Ego And The Evolution Of Consciousness

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Is the ego really as bad as they say?

The ego.

Sometimes we’re not even aware we have one. Sometimes it feels annoying, like a mosquito flying around us and other times it’s like a whirlwind that blows things way out of perspective based on childhood fears, past life traumas, cellular memories etc. When we fear something, we often try to run from it, fight it or end up leaking our power to it.


In many spiritual practices, we are taught the ego must be subjugated or even eliminated entirely to reach higher levels of spiritual consciousness.


It is the unwanted ‘party guest’ we would love to rid ourselves of, yet it remains.

But is it necessarily something we need to eliminate, or can it still hold some purpose or function?


True, when living from the ego level where survival, sex and greed are the main driving factors, there is little room for higher spiritual evolution. We remain in a ‘crabs in the bucket’ kind-of existence.


Spiritual teachers have told us everything that exists is an aspect of the Divine and therefore serves some kind of purpose.  If so then how can the ego actually help us?


The ego, in its correct position, helps us translate infinite consciousness into communication through thought and language to others.

Our ego acts as a sort-of interface software translating spirit into matter. It has served us as a species since its’ inception at that fight-or-flight level, but optimally, we must surrender it to the position of co-pilot rather than the captain of our ship. We see it in the negative simply because it is in an incorrect position relative to the soul.


When it functions properly, it serves the Spirit and allows us to interact with others. When the ego yields to our Spirit, we align with our intuition, guidance and grounding as well as our experience of the Divine Presence in all things. We understand ourselves as a spirit in mortal form awakening to It’s true, Divine nature.

The ego’s unique makeup in each of us also enables us to express our genius through art, poetry, mathematics, scientific discovery and all kinds of other pursuits.


Humankind is evolving in consciousness and moving away from living in constant fear for our survival. We have the means as a species to feed, clothe and provide for all people on the planet. The predominant powers that be, simply are not interested in paying for the global distribution of those resources.  


Our leaders function based on fear, competition and scarcity. Exactly as an ego-based level of consciousness would demand.


Entire countries have been bent to serve the will of one person, creating gross imbalance.  Unfortunately, there are many examples of leaders around the world who serve only their lust for power, control and their financial supporters.

While it is difficult to witness the countless millions living under inhumane conditions, we may take heart in the fact that the stranglehold those leaders once had is eroding.


Though things may seem desperately out of balance, those leaders no longer have the carte-blanche ability to run amok and lie to the world, as they once did. The power of Social Media and people’s ability to record events and put them on the internet, has created a hole in that previously impenetrable armor.


More and more people will no longer tolerate the damage that is being done to our planet or its people. Through the global connection of social media, people are now able to see, en-masse, the injustices that go on and are using their voices to create change through collective pressure.


We see more and more in the news and on social media, a polarization going on between those who adhere to the old fear-driven systems and those who see the gross imbalance and damage those systems have caused on the planet.


Awareness brings change.


Like the Australopithecines or Neandertals, who died out because they were unable or unwilling to adapt to changing circumstances, the leaders of the old system will, in time, give way to spiritually evolved, conscious leaders.

This evolution of our species is real and it is accelerating.


The more of us who change our beliefs and perceptions to create a reality of collective prosperity, the more it will reveal itself. As others see that reality unfold and themselves come to believe, it will continue to spread community to community & nation to nation through the “100thMonkey Effect”.

An idea becomes thought, thought becomes belief, belief creates action and with consistent action, it becomes manifest reality.


We, as a species do hold the collective genius and potential that can and will bring balance to our planet. 


As we create this new reality, we become the change we wish to see in the world.

Anja "Miraclewalker" Sagan is an author, filmmaker, shamanic spiritual teacher, public speaker and advocate for the fullest development of human genius.

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Comment by Leigh Burton on July 10, 2018 at 2:42pm

Hey Anja.  Great article.  Well done!  I am going to send this to publishing.

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