Effectiveness of Transcendental Feng Shui

Many think feng shui is just about moving furniture around. That is a simplistic view that misses the mark almost entirely. Feng shui encompasses much more than that. It goes beyond the color of the walls; placement of the bed; location of the front door. Changing any of these, or “adjusting” as we call it in feng shui, are consider mundane changes. Some experts believe mundane changes are only 10-20% effective. Not very good odds, are they? So, why do people believe in feng shui? And what makes it so effective for some?

The answer lies in another aspect of feng shui called “transcendental.” The concept of transcendental is a little harder to explain. I’ll start with its opposite first to illustrate it best.

Mundane changes such as moving furniture around, changing color schemes, and the location of each room relative to the house have to do with visible qi (energy). Changing, or adjusting, any of these changes affects the visible qi. Many books are written about this subject and cover how to visibly change your home, your office, your space, your desk to promote good feng shui.

Some people get really excited and do 100% of the changes recommended by their feng shui consultants. Others might do 75%, 50%, 25%, or nothing at all. On average, most people commit to between 40% - 90% of the recommendations. The question to ask is what is holding up or preventing those individuals from making 100% of the changes. What holds them back? What do they perceive as obstacles to making the necessary adjustments? If we are trying to improve relationships in our lives, but we’re reluctant to make the necessary adjustments in our homes, what does that tell us? How important are those relationships to us, really?

Some terminology to note in the visible realm includes:

  • Command position – Facing the door, but not in direct line of the door.
  • The Five Elements – Earth (e.g. terracotta planters), Fire (e.g. lights), Metal (e.g. silverware), Water (e.g. glass), and Wood (e.g. plants).
  • Yin & Yang – Yin is the invisible, yang the visible. Yin is the female, yang the male. Yin is rest. Yang is action. They are opposite, but connected.

To fully gather the force of the transcendental in feng shui, we must lay the groundwork in the mundane. Mundane changes in our space represent the container for the transcendental energy or shifts within our lives. Transcendental remedies are believed to be 80-100% effective.

Transcendental refers to setting the intention and taking action that goes beyond common logic to achieve a specific desired outcome. The transcendental remedies are typically passed down through lineage or to an individual who is receptive, open-hearted, and cares for the greatest good or who can easily pull the information down from the Universal Library or Universal consciousness of knowledge.

Some examples of transcendental remedies include:

  • Wu lou gourd – absorbs negative energy.
  • Sun moon mirror – brings clarity and restores balance in one’s life.
  • Bagua mirror – deflects cutting, negative energy.

It is not advisable to use any of the transcendental remedies without consulting an expert or someone knowledgeable in the realm of feng shui. The incorrect placement of such objects can have the opposite effect as intended.

Let us return to our previous questions and use the example of someone looking for a partner. If we are trying to attract a partner into our lives, but are reluctant to make the necessary adjustments in our homes…

  • What does that tell us?
  • How important is it to have a partner?

If we were recommended to make changes to the bedroom (which typically represents partnership) and we were reluctant to do so,

  • Are we really ready for a partner?
  • Is this the best time for a partner to enter our lives?
  • Are we willing to make space and compromise for the relationship?
  • Is a part of us sabotaging ourselves from finding that partner?
  • Are we lonely and only want companionship?

It’s important to note that though mundane and transcendental are opposites, they are also connected. Similar to yin and yang (dark and light, respectively), mundane without transcendental or transcendental without mundane doesn’t have quite the effect as when used in unison. If we embrace the mundane recommendations but shrug off the transcendental, we would create physical space for a significant partner but limit our choices to those only within our vicinity. If we embrace the transcendental, but disregard the mundane, we are lucky to be at the right place at the right time, but we haven’t made space for the person to enter, or to stay in, the relationship. If we embrace the mundane and the transcendental, then we will create the space needed and become lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

Susan Chu, of One Peace Sanctuary, is a Holistic Intuitive Advisor with specialties in Feng Shui, Crystals, and Reiki. She has a thriving practice in NYC for both business and residential clients domestically and internationally. To learn more about Susan and her services, please visit: http://www.onepeacesanctuary.com/.

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