This is a spell bound story that weaves a tale from the days in history back in 1913, of a woman that is on a journey of everlasting self growth and love  for herself, and all she encounters. As she journeys, she continues to look search for her true soul mate , and she knows in her heart that when they meet it will be love at first sight, as secretly she has been writing secret letters to this man that she has a great admiration for. She goes on many expeditions and journeys speaking to many on her healing journey in life.






Glori Ann was a multi disciplinary artist and her husband Spencer was a specialist in art


history they lived  amongst 10 acres in Saskatchewan . The building that they lived in




constructed in1883. This house is a cherished house in architecture. I t had a  high gothic


design . there is a grand entrance leading to the left a library for both Glori Ann and


Spencer to do their research. Further on there is a parlor for the men to smoke cigars and


shoot pool.


Across the hall is a room with a grand piano for people to engage their selves with music


and sound.


Further deeper into the room is a formal dining room for many guests.


They lived their with their servants and they where trying to have children   Up stairs


they had a special room for a nursery and for the nanny.



Spencer had many concerns for his wife Glori Ann as in 1913 they put forth a mental


Deficiency act , and Glori Ann would have to go before the courts and Doctors to see


If she was deemed a ward of the court . Then would be sent off to an asylum. He was so


worried they would think she is a lunatic . When he new right well she had a engaging


mind , and people did not like this. He was planning something, and Gloria Ann did not




Glori Ann would spend her days going for walks in their gardens, and being within


Nature. She would paint , and write poetry and do what ever   stirred her




One day Spencer got a letter regarding an order for Glori Ann to go before the Courts.


They had 13 days before she had to go, he became frantic , and could not bare to have her


in a mad house. She would die inside there he felt .He came up with a plan and packed up


their bags, and told her he had to go away on business, so he wanted her to come along.


He said this trip would be a journey, and she could paint and write about it along the way.


He always encouraged her . As she had lived a very lonely life, and kept to herself most


of the times. Yet her arts filled her , and she did not need people to live a content life.


Her family many times felt her ways and arts were mad, and would send her to the mad


house when she was younger. She felt a sense that they did not accept her for who she


was. When she met Spencer , and he encouraged her to do her arts , and be free to be.


She evolved with in.


November 03 1913 they took their bags , and Spencer knew they would never return


Spencer got the servants to get the six horse stagecoach packed. And got a driver to take


them to their destination. Which was the Empress to set sail in Ontario.


The day they left was a fierce storm and Spencer new they had to travel through it .


As he would do anything to protect the wellbeing of his wife. He felt this would


be just the thing she needed. A journey of arts .He would read to her as they traveled .


As he brought many art history books with him.She would snuggle up to his side , and


Listen with her eyes closed , and dream that she was in these magical places.


The road was very bumpy and the air was cold yet they had each other and that is all


that mattered.


Note: to readers As they journey along the way they meet many people along the way


that brings this story a future for the Aboriginal, as they must hide out in places they have


never been before. They are hunted by a bounty hunter . Many people they meet along


the way open their doors , and hearts to Glori Ann, as she listens with intent to their














Note to viewers Spencer and Glori Ann go through many years many journeys together.




In the present Spencer is working at the U of R as a professor in Art History. His days


are not what he had a vision for his life, and he always sees higher visions for himself,


and Glori Ann. Glori Ann has been working as a  her specialty is in Social Work . Yet her


days are dreaming, of the arts. On there time off they immerse


themselves  in the arts community going to all the arts events around the city of Regina.


The Queen City they have had two children and they are teenagers.


So they have the freedom to go as they please. As the teens spend most days hanging out


with friends. Both Spencer and Glori Ann encourage their children to go for their dreams.


Their son got lost for a year, and went through some difficult times, yet they


continued to support him through his struggles in life. Their daughter went on many


adventures and has traveled all over Canada.


Yet they have spent the last 16 years devoted to raising and caring for their children.


Glori Ann has had some difficulties yet Spencer continues to promote a healthy life style


 and  continues to promote the arts for her healing process as it has been profound.


One day when they where out at a local gallery together Glori Ann could not talk.


She formed these ideas in her head while the artists where talking.


Three years back she had formulated a plan, yet it was taken from her , her plans her




where made fun of. As when she gets an idea she tends to let it all just explode out she


gets so excited. Knowing that she can not take action, until the funds are there.


Yet some people get the wrong ideas, and then form misconceptions. So she has changed


her way. She thinks, yet she has told Spencer if she rambles on that he needs to  tell


her and be up front with her. Yet secretly he likes all her ideas that form, as they are


possibilities for a better future for their family.


After the art show, Glori Ann told Spencer they needed to walk, as she needed to get


some fresh air and think things through.


As they walked she talked about her old plan about having an Art Olympics with all


artists, then


She went on to say they need to travel all over Canada and the world to find these artists.


They also would need scholars as well to mentor these idols.


As most artists struggle to survive she said she wants them to have many possibilities that


they could not normally get in school. As most study just one discipline.


Glori Ann continued to talk freely as Spencer listened with excitement.


I feel we need to put together a site also for artists so they can sell their work and have


their voice globally. This would cost not much, and they could get training each month


from guests


around the world. Encouraging their growth in creativity. As Glori Ann said “we have to


continue to grow, and learn.” Spencer smiled. One more thing Glori Ann said lastly


“we would have to have a home for artists to heal, and recoup and paint write and do




stirs their soul. We would offer classes, yet people could go and come freely. There


would be horses and organic foods. A world class spa. Yet all the costs would be what an


artist could afford we would have scholarships for them.


Spencer said in a calm voice “these are all ideas, so how are we going to make this




Glori Ann said “simple we will have events until we raise the funds, these would be


Events. To bring awareness to mental health and wholeness.” This would bring


awareness to the arts world, and bring people more aware of the arts community.


We would have three days of events, of riddles teambuilding finding lost art and more…


Also we would begin our own films and continue to make films that make Regina proud 


we are Canadians.


Spencer thought maybe this really may work; his days have been so consumed


with correcting students exams, and his love was for the arts, and this sounded to good


to be true. Yet he new he could not quite his day time job soon to pursue a dream.


They would have to work diligently hard at this on their own time. To see if this could


even fly. He told her so. They worked well together, yet they had their times when


Spencer knew Glori Ann needed to work on her own. He would give her this freedom.


As she did to him. They both had this high respect for one another. Also knew when not


to cross the other’s boundaries. They where so different yet so alike.


That is what they loved about each other.


So they vowed that they would work together until something truly amazing for artists


would prosper.


Glori Ann and Spencer did much needed research for this project , and one day Glori Ann


Could not believe what she discovered . She found an area that promoted the better


wellbeing  of individuals , and and also funding for people in business with disabilities.


She new with the research that the film industry brings in so much money for jobs every


And it helps the economy. The money that she could receive was part of what she had




Many days she would send secret letters to this mysterious man:

Dear Sir,                                                            May 2, 2012


I went to SSILC and talked with a woman about getting my business started and she referred


me to talk with another woman. Yet she gave me a book to review. I was going to go to New


Dance Horizons Gala. Yet My daughter had friends to visit as something is weird with their legs


they can not walk.  I sent them light an love.Also I went to visit my cousin as well in the hospital.


Then I went to the book store and found this book, put it into my bag.


Had some piece and quiet, as at home I can not read.


So I started to read more in to I am an entrepreneur.


Every time I take a quiz it says, you where born to be one.


In one area it says selling product service concept to another company.


I began thinking, wow I could really make some good money this way.


Yet, my concept of what I will be doing will be big as I want this site to be a collaborative, and


Cooperative where everyone has shares in the whole.


We would begin getting members and also have weekly guests, we would ship works of art, and


books world wide. When doing so we would ask for a small percentage.


Facebook kept getting offers and offers, and Mark continued to turn it down.


Well I know I have some great ideas formulating.


 May not be republished, or any form be used with out consent of my knowledge.


Sir I have written many ideas, and gave them away for free. Now my ideas are my ideas, and


I am going to use them, and make money on them.


I really think I need an agent!


Going to talk to someone about this tomorrow.


This morning I thought I would write a long letter to Mark, say  I have an idea do you


want to buy my concept, and I thought, oh could I use the money bad.


Yet it all comes in time. My hard earned work will pay off.


Well must be off life is good, and in the end all will work out.


With love,


Glori Ann



PS I forgot to tell you some how I have to write about the Canadian Titanic as the Empress for


some reason has not even hit the theatres well got to change that! I read about it when I


happened to find this book at the hospital yesterday.


Oh yes it made me so mad as this woman I know , and many healing artists have gone to a lot


of work making a work of art , and not a soul , can really enjoy it . They have put wheel chairs


in front of it. Also the room is locked , and no one can just sit , and enjoy!











. She had dreamed of having this dream home as right now they could not afford


a house of their own so they where living with Glori Ann’s family.


All she wanted was enough money to be healthy happy , and live well for the rest of her


life. . They had just put some money into a lotto home and


where waiting to find out if they won this 1.5 million dollar home .


Glori Ann talked with Spencer about all the things she discovered , and he said she had to


 Go for it. So the next day she made phone calls, and found out she had to fly to Ottawa




present her case. Part of the  act in the book , play , movies she would be the High


Priestess so she brought her Power Point , her ancient scrolls , and dressed, her part.


Her audience , did not know what to make of this presentation, yet she sure did  wow them.


They thanked her for her time , and told her that they would review her case , and get


Back to her promptly . She new that she did well , and they liked what they saw.


She took a nice long walk down the streets of Ottawa, she needed time to unwind.


When she got back to her hotel room Spencer had called , and said that luck was on their side


As they had just won the 1.5 million dollar home, and would get procession August 11.


She was shocked a home of their own , there was space for their teens down stairs, and a


nice space for them upstairs. Now she just needed to ace this other deal and they would


have all they needed to live well , and bring much prosperity for the movie business to


Regina. It was only time , and she new she had a good case and she would be like a new


investment like research to see if given this what one person would do , and how well


they would stay in an environment like she dreamed of.


As the way she lived now was very stressful.


When she got back home they continued to live the day to day life they had been living .


Then one day on Aug. 09 2012 Spencer got home and noticed there was a message on the


Phone for Glori Ann , that she needed to get to Ottawa as soon as she could.


He called her at work, and she left , and new she would never return. She got the first


ticket she could , and gave Spencer , and her teens her love. As she walked towards the


plane she turned and threw them kisses. When she arrived in Ottawa she took the taxi to the 


hotel , and checked in her things. The next day she had a meeting and was not sure what


they had to offer her. She went out and had a nice meal at one of the local Café’s .


She came back to her room , and soaked in the tub , and new she needed to get a good


night sleep.


The next morning she woke at 6:00 am and went and had breakfast , and went for a long


walk. At 8:45 she walked over to the office building , and they escorted her to a board


room. There was eight people there , and she sat and collected her thoughts.


The one at the head said he was glad she was able to come , and that they had made their


minds up. They told her that she would receive 100 million the first year , and the second


year another 100 million then the third year she would receive one last payment of 100


million. They said each year you would need to come report your progress , and have a


10 page report , of what you did , and how your life changed. This money is for you , and


your family. So the money you make on the side can go towards everything you are


doing. Glori Ann said can I use the interest for my business? Please do. They said.


So you mean this is for us to travel and enjoy life and be well? Yes , as you have had


to much pain. Now it is time to enjoy. We are giving you this for free , and all we ask for


you to do in return is a book of how you have lived . We need to do the paper work , and


take you to the bank, and you need to then call your family and go on a much needed


holiday together. Enjoy Glori Ann . Glori Ann started to cry , and she 


thanked them from the bottom of her heart. All her dreams had come true.


Now she would meet all her many friends along the way  in her journey in life. Her new


Life was just beginning. She could hardly wait to tell her family the good news.


When she got home to tell her family the good news , Spencer was there waiting for her.


He told her he needed to talk. She said she had some great news! He said , “we have to


Walk. “So they began to walk the night was lovely the birds were chirping , and butterfly’s


Were flying around. The dandelions seeds where spreading there love everywhere in the


Air. Spencer said” Glori Ann I am leaving you, I am so sorry , yet I am gay , and I have


 this special partner and we are in love. Glori Ann could not believe here ears.


She loved Spencer , and thought that he was her soul mate , and they would be together


forever. She supported gay rights , and deep down in here heart new someone else was


waiting for her when the time was right.


“I will always admire you and love you Glori Ann” Spencer said “I will always be here for  you Spencer , and support you forever.” Glori Ann said.


Spencer kissed her and then he walked away in the night.


When Glori Ann got home she wrote a letter :


Dear Sir                                                                                              June 24, 2012


The last few days have been like a whirl wind that has entered my life, a tornado has struck.

Every thing has gone all wrong Sir. I have worked so hard, yet sir I am a survivor.

Many people have affected me, and I have learned from many, that is what this one movie will be about. Engaging Minds, and the life I have traveled, and journey, and how each person has effected me, and how I have learned, and grown from all that have truly touched me. I can not work for any one I am me , and I have to travel this journey of self love , and also self healing on my own. All my hopes, and dreams where for you to be included within this. As you have truly made a huge impact on me. Yet I have to travel this journey until we meet and I am not sure when that will be. I can not use you to make money or your ideas or anyone.

I have to be authentic and use what comes from my heart, and that will lead me in the right direction in life Sir. I really want this summer to be a paradise, and live free to be me, and do

All the things I love , and to have no worries .Sir my husband just left and I have won a dream house , and have all the money to make all my dreams come true, yet secretly I dream of having you…yet I don’t think that will ever happen as you have a wife a family , and I will never come between that. I can only dream that my soulmate will come my way..


With love,


Glori Ann


















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