and bodily functions.

3. Perform an evaluation about the current circumstances in your life that need re-balance and cleansing. Make a point of lifting those circumstances to a higher power, asking that all the elements pertinent to those issues that no longer useful for your spiritual development be removed, cleared and released harmlessly to the Universe.

4. A grateful attitude is the key for many spiritual transformations. Embrace the challenges you are facing right now and bless the opportunity to be experiencing them. They are only situational, and remember you are a Spiritual Being having an earthly experience. They are skills that are being learned by your soul at this time line.

5. Make writing in a journal a habit. It is important for you to register your personal impressions when you are working with cleansing on the spiritual level. The examining of symbols, imagery, and related thought processes can open a wonderful window of self –understanding in the never-ending journey to enlightenment.

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