Empowered Channeling: The Importance of Evaluation and Integration

As part of our spiritual evolution our metaphysical senses will continue to sharpen and become just as active and efficient as our physical senses. Our third eye will see more clearly, our gut feelings will be easily identifiable, our higher knowing will integrate with our thoughts, and our ability to hear and communicate with other realms will increase exponentially. Channeling messages from non-earthly beings – from angels to galactic travelers – will be as easy as tuning in to our favorite radio stations and singing along with the latest hits. For many skilled intuitives, this is already the case. Across the world wide web you’ll find a plethora of offerings from light beings, star systems, parallel universes, and even the future.


At this time of expanding consciousness, many people are directly experiencing the art and gifts of channeling. Although it is an indication of heightened awareness, it is important to evaluate and assimilate that which is truly valuable.


Everyone is a Channel

Whether or not we have developed our intuitive senses, each of us has them. As with any skill – including walking or riding a bike – it merely takes practice to become proficient. Imagine if we lived in a culture in which using our metaphysical senses was expected and honored? “What’s your gut telling you,” mom would ask, and then she would validate your response.


As spiritual-human beings, each of us is an extension of God Consciousness. Therefore, whatever we say or do is also from the same consciousness! This does not condone behaviors that are misaligned or void of love, but rather reminds us of our inherent divinity. If we understand that the core of who we are cannot be separated from that Divine impulse we begin to realize that every action, thought or word is an extension of Source, in spite of our humanness.


As every expression of God is fully empowered to believe, act and say whatever desired because of free will, the challenge thus lies in aligning with Love.



Evaluate the Messages for Love

Connecting with realms that are less familiar to us can be uncomfortable or even frightening at first, and it is always important to evaluate the love that is present. Channeled messages from deceased loved ones can be based in fear, hate and anger just as easily as they can be brought forth to offer support, love and new perspectives. To be clear, transitioning to the “other side” does not mean a spirit has evolved or let go of its resentments. If grandma’s channel says she loved you better than your father and goes on to share her woes about unresolved issues, this message is not only of a lower frequency, it can dampen your own energy field if you give it unnecessary value. Empower yourself to evaluate the information received and if it is not from Love, feel free to delete that channel!


Spirit guides are just as diverse as the universe itself, ranging from the animal kingdom to star beings and beyond. It is critical to use discernment with these aspects and understand that – like passed loved ones – they may not be as evolved as you expect. The key, again, is to limit your interactions to those that align with Love. Whether you consider yourself a channel or simply feel connected to a particular spirit guide, it is important to note that it is not appropriate for spirit guides to urge sexual encounters, nor should they present themselves as being more “powerful” than you. As with people, do not give any spirit guide your power or authority.


Messages from the Pleiades, Archangel Michael, High Councils or other ascended realms are authentic when they are infused with Love Consciousness. Because these aspects are highly evolved they will not encourage separation consciousness or indicate a hierarchy based on “better than.” When connecting with refined states of consciousness, the energy feels unconditionally loving or, because we are emotional beings, can sometimes feel strangely neutral. The information presented helps us see our choices, experience the love that we are, and remember unity. More often than not, these messages are for your own personal growth and do not necessarily mean you need to share them with the world. This is for you to decide.


Advice or predictions channeled from Love Consciousness are offered simply to help us see and understand the larger picture in relation to our power and potential, often urging us to take an active part in our own evolution.


Pay Attention to Your Feelings

As a channel, we can receive information in many forms including physical sensations, visions, sounds, direct messages, and spontaneous knowing.  As a human, our body, mind and emotions are valid components to help us discern what feels appropriate and what does not.


Although fear can be an annoying alarm triggered by almost anything, it can also be a valuable tool. As we become more conscious, we can learn to differentiate “good fear” from “bad fear.” Thankfully, fears that are warranted can help us navigate away from people, situations and energies that are not in our best interest. Unreasonable fears, however, will make us feel paralyzed and uncertain about everything. Either way, it is extremely important to refrain from channeling if you are in a fearful state.


The whole point of channeling is to bring information that serves. When we ignore our own needs – whether we discount what we feel or give our power away to another form of “wisdom” – we are not acting in aligned service. The martyr archetype is not necessary, or even helpful, in our collective ascension. Always notice and validate your human needs when channeling.


Being anchored in neutrality allows us to clearly monitor our own experiences as well as evaluate the energy and information that is coming through when we channel. From this state, we remain in our power.


Assimilate Your Channel

We have reached a level of collective consciousness that enables us to integrate the highly evolved aspects of ourselves, including our beloved channels. Admittedly, we probably shouldn’t absorb grandma and all her issues, or may not want to assimilate an animal totem. However, there’s no reason why we can’t merge our heart and wisdom with the Love Consciousness that is palpable within the ascended masters’ and angelic realms.


By no means is this to imply that you should claim to be Mother Mary or the next savior! Not only are these inaccurate proclamations, they sprout from an egoic need to feel validated. Ascended Love does not need validation; it merely offers us continuous opportunities to merge with it.


Once you recognize the ease and unity you experience as a channel, it may be time to evaluate the reasons you continue to separate your human self from that which you channel. Remember, all separation comes from the ego, whether to feel valid or better than, or because of a belief in unworthiness. Yet, the main gift brought through high caliber channeling is the remembrance of Love and Unity!


When you integrate your highly evolved state – often referred to as something you channel – incorporating soul wisdom becomes second nature and is extremely powerful as it anchors on the planet as you.

Watch Veronica's complimentary video here: https://youtu.be/0So0yxIFJdw

Veronica Lee is a Spiritual Mentor and Mystic who shares insights and wisdom with thousands around the globe. Grounded and intuitive, her guidance validates essential soul truth, cultivates personal empowerment and encourages cultivating joy. Currently leading a Whole Soul Revolutionthrough a weekly show on YouTube, her authenticity and courage bring vision and tools to our awakening planet. www.VeronicaLee.tv

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Comment by Regina Chouza on May 1, 2016 at 9:22pm

Thank you Veronica -

I just sent it through and on a personal note, I think its a great article (I do channelings & readings too, and I think discernment is an important part of the process)

Will let you know when I have feedback from Kathy or Liane.



Comment by Veronica Lee on May 1, 2016 at 9:17pm

Hi Regina,

Thanks! Yes, I remember talking to Liane about this issue, and this is part of why I wrote the article. I'm kind of tired of the "I'm special, I channel the.... " energy so that's where this is coming from.

As for the length, I had already submitted it when she changed the word count, and then I saw that Om editors were hoping we could downsize any submitted articles, so I emailed Kathy about this challenge, as I would need to re-write the whole thing with a completely different approach.

Let me know what Liane says, and if you don't use it, I would like to know.

It's May and I'll be submitting another - shorter - article on who knows what topic during the month. :-)


Comment by Regina Chouza on May 1, 2016 at 8:52pm

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for this article - I'm going to send it through to the publishers for review, but I also have 2 quick comments. The length guidelines were recently revised to 500-800 words, I'll let you know if we have any feedback on this as it is near the upper limit of our previous guidelines.

Based on the feedback at our latest editorial meeting, the publishers want to move away from channeling as a theme. I'll send this through but I am not sure if they will publish it.

Will keep you posted and if you have any questions please comment in the "ask the editors" group, or send Liane a message as the feedback on channeling came from her.

Thanks so much,


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