In engaging minds I have compiled letters of my intentions, poems, paintings, and all and all

my musings in general. Parts of my intentions are to use this as my movies and also form Authentic Souls Foundation. A place to be authentic and original,

 My intentions are to give woman in the arts more of a voice, and also street kids, homeless and people with disabilities. We must stand proud and determined to voice our opinions and concerns so our values in life are being met. Yet it is essential as we grow to hear both sides of the view point. As when we are two one sided then we will never get our views and our needs met. We have to see both sides of the story, and know each person needs have their needs met as well.

If we are capable and willing to come to the table in life and meet and hear both sides of every angle, and then together be creative, and come up with solutions then each party come out a winner in the end.

Today as I write my last page, I know this is only the beginning of a new journey, and more material is being sent in the mail for it already. Yesterday a friend said when are you going to finish your book?

I replied “I am a perfectionist, and I feel it is unfinished, well it is, and that will make it even more special.

I guess with life we live in this continued transformation, and life is always unfinished we just have to continue to shape it mold it like a fine sculpture that you as the artist of your life are creating.

So here we have a book that will be the start of it all Prairie Palace & the Mighty Empress Dear Sir.

Then Authentic Souls Expedition, Authentic Souls Arts Olympics,

 Lavender with Love, and many more movies…

My true belief is that if we as people that are on and work with the system

We as mature adults have to come together, and work out a better system for all parties

Involved, as right now there is chaos every where and everyone is blaming everyone else.

We have a very good system, yet then again it is not working for all the parties.

Therefore everyone is being affected by this. Do I have the answers?

We as a whole must come up with solutions so the system and everyone effected, can

Work together in harmony.

Until then our world around us will continue to spin out of control, and like a swirling top.

Within my book some may never understand my musings, other’s will

Then there will be some that are just beginning to relate to my complex mind.

As we all have one, yet this book is a book not for anyone this has been a book for me to heal

myself ,  If anything I say  resonates or helps in anyway , I will be blessed that I have touched your sweet soul.

As I have come along long way from being homeless, to living a life through health and wellness.

Yet there can be more added to my quality of life, and when the right people are ready to talk to me.

Sitting down, and coming up with a plan of action so that we can form a partnership and then together

We as a whole can work and create in harmony.

These people have been contacted, and they know who they are.

It is a matter of time, as we all want a better quality of life, yet sometimes it takes one persons journey

To open the eyes, and ears of many.

Through my many journeys in life. As they all are surrounding healing and love for

Our inner Goddess or Empress, or God or what ever you are within.

This book has been in process since 2008 and now I give her away and let her go.

Many people have been on this ride along with me for many years, and some have just begun.

Yet, this is a journey that is filled with many transformations in life love and laughter, and yes sometimes heart breaks. Some will never bare their soul, yet I bare my soul and for me it is a process of what needs to come out

As I paint a picture , I never know what I will create, It is like when I start to type , I never know what words will come as they  just flow , like a magical river , floating and there is and endless water . As each day I write the words become endless as the transformation of life is never ending.

This life of ours is so precious and I for one have had a rough hard life. Now it is time

To enjoy savor life and really truly do what my soul has been destine to do.

You know I have taken many detours in life, and went down, many wrong roads

That have led me in deep trouble, yet always always, I have survived and

I come out even stronger each time that I went down that path.

Life is filled with many lessons, and sometimes it takes years before we get the lesson.

I am blessed that you have supported me through this path, and journey in life.

Some go, and some stay, and that is okay. We all are in this life to get what we need.

We all have to get where we are going on our own weird and wonderful ways.

I bless you and give you much light for your journey in life and send you all my love.


Lori Glier

Authentic Souls Founder




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