If you would like to take a deep breath now.  Close your eyes.  As we call in mother/father God, Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Lady Sarah, the angels and the archangels, the office of the Christ and the ascension team of light, mother Gaia, we call in our personal guides that are for the highest good to help us hold space, in the energies and the transformation of that which will come through today. We now create a beautiful pastel coning around each lightworker present, or later reading these words, and around us as a group. We bring through the golden ring pass not to protect the space, to the higher space of unity, beyond duality, that only that which is for the highest good for each person present may enter our space today. We call Lord Metatron into this space, and bring through the divine dispensation that we may enter the Metatronic worlds and widen those currents, and that which keeps us in the lower forms of not participating and connecting with these worlds - begins to dismantle and clear from our energy fields. The wisdom, the light, the love and the truth may come forth within this space and create the transformation today, according to our intention.

I, Lord Metatron, come forth today, to grace your space, that you may come to know of the worlds beyond 3D, that you may come to visit the spaces on a regular basis, once you begin to acquaint with the frequencies, and to know that the breath and the space - that which is the vehicle that takes you beyond the participation only in a limited world. We wish to take you into the truth of the world, for we see worlds beyond worlds. We know of no limitations and barriers. We know ourselves and all parts of ourselves as one, as multidimensional beings of light. We have the assistance, and the connection and the light and the wisdom of every single part of ourselves, accessible to ourselves, all of the time. For that, we have a vast body of system and toolbox to draw upon, and we wish to invite you into that space.

That you may come to know this in your life also. That you come to ride

these higher frequencies, upon your breath and that you may experience these in the physical body, for without this grounding, this is not possible to fully experience this in the way that you might desire to be able to have all parts of you connecting, for, you need a grounding connection in to mother Gaia to be able to run these higher frequency vibrations within your energy body. Please take a deep breath now, as we, as a team, holding the metatronic frequencies, now begin to bring these through your energy field now. You begin to feel these different currents and frequencies connecting into the axiatonal points in your light body, as you are being connected into the highest light frequencies that will enable you - and jump start you - beyond seeing the boundaries of third dimensional reality. This will allow these boundaries to break down from the sound frequencies of the metatronic currents that I have introduced to you today. These currents go beyond spaces of beginnings or endings, and take you directly into the eternal current. The frequency is now moving through from your lightbody into your physical body, and as it takes this passage of light, it begins to dismantle various components and set-ups that may have come from past lives, from experiences in this lifetime, from codings that have been brought through from your genetic line, anything in fact that holds you back from experiencing the full multidimensional self. These currents move into existing patterns, breaking them up as they journey into your etheric system, your nervous system, every system of your being that does not know its limitlessness. It now moves up into the brain, the neural pathways, setting the new frequency pattern for seeing something beyond that which you have known so far, but this will enable you to begin to feel these currents more on a physical level. The old thought forms that are stored within the brain now begin to break away, break loose. Even the deepest thought forms that you have held within your conscious or your subconscious mind now begin to release from you. The emotions from your emotional body and that are stored within your heart chakra, that hold you back also, feelings of doubt, insecurity, anything that prevents you from fully entering into the mastery of all that you are, and experiencing that physically in this lifetime, rather than something that tends to hover between the realms and you are never quite grasping it, and never quite fully manifesting it in your physical life - as it moves back and forth between the realms. You are trying one day to bring it through and you may bring part of a percentage of it though. And then it is moving back into some other space. So these absolute levels of your higher being are tending to hover between heaven and earth, rather than ground fully into your physical body. The space needs to be made for this, before connecting to your physical body and unless it does so, you will not be experiencing this fully in your physical life as something that changes your physical life, something that is tangible, something that your physical body can be part of too, for your physical body is designed also to be carrier, a space for which the divine comes in and fills your vessel (body) with your spirit. Take a deep breath now, as we now bring forth the golden ray from mother/father God and the opalescent ray of the holy spirit life force now, it comes in ~ through ~ and around your physical vehicle (body), and with this - any old stagnant energies that may be still residing within your auric body, now begin to disperse. Just allow these old energies, whatever they may be (they may be energies that you have taken on from another person, perhaps; thoughtforms; energies that you may have picked up at various locations and are still residing in your energy field. Sometimes without the right energy and intent, we can take this into our energy fields, and we can absorb these into us, as though they are our own). With the preparation that has led up to this channelling right now, has began to dislodge all of this, so you may have felt a very deep surfacing of energy that you knew was deep within you, but maybe you could not touch, maybe you could not find a way to clear this, and this is what we are moving through into, around and out of today. I bring forth now the cobalt ray, for a further and deeper cleansing of the energy field, and also to strengthen the energy field, to strengthen the nervous system of all impact and all shocks, and all experiences of trauma in this or any other lifetime. The energy now begins to ride the waves of your eternal soul, moving back and forth through past, present and future, including projections to send out into the future, which may not serve your highest good, you now begin to cleanse also. Just allow these to begin to move out from your body. Feel the light travelling into every part of your body that holds any tension, where anything is stored, that is not part of your divine purpose. We bring forth now a beautiful sacred geometry, spinning, swirling into your energy field now, to speed up the cleansing process now, as you feel this now spinning into your crown chakra - this beautiful geometry of light, it begins to recode beyond the duality, it holds a very high frequency and pulse that begins to override any systems of duality that are still left within you, anything that does not allow the higher self, the higher being, to firmly anchor within your physical body. It begins to dislodge, as this geometry comes down now into your being. The tip of this geometry now anchors within your heart chakra. Mother/Father God now pour forth a divine liquid light, filling the geometry, for the river of light that dispels all darkness that is left within the physical body or aura, spreading throughout the chakras - major and minor, lighting up every part of you that experiences anything but the absolute total joy of the light.

We feel this cool liquid light flowing through your body now. Cleansing away any last residue energy that would prevent you riding these highest light waves. Allow yourself to bring to mind anything that is still troubling you, anything that you are still holding onto within your energy field. For one moment allow this to come to mind. Now allow the liquid light to go into that, dispelling that, but also showing you clearly the truth of that situation.

Now there are light frequencies to burn into the duality of the situation, all situations. And this has been something that has reoccurred your life, my dear ones. And now allow the burning light of the truth to come back from this fusion into the body, into every pathway through the mental body, emotional body especially, and allow it to bring this new message of the truth of what that situation would be, was, into the body. So now it is re-educating the body of what the truth of the situation was. So everything that was stored in the mental body and emotional body regarding the situation from the past, and might be just still in the present, but it now begins to tell a different story to the bodies of light. Feel this new story now going into your body. Feel the difference, feel the shift in the body. You may feel at this time old cords release from the past to do with the situations, the people you connected to, the places, and the time. It is now time for you to release this and be dependent on the truth of light of that which you are, and to leave behind the sadness of any situations that you have still held within your body. Take a deep breath as you now release the past from the body that you now can move into a different synchronicity now. A different new alignment in your life. So that that which is in the past that has held you back no longer has that power to do so. For you have taken the power, you have taken this power back, you have allowed the light of mother/father God to come into this situation and bring the light of the truth in, and bring that back into the body, so you no longer held ransom so to speak, by this situation or situations. Allow the coding to go deep into the vertebras in the spinal column so that the cleansing is thorough. Use your breath to take this into every vertebra of the spinal column.

And at this point you are breathing out the through the cords of attachment from the past and know this is re-patterned throughout all space and time multidimensionally. So that this is not something that you would need to re-experience again. I certainly would not recommend you pulling this into your reality, or memory...allow even you memory to be cleansed by this light of mother/father God and the truth that you know. For this pattern has the potential to change your life radically and quickly. Allow you to move on at the rate at which your heart and your Soul and your spirit desire. For each we now allow more alignment for such within our bodies now.

As we bring forth now the golden sacred geometries now into your energy field from the higher metatronic worlds, that we will travel to. Feel this spinning, spinning within your energy fields. Allow an alignment through all of your energy bodies.

You now see the Shri Yantra imprint through your energy field. Aligning every single component of you being that has become out of alignment allowing yourself to come back to the centre.

You feel the presence now of mother father God to the left and right hand of your being. They touch your soul and the spark of all creation now ignites from the god and the goddess of all that is inside your Soul, reminding you of the spark and your god-self connection within. Sometimes without meaning to through the pressures of society we begin to let go of this golden god spark and it becomes less in alignment within ourselves, and this is why we breakdown and we age, because it just means that we are flowing less with the god/goddess force through us.

Take a deep breath as this now anchors firmly, this more solid, stronger connection of the god/goddess force within your soul. Mother father God now allows this alignment to go through all the dimensions, all the universes, allowing your connection to, through all of your lifetimes, to receive the utmost cleansing of the god/goddess energies. They bring forth through a beautiful linkage of golden light through from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime.

For sometimes dear ones that which you are experiencing is in fact some struggles with aligning of your… differing type of lifetimes that you have experienced since the beginning of time. For sometimes you will go into a lifetime to learn one kind of experience and you come out and sometimes people have a longer length of time between lifetimes than other times, and when we enter a different lifetime sometimes different altogether. And sometimes to begin to receive this linking through the lifetimes that we are able to synthesise and come to our full potential, a deeper alignment is needed.

Sometimes it may seem dear one’s that there is never enough time or space or the right energies to begin this linkage up. Sometimes people feel the feeling that they may not make it, that which they feel that their soul intends or spirit has guided them for this lifetime. Sometimes people wonder what is going wrong, why is the path not unfolding? So we will now allow this linkage up, we begin to repair and span through lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, all the way back to the time when you first birthed from source. Just slowly allow this linkage, we give this the time and space that it needs. For your soul is longing for a very, very deep healing. It is longing for that space and that nurturance and that reconnection. What it is longing for most of all is to connect up to every single part of who it is. It yearns mostly for itself, and not to live with fragmentation any longer. Yet it may not know of this fragmentation in the fullest (consciously).

It may be experienced in your life as a lack of fullness, feeling scattered at times, or maybe being unable to focus or perhaps being drawn to many, many things and being unable to narrow this down and know that which is the best. This alignment will allow for a clear picture of that which is for this life. For sometimes it is that you have not completed all of the synthesisation that is necessary.

And sometimes also living one life we experience what may be more than one lifetime. As time is speeding up you come in and you accomplish certain things and it is completed, and then we are in a void waiting for the next components to come in from spirit without wishing to go through the birth process to be able to go through this unique calibration process.

Take a deep breath now and allow this breath to travel through all of the pathways through all of the lifetimes that are affected. And we are now bringing you into the now moment. As this alignment is taking place we bring forth now the cobalt ring of light and a white opalescent sparkling ring of light around each, the energy body of each person present here today. Allow the stabilisation and centring of that which we are energetically working on right now. Allowing for a deeper synthesisation, a deep integration right deep into the cells of the body.

That the cells in the body, and physical being, and every part of who you are begins to support this process. The physical body that you are in this lifetime begins to support the process, the integration/synthesization of all the lifetimes you have experienced so far. It now begins to open up to do this willingly without resisting any of the past lives, without pushing away any of the duality of before, because it wiill not sit there for very long, it will be clearing out in seconds (each part). The Elohim now begin to down. around and through your energy field, clearing from your energy field all distortion, all confusion, all chaos from your energy field. Anything that is within your energy field of false authority, now begins to be dismanted from your energy field, no matter where this comes from, (from a parent, from a teacher, from a partner, from other members of your family, from friends, by taking on the structures of the world from looking at media as some kind of framework). Everything that is not part of your divine pathway - which is of course unique to you - now begins to be disentangled, every thread leaving from your energy field, that has connected you up to something that is not part of your divine pathway. You take a deep breath as these threads begin to release from your energy field, from your chakras, from your etheric pathways. You begin to feel a dynamic energy.

Unthreading everything that you may have felt that you needed to carry, but is a burden. in this lifetime, and you were wondering when you would get the opportunity to put these burdens down. Take a deep breath now, allowing it all to release from your body. Now allow the codings to go into the eight original cells at the base of the spine. Allowing for the rebirthing of such to complete.

I bring forth the golden rings from Lord Metatron, into the eight original cells of your body at the base of your spine, allowing for a return to your sovereignity, that you may come to know this fully on a manifest level. Every cell in your body responds to the eight golden rings being placed in the base of your spine. The messages that the cells hold about health or illness - any form of agreement that the cells have, any messages that you have given them unwittingly regarding being in the absolute health and divinity, and that the cells are working with you, rather than your body working against you, a deep repatterning comes from these eight golden metatronic rings. Take another deep breath now as the body begins a further release of these false messages from the cells, that you are of a limited reality, that you can only do so much in this lifetime, that there is not enough time, space, money, abundance, health, joy, love, light, happiness. Eight flames now come forth into these cells, from spirit, and burning deep into these cells, carrying the message of the new Jerusalem and the awakening to the second coming, bringing forth the Christed rays of the balance of the Christic masculine and feminine together, with the energies of Lady Sarah - creating a trinity of the Christic energies upon earth, creating a new passageway, creating a new pathway now into your life. A beautiful lemon colour with golden light enfolds your entire aura in this moment. As we bring forth these new energies and these new pathways. This golden lemon light now begins to create pathways out into your physical world, opening your pathways of destiny, into the physical world, giving you a helping hand as it were, through these pathways and these doorways and these windows to open for you, that are part of your divine purpose and your divine pathway. No longer do you need to spend moments in time, just spinning around in chaos wondering what this is - day in, day out, or knowing what this is but being unable to implement it in your physical life, for feeling it is hard to find and align the correct time windows or the correct information for whatever reason, that you are finding you are not aligning in the correct time zone - so to speak, or you are not feeing right - or something, although it seems you were meant to do it, but you are not feeling right and aligned for some reason, on that day. Take a deep breath now, as the pathways that have now gone out (into the world) now begin to connect firmly back to you, on the rays of the Christic white light with platinum overtones, to this. Seal this back into your body, so that which you have put out, you have firmly connected to - and the route should be divinely supreme, and open and flowing - as we are here to flow through life, not to have to consciously be feeling like it is a big effort to build this life in this lifetime (trying), as though we are building it, as though it is alot of components together that we are having to fix together and maybe we are feeling these jigsaw puzzle pieces are somehow not coming together. We are here to flow through life. There already is a pattern, there is a divine current, we just need to get into the flow of that and for that. Everything we have done so far on clearing the pathways and opening the pathways, are beginning to assist this, we are beginning to live these other worlds within this world. Take a deep breath now as we seal that part of the energy attunement and the energy work.

Mother Mary now comes to the left hand side of your aura:- I, Mary, come forth to you  this day, on wings of light and love that you may come to know the peace that is in life, that you may come to know that life is not meant to be an experience of struggle, that you may come to know the serenity that lies within life, if you will but know the spaces inbetween the worlds are always there for you to take refuge and rest whenever you are seeking this. Dear ones, too often when we are giving these spaces to you, you are turning away from this, in fear of this space, in fear of this silence, and in this silence it is giving you this feeling of space, it is giving you the opening to connect to and be one with your soul and spirit presence. It is giving you the space in your life to begin to assemble everything together as one. I come forth now, with the attunement of love and light, that I begin to bring forth the codings of this space, to weave within, through and around your heart chakra, that you may come to know this peace within on a deeper level than you have known before in this lifetime. Breathe in this light into your heart chakra, as this now begins to create passages of peace within your being - that you may become a carrier for this into the world. At moments where you experience others who are not experiencing this peace, you - as a carrier - will allow the energy of peace to be flowing throughout your aura, and you will touch the world with peace - the peace of light and life. I ask you now, dear ones, to take a deep breath as you allow the illumination to move very deeply within your heart chakra. At times you feel your heart wants to withhold, where situations are difficult and when your heart feels it may prefer to withdraw within, it may wish to assess a situation, but within your heart it always knows the truth of how it wishes to respond, for it is - at all times - wishing and desiring to connect with the spirit and with the soul, and is desiring to allow that expression flow forth into the world. It is desiring to connect to the world and live a life with serenity, for there is no need to experience anything other than this. Dear ones, take the time and give yourself this serenity within your space.

To move through and be in this really deep space - which you will come to know and access only when you are feeling at peace with yourself. Have you noticed how many times when you move into this space - that when something that may not have been working in your life before, eg. you may have been trying to connect to something or some kind of communication to some person, you may have found it was not flowing, but then when you sit down to meditate - suddenly the phone is ringing, and it is that person, or you have ideas come to mind - and the situation is suddenly aligning to something that you could not have thought up on a conscious level. You could not have come up with so easily.


Entering the Metatronic Universes


The language expression of the divine is built upon rhythmic waves of light that exist without language. Here in this channelling, the nearest correlation within the English language is used to best represent what is being divinely expressed and shared with you, carefully channelled and relayed to you. This written form – this transcript – may not follow typical “3D” grammar/punctuation – but is written that it follows this divine flow of light – as the works are to change the 3D, rather than perpetuate it. All works are copyright. All Rights Reserved. By reading and engaging in the material, you must agree and accept the copyright – and not share the material without written (digitally by email) the express consent to such by the channel Sarah Ince. A trust is required on this, and it is only those with truth in their hearts and an innocent spirit, that you may benefit 100% from such works. Integrity is the key to opening the encodings. The frequencies and delivering of this message is a unique presentation that go beyond the 3D brain waves~

Take a deep breath now, as we move into the eternal presence of our soul, our spirit self, we connect now to our higher self, we connect now to the mastery of our divine pathway that we set before we came into this sphere of reality, we connect with all the multidimensional aspects of ourselves, we connect with every part of ourselves that we have ever been, are now, and ever will be. Take a deep breath as you allow this connection to centre firmly within the core of your being. We call forth now Mother/Father God to connect within through and around us, blessing and giving their presence and energy, spirit light and love, to that which will come forth today. We now call forth Lord Metatron, who is overlighting the work and the visitations, and he has given us a beautiful tour of the Metatronic universes that we have prepared for yesterday. We call forth Lady Sarah who was borne of Mary Magdalene, and Master Jesus. I call forth now Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin, Buddha, the archangels and ascended masters, the elohim, the nameless ones, the office of Christ and the office of ascension, to bring forth today, the absolute highest energy codings, blueprints, for us to open up to the higher realms of the light, that we may each experience this on all levels of our being and that we may be transformed by this eternally, that everything from the old world is now beginning to disintegrate and leave the aura, to leave your reality, and once you no longer have resonance to this, it begins to drop from your physical life, and you no longer attract it, you then begin to connect in to and ride the waves of the new universes, which we will be introducing you to today. We call forth the wisdom, the guidance, the light, the love, the absolute eternal presence of ALL THAT IS, the infinite spiral of light now to come within, through and around each of our energy fields, spiralling around the core of our soul, infusing all the light rays of the eternal light, now into your soul, feel this energy charging your being with a higher light, dispelling all areas of darkness, things that you have stored in your soul – that lifetime upon lifetime that maybe you have not released at this time. Begin to feel this charged spiral of light speeding up the energies of your soul, breathe in as this begins to seep further in your soul, and allow all cordings of the old world now begin to release from your soul, from your body, from your chakras, from any area and part where this is entangled. In addition to the entanglements that you may see and experience on a physical level in your chakras – and we are talking about the major and minor chakras here, you may also experience entanglements in the area of your auric body, in the axiatonal lines and the astral levels and the different levels between you and the divine realms, so to experience the divine realms properly, in the physical, properly, you need to be rid of these entanglements, have every part of these gone. We now bring forth the energies of the sun of a thousand suns to come now blazing through your aura: - these golden diamonds of light, now spin into your aura, they begin to dispel and knock out (so to speak) of your energy field, that which has become rather stuck in your energy field, that which has stagnated, that which has become attached and enmeshed, and almost as though you are unable to separate yourself from it. Take a deep breath as the golden diamonds blaze through your fields, taking with them all cords and debris, all entanglements, all attachments that no longer serve your highest good and the core truth of your soul, that which you are here for in this lifetime, that you are mastering. Allow these golden diamonds now to go very deep into the energy field. Allow them to travel wherever they are moving to, where they are moving towards, open up your aura and allow them in, and they will absorb within them, all density that still remains within your auric field: - this could be old patterning’s, past life contracts, it could take just about any shape or form, but it will be about whatever is energetically holding you back of stepping into your absolute mastery. Do not try to envision which lifetime it may be, or which situation it may relate to in this life, for that will begin to attach you into those energies. This is not always necessary to review everything, but more importantly it is to move on, to be able to let go, to welcome and accept and take in this divine absolute opportunity here, now for the absolute total release, for the complete liberation.

I, Lord Metatron, come forth to greet you today, in love and light, and bring unto you now, the emerald and sapphire coded diamonds, now, to spin into your soul space. These bring forth the gem codings of synchronicity, allowing you to more deeply align and to be able to be in the flow, to be able to seek and notice opportunities, to be more tuned in – in other words, to that which is being gifted to you from Mother/Father God, that you are able to know and recognise, rather than spending much time in indecision – and not knowing whether – “Is this part of my path?”,” Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?”, “Does this feel right?”, “Do I think this is right?”. This will assist you to move out of that excessive processing, that many people on earth go through, when they are attempting to make their decisions. Sometimes this process may come about through the chaos and duality present upon earth – causing you to have to wade through these dense energies, and working hard to bring forth enough light and to be able to expand your energy sufficiently enough to be able connect into that which is the truth.

Today we take you forth into the beautiful flame of the truth, which can burn away everything that is standing between you and opportunities of the light: - your pathway to mastery. Before you is a beautiful white flame, with glittering platinum flames, that are dancing around this white flame, but before you reach with and merge with this flame, dear ones, this is another portal, and this allows you to release any remaining contracts that you have, that are based on duality, for it is a “must” to remove these now, to cancel these, to let lay to rest these, to forgive anything that you need to, that you are required to, enables you to move on without needing to fulfil a contract that is actually duality based. Many people feel the weight of such contracts, rather than to be their utter joy, their utmost joys, it is no longer necessary to be playing these out in your life. So now, dear ones, I suggest you move in to this first portal, which we will enter, before entering into the flame. You see a beautiful opalescent portal before you, that you now step into, and it is like a radiant waterfall of light showering in through your being, into your body, and you may see in your hands now – any old contracts that are duality based, and some beautiful pale blue cobalt light now enters into these contracts from this waterfall, saturating them with liquid light, allowing you to break forth from fulfilling any balancing of contracts through duality. This is not necessary, everything may be lived out on a unity based process. It is not necessary to be entering into duality, every time you need to create some kind of balancing up in your life. This is what keeps many in the cycles of going back to this. Things will enter into their lives according to a contract that they have made in the past, and then people feel that they are being pulled backwards, rather than being able to move forwards, so they have a situation in their life where they have moved forward (very much so), and then this energy that can be like a “blast from the past” – somebody from the past - an old energy will come in at that time, when you are riding the highest energies of the light, when you are making the highest progress, and then – all of a sudden, something comes in – and then you wonder where this comes from, you wonder whether you are on the path anymore, you begin to question – you begin to doubt, so dear ones, stay within the energies of the flow that you are emitting, and you will find that it is a smooth pathway, and I suggest now, that any contracts  that you feel deep within your being, if you feel any heaviness, if you feel any burden, any weight within your body whatsoever, it often signifies some kind of contract, and perhaps something that feels like some kind of obligation rather than a divine gifting unto the world. We are here to divinely gift unto the world the essence of the presence of our soul, and this is where it ends. We balance with that essence and presence and everything that is of that, we do not need to go on a path that is far from this, for we are here to be the unique essence and presence of who we are, and within our soul and within our body, is engraved the absolute essence of who we are and what that mission is for this life. It is within us. It may become clouded at times for whatever reason, maybe there is some weakness within the personality, some things that need strengthening, but once you step into unity – you become that strength that you are, for you are fully connected on a soul and spirit level to all that you are and all that is, and nothing separates you from that light and that power, and that love. In that flow, you notice everything becomes possible and you become all possibilities, there is no separation, you are connected to the divine eternal flow of love and light and power of ALL that IS, and all is well, all is one, all is harmonious, all is glorious, and all is magnificent. There are no limitations within this space. So I urge you now to cut from any contracts that you are holding within your soul, any last ones that are remaining, ask for them to be highlighted within your body, if there are any still present now. And once again, allow the light blue cobalt liquid light from the waterfall to saturate the contracts, and by the saturation – will completely dissolve in the light, for you are stating that which is the divine will, by this light cobalt ray, and the divine will – is not to solve anything by duality, for this is not the answer to perpetuate some kind of cycle that holds you in separation:- separation from Mother/Father God, separation from spirit, from your guides, and most of all – anything that separates you from the full connection to all that you are, and when you are in denial of any part of you, you are – in essence - separating from yourself. You are not allowing full expression of that which you are. So once again, to recap, we say: - you are here to be the presence of who you are, the eternal presence of your soul, is there to embrace the flame, to heal mother earth/mother Gaia, as mother Gaia also heals you, and to have an absolute joy in the experience of the divine manifest in your life, but firstly within your own self, within your own soul, within your own physical body. You need to feel this joy within yourself first, and that joy will externalise, because you have made an invitation to allow this to come in to you. When you ask for this to come into your life, it must come in to your body first. So when you feel a joy for no apparent reason, know that you are beginning to pull forth the processing anchorage of that which is of your hearts dreaming, and when you go through any process of thinking that something is too good to be true, when you feel this excitement of the plan, this excitement is of the fact that you have opened the doorways to the dreaming – and through these portals you begin to draw this forth from the higher realms into the physical. So the excitement is the actual grounding process that you are feeling coming through.  You are feeling excited at the new pulse, the new rays, the new energy realms that which you believe of – you are bringing into the physical worlds. You are now invited to enter into the flame of light, the flame of truth now. Allow this beautiful white brilliant flame to burn off anything that is not of the truth, as we are about to enter the new worlds, the Metatronic worlds of light, allow the flames to burn off everything of duality, that you still hold on a personal level, everything that is dualistic within your personality, within your thoughts, within your feelings, within your life circumstance, now is the time to let them burn in the flame of the truth, that you may come to know and experience something other than duality. You feel your body absorbing this light ray of the truth, and you feel such lightness, such glory of the light, as your body is permitted to be the absolute truth of that which it is, without reservations, without suppression, and oh what a joy it is to feel beyond limitations, suppression of the world, the masks of the world, the veils of illusion, Beloved ones, now see before you, a golden portal of light, and we will be shortly stepping through this portal, as you prepare yourself, in divine sacred prayer, as you are given a beautiful golden scroll of light, with white lettering on the parchment, and on this is your sacred name, that shall open up and give you the keys to enter through this golden portal. You take a few moments to open this scroll. You put your right hand onto the golden/white lettering. You feel the vibration of this enter into your palm chakras. This enters into your body, and activates an awakening – a remembrance, of who you truly are, on a soul level, your absolute divine spark. Take a deep breath, as this moves further into your body, as we now enter in through the portal, we enter into the portal as a group – a team of light. You feel yourself being sucked into a tunnel of light, as we move beyond time and space, of the earth plane. You may see galaxies and worlds pass by, as we move further deep within this tunnel of light. You see the sapphire and emerald rays dancing within this tunnel. I, Lord Metatron, take you deep within the worlds of the Metatronic Universes, that you may come to know the worlds where the codings of life are generated, that create all the life that you see before you. Allow your energy bodies, dear ones, to adjust to this higher light – these higher codings, allow the density from the material plane to release from you. Allow the speed and the velocity of the light to become one with your being. It allows you to travel at a higher speed down this tunnel of light. Take a deep breath as you travel deep within this tunnel, into the heart of the universe of all that is. You feel my electronic presence move now through your axiatonal lines, as I create within you, the new light body, which allows you to sustain your light presence within these worlds. We now move to the right – into a tunnel that goes off into one of my universes. You see the sacred geometry of a beautiful sapphire light, now. You begin to allow your mental body to attune to this new universal level, so that you are able to enter this new portal, this new universe. I, Lord Metatron, place within your third eye now, the codings that you need to be able to see these universes clearly within your third eye. This opens up as a sacred geometry within your third eye, creating the patterns that will be able to unfold within your lightbody, that which you need to be able to perceive through the higher senses and to stabilise and expand upon these. You now see yourself on a beautiful glistening golden platform of light that you now enter into these worlds upon. On this beautiful pathway, you see many golden diamonds. Your entire body vibration changes, and your breathing pattern changes, as you move down this pathway. You see these beautiful golden beings come out to greet you, and their eyes emit love and compassion, and soul mastery. You see at the bottom of this pathway, a beautiful white temple of light, which we will enter in to shortly. You may perceive that your physical body is vibrating on a different frequency. You may feel a throb in your energy field as the light pulses in readily received into your system. You now see before you a beautiful ornate doorway of light. You see this doorway as a sacred geometry that protects this beautiful light space. It is violet, white and platinum in colour. As you enter into this geometry, this geometry scans the lightbody for the appropriateness of your energy into this temple, this very special temple of encodement, and as each one of you pass through this, everything from the earthly realms that is inappropriate to enter into this temple, now begins to drop away. That which is no longer necessary as part of your life path may be left here permanently, and that which you need to resume, you will be able to collect on your way out. So, gracefully dear ones, allow for the transmutation and transformation of that which you are leaving behind and allow for the temporary abandonment of that which you need to leave hold of – as you enter into this space to explore at this level, your divine self, and your mastery as you enter into this. As the doorways through the geometry open now, you see a ruby – a ruby of the Christ light enters into your third eye. This light now shines, radiating into your physical body, allowing for an updating of all old patterns within you, all old blueprints, all that is old within you. As your frequency now speeds up, the doors of this temple now open. You are greeted by many beautiful light beings, and they greet you with so much joy, love and light, you feel an almost overwhelming feeling in your heart, to embrace so many beings of light, carrying so much love within their hearts and light within their souls. Mary Magdalene comes forth now, in the most beautiful exquisite cloak, to take your hand, as you are ushered to your initiation, as you are ready for this. She asks now, if you are ready on a soul level, to be receiving an initiation into the higher levels of light and love, and mastery, to have a deeper connection to the spiritual worlds, and to be the anchor for this light, upon the physical world.

To deepen your mission, for the path of ascension. I, Mary Magdalene, greet you, in love, in light, in the expansion of the soul, in the embrace of spirit – of all that you are, that you may come to merge with, more fully, on a conscious level, the totality of your magnificence self: - the full expression of your soul, of your spirit, that you may evolve in the most glorious manner possible. I take your hand now, for you to come forth to the altar of love, the altar of life, the space of mother/father God. I give unto each one of you now, a white rose, that you may hold now to your heart, to allow a further cleansing and alignment to the peace that passeth all understanding, that you may become an embodiment of this, that you may come into the divine space, the divine realms, overriding that which has impeded your feeling of the utmost peace, that peace that you were born by, that you birthed from of the source of ALL that IS. You knew peace and nothing but peace at that time, light and nothing but light at that time, love and nothing but love at that time – for your were birthed from the sacred union of light and love, and peace. Take a deep breath as you breathe out all that is not in accordance with this. As you say a sacred prayer within your heart, the light and love of the Holy Spirit now comes forth and enters into your heart, bringing forth the flame of illumination, the sacred light, that allows you to connect with that which is to be. You feel an activation now, within your hand chakras, as you are receiving the light of ALL that IS, within the full presence of all that you are, the sacred codings of the divine masculine and divine feminine, enter now forth from you, to you, via you, within you, around you. You merge with this, with ALL that IS. The holy flame and love of God now comes into your palm chakras. Accept this golden light into you now, bringing forth a sacred awakening unto you. This awakening has never been dispensated from the divine realms unto those within a physical body before. There has been activations and attunements that may have been similar to this, but they are not of this pure power of the light, from the source of ALL that IS, for now is the time:- this is the time of awakening, this is the time of opening up, and dear ones, you have prepared so diligently on so many levels, because you are ready for this initiation, you are ready for this awakening, you are ready to bring this divine dispensation into you, into your life, for we know dear ones, we have known how deeply we have cherished and asked for this, and this request has now been answered unto your life, that you may come to know the blessings of the divine worlds, unto you now, as we know initiate you and anoint you with the light. Feel this light wrap around your auric bodies now. You feel the blessing of this initiation, opening your sacred crown chakra, your union portal – your gateway unto the divine worlds that awakens now, all the out-of-the-body chakras, all that you are connects into all that is. For we are all one, we are in oneness with love right now – we are in oneness with the light. Take a deep breath now, breathing out more of the old, as we bring forth now a further sacred anointing, of the golden white light, from the source of ALL that IS, pouring into your energy body.

We call forth the golden ring pass not, around our groups energy fields, to hold this initiation at the highest level possible, upon the earth plane, and our bridging of the worlds. This golden ring-pass-not holds the sacred vibration of the names of God, the sounds of these, as the angels now surround this sacred ring-pass-not, they chant forth these names, bringing forth the sacred vibration that now vibrates into your soul, allowing anything that is not divine, that is within you, to release from you, by this strong pure vibration:- this permeates your being, allowing for the release of everything that you may have experienced in this lifetime, that is not of the highest good, and your past lifetimes and all lifetimes on any planetary world. Master Jesus comes forth now, my beloved, and places his hands around your hands, as he brings forth the sacred blessings of mother/father God, and the absolute unity, on all levels, and your energy body – your light body, now begins to connect into these realms, and the sacred connection will be permanent within your lightbody, and your lightbody will be unlike anything you have known before. You will be more ready to step into the glory of light.

I, Master Jesus, come forth to you now, through the sacred geometries and the realms of light of ALL that IS to bring forth unto you the blazing light of the christic realms, of the office of the Christ, to allow you to enter through these portals, to be able to have your sacred contracts of life blessed, and to unfold your mastery further, and to expand this. For this we are going to travel to another temple of light. Place your hands in prayer position now, as we seal the initiation we have just received, in the light. A white ribbon of light is now placed around your hands as they are in prayer position, blessing forth – and feeling the initiation you have received. Allow yourself to integrate and be one with the initiation that you have already received. Open your hands and place them upon your heart chakra, that you seal this within your energy body, that you seal everything that has happened – and you seal it eternally, and this may cause further cords and ties – everything that no longer  belongs on this vibration, as you make this shift now. Expect this shift to externalise within your reality.

I now bring forth the merkabah, of the Holy Spirit dove flames of light now, to come around us as a group. Dear ones, I invite you into this sacred space, allow yourself to divinely align within your spirit being, before we enter into this merkabah. You see the sacred flames of ALL that IS, light from each finger tip now, allowing divine ignition. You place those flames into your heart chakra, allowing for a full awakening encodement to these divine flames. Every time you have thought a thought or fulfilled an action or feeling that is against your soul or spirit truth, your heart feels like it dies a thousand deaths, and begins to become numb to life. This flame will reactivate you to fully feeling life again. For it is only in denial of the truth of your heart, that which is the sacred portal to the divine, that one becomes numb to life, that one begins to fade in their power of attraction of that which is their destiny of life. This is the place now to drop the lower ego and move into the absolute higher self – that which is the truth of yourself, you are asked now to firmly drop this, and allow and move yourself into the full recognition of your higher self, and the rebirthing of yourself. As you do so, you feel your vibration speed up, and you feel an ignition within all the etheric portals and pathways of your energy bodies.

I bring unto each one of you a sacred blessing of liquid light that I pour into your energy body now. The colour is an opalescent white, glistening light, platinum light. This sacred colour pours into your aura. I bring forth now a protection for us as a group, of the pastel rays, of pale lemon, lime colour, and gold and platinum – around our entire energy space.

This now brings us into a new sacred space, as we enter into this new light. You feel your energy shift, within your being, within your soul, within your heart. You feel a disappearance of anything that is of a negative nature: - any doubt, any fear, and all the patternings of the 3D world - all the manifestations of separation begin to leave your body now, and what is left is unity. You allow this unity to now strengthen your light, as we now move towards the Office of the Christ, where admissions of ascension are blueprinted. The merkabah you now enter spins faster than the speed of light - the glorious radiant light now enters your heart and prepares you on a frequency level that you may be able to enter the Offices of the Christ.

You begin to see a beautiful sacred geometry forming within your heart chakra, allowing the codings of the divine worlds to begin to take a stronger form, and strengthen your heart chakra, strengthening the flow of love - through your different bodies of light, strengthening your chakras - major and minor, all of the meridians, and etheric meridians.

The merkabah begins to travel at the fastest speed, and you see moving beyond you universes upon universes. You see glistening white light and sparks of beautiful blue glistening light of thousands upon thousands of stars as we move through the different realms of divinity. The merkabah now begins to slow down, and you see a light that is so bright it is almost hard for you to take in, in your mind on a conscious level of this light. So now allow your subconscious to open up and to be the holding space for you to be able to conceive this light. To conceive and perceive everything that you are not able through the normal senses that you operate with on the physical level. Allow your higher levels and senses to open up now. Allow all of the "subtle senses" to become not so subtle. Allow them to become strengthened. Allow the portal between the subconscious and the conscious mind to open wide. Allow the connection between the physical senses and the higher senses to begin to move as one, one unity, one unified level flowing from one to the other, that they become one, that you may perceive each equally, and the same for the perceptions in the mind. The left and the right lobes of the brain now begin to work in divine synchronicity and the geometries within them now begin to connect up and fire up a new of system of perceiving and receiving. And connecting to life, that you become one larger flow, you become able to connect more in to you. From this you will move in to greater mastery, as you will also emit more light. This expansion will take some time to integrate upon the physical realms.


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