Eight Actions that Might Just Improve Your Life

Abstract: This article offers ideas on how we can start to tap into our true, inner selves, and come closer to living a life we feel we are meant to be living. By just creating a new habit, such as quieting the mind in everyday moments, we can align more fully with our spiritual essence and with the opportunities and truth that lie ahead.

Many of us are seeking out a better way of living and being in our lives. Here are some ideas that might help those of us seeking to expand into the spiritual, whole being that we truly are.
1.Begin to trust ourselves. Listening to that inner whisper of our intuition guiding us to check out that new thing (surfing? pottery?) many of us have been wanting to explore. It is our soul, our true self, helping us to get closer to what our purpose in life is. We can save years of our lives if we start to doing this.
2.Start quieting our minds whenever we can. Or, meditation (but if this term is too loaded, use something less heavy, like “stillness” or “quieting the mind”). We do not need to sit for 30 minutes a day (although it would really transform our lives if we did!). Even just one to two minutes of focusing on our breath can help us learn to listen to that little whisper, as opposed to the negative Ego voice and thought chatter.
3.Minimize mainstream media/news. At least for now, until it gets less fear-based and stops fueling people’s anxiety. Right now, that Ego voice (which is designed to keep us safe, but often becomes just fears/doubts/worries holding us back) is strengthened by the constant barrage of information overload. Much of this makes the world seem like a pretty scary place. If we look around at our immediate surroundings, though, chances are we see beauty and goodness all around.
4.Give thanks for three things we are grateful for each morning. This sets the tone of our days. It also raises our personal vibrations to receive the joys and wonders lying out there waiting for us.
5.Talk to something higher than ourselves. This is not about religion… This is about our souls and the higher realm that exists at that level. There is guidance from a Divine source that wants to help us, it often just cannot get through to us when we are blocking ourselves in fear/worry/anger/any negative emotion. We can reach out to Spirit/God/Source/angels/spirit guides/Ascended Masters/animal guides/a deceased loved one - with whomever we feel comfortable. They can really help us in our lives uncover what our soul purpose is and help guide us along our paths.
6.Tap into the healing power of light. In guided meditations, we can imagine light from the higher realm shining on the top of our heads (crown chakra). Feel healing from the inside out in our bodies and stuck energy (which, if not taken care of, can lead to sickness) can be released and healed.
7. Take risks and experiment, explore and test things out. Explore an area that excites but scares us. Reach out to someone to connect (it is often through personal relationships that we are led to a magical place!). Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones is often where the magic lies! Our Ego voices will freak out and tell us not to commit and to worry, but we can calm them down by saying “I’m just trying this out.. just exploring an idea…”
8. Learn about the divine laws of frequencies and vibrations. We all give off frequencies, like radio waves. Even though we cannot see this, we are constantly attracting or repelling other frequencies that will match or that don’t match ours. Take the time to create a vision for your life. What are you doing? How do you feel in this future self? Write about it. Talk about it. Say it. Make it a potential reality and it creates a vibration. Then all we can do is align our current realities to that vibration (it can be tricky and there are soul lessons to be learned along the way).

When we take just one step forward to connecting more fully with our true, inner selves, we experience a sense of alignment with the greater universe around us, and with our own divinity. Just making one change in our lives (such as quieting our minds in everyday moments), can bring about a new, more fulfilling and expansive reality.

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