Entropic Healing and Chaos Therapy: ‘You’ve Got the Power’

Entropic Healing and Chaos Therapy: ‘You’ve Got the Power’

By Kathy Custren

By definition, entropic--or the word ‘entropy’-- does not sound very appealing at all. It supports the idea of decomposition well enough: it can mean a degree of energetic disorder or randomness in [the] system; a gradual decline into chaos. Who would want that to happen? How would entropy be useful?

Alchemists in the know may identify entropy as part of a necessary natural, negredo (nigredo) process. Gamers (yes, you “Dungeons and Dragons” fans out there) recognize it as a key part of magical healing—as have others, such as Chi masters, sound healers, and more--who actively use what can be considered ‘negative energies’ to elicit health and recovery. Governments have studied entropic healing and chaos therapy to determine its utility.

There are devices available to elicit sound waves as a way to heal physical pain. This generates a look into the importance of sound and frequency that can be used in the mode of healing. The very word/term/mantra/sound of ‘om’ (uttered properly in its three-parts) is one energetic frequency state meant to bring wholeness and wellness.

Not to digress, but for those who feel the need to ‘catch up’ with some of what is being discussed, you need only search the internet and explore some of these terms for yourself. If you have never studied alchemy or its transformative processes, the main one being discussed is that of ‘fermentation.’ You may have seen the term “fermented foods” before—things like sauerkraut, kombucha tea, kefir and tofu—which are known to promote health in the body when they are consumed.

Fermentation, in alchemical terms, is also called putrefaction, decomposition, or negredo—the rotting of the dead self, or where processes break down. Perhaps this is a good time of the year, as the leaves fall into compost on the ground, to take a look at this part of the natural process of change as it relates to our ‘dark side.’ Carl Jung, the famous psychotherapist, spoke of the importance of embracing one’s shadow so that the darkness (our problems) could be eliminated. He promoted healing with the introspection and understanding of what caused the pain initially, in order for a kind of rebirth or growth in better understanding to take place.

Think about it…if we could put our finger on the cause of a problem and use our own knowledge as power to help make the problem go away, the pain a little less, or speed along our recovery, does it make sense to do it? Furthermore, what if, rather than sitting on top of a bunch of negative karmic energy, we recognized the power we had to get rid of some of that accumulated pain, would you want to heal some of that and make your load a little lighter?

This is what healing is, ultimately—when our body uses its own knowledge to remember, or “re-mind” itself, what it is like to be whole and healthy again. If we allow for this to happen and maybe encourage “our own healing power” to take place within us, we can realize great strides in all sorts of recovery—whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

All of this starts on the mental level, with the filter of our brain, and our willingness to simply let it take place. Gee, that sounds hard and difficult, right? Simply let the healing happen? Well we can, and it does.

If we break a bone in our leg, what does the doctor tell us? They say to stay off of the leg (not to use it) for a number of weeks…to allow it to heal. Our body has amazing healing powers, if we just let it do its thing. For those who like to feel they are in control, it may help to have a plan.

We may look at ‘re-minding’ as the way for our brain to forge new, neural pathways, or make better, healthier connections—very much a reflection of what we would like to see happen externally. Brain studies show that mental processes happen quickly, and have a way of speeding up neurological connections, making short-cuts. More often than not, these happen in response to some sort of “yes” or positive activity. Our brain knows what our body likes, and they work together in reaction to positivity.

This is just as true with other cravings. If we find sweetness pleasurable, our body will gladly ingest more. What happens when there is too much [chaos?] of a [good] thing? Each of us may recognize what healthy means, on a personal level when we see these connections, whether it be chemical, behavioral, or educational. We have the power to say “no,” or to “change our mind,” or to make better choices. These proactive changes keep us from becoming stuck in a certain track/rut/habit. These very rutty paths keep change from taking place, and the ‘I’llness accumulates over time.

Documented studies done in recent times have found connections made within the body, such as those that balance health and wellness between the gut (stomach) and the mind. If something in the very chemical composition of our stomach or digestive juices and vitamins used by the body is imbalanced, it can lead to a mental problem or behaviors that can leave us feeling a bit ‘zombified.’ –All those ‘crazy’ stories of the zombie apocalypse may not be quite as far-fetched as we may think. Add in the electronic devices and wireless webby connections we have these days and there can be all sorts of ‘interference’ that our minds and bodies experience. Any or all of these things, alone or in combination, may keep us from feeling as well as we could.

To bring ourselves to a higher state of healing we do need to recognize the symptoms and, with our mind engaged, do something about it. This can be a lot like taking a look at our “spam folder” and deciding to get rid of the email messages that might do our computer harm.  Do we really need to “get more inches” or “see babes” from some other country? We can easily make the mindful decision to eliminate it, and remove it from our time and experience.

Psychotherapy encourages us to investigate these mental processes with a trained therapist, who can help elicit these healing connections, and help us see the “spam” in our life for what it is; help us to ‘delete’ it. A counselor may be helpful for those of us who really feel stuck; however, if we really want to work on healing, the discovery and the power lies within us. With my own healing, I found it helpful to discover “for myself” what healing meant for me. Time itself turned out to be a critical piece. I had “allowed time” as part of my healing plan, only to find that my wellness took place “ahead of schedule,” rather miraculously.

For those of us who feel we have “too many problems to count,” be encouraged to take one bite of the apple at a time. In our hectic world of “do it all now” multi-tasking, there comes a time when we have to slow things down in order to address one-thing-at-a-time. It is how we elicit a way, or a path through the forest of chaos, one-step-at-a-time; or healing from chemical dependency “one-day-at-a-time,” as we promote recovery.

And what is recovery than the mindfulness to stay healthy? To remember, “re-mind” ourselves, of what wellness is, what keeps us well, and what that is for each of us as we travel this existence together. –To not let things get out of hand or chaotic—and if they do, to find our way out of the crazy, dark night of the soul and back into the light of seeing our wellness in action and taking those active steps.

How can you find wellness and employ some of this in your own life, you may ask? Congratulations… follow that curiosity—stay with it long enough to really take time and energy to look. It is different for us all. One suggestion would be to write it down. Put your wellness plan on paper and give it some physical life. Take one problem area (whatever it may be) and write an action plan to address it; break it down into little steps you can accomplish. Give yourself a lot of time to get it done; you are the one writing the goal plan, after all. Don’t rush! Take the time to let natural healing and balance take place.

For people who are very ill, such active recovery efforts can become a full-time job. Perhaps that is as it ought to be. Rather than seek endless hours of diversion, maybe we need to use time wisely and track our own progress in re-mind-ing our body back to wellness.

It comes down to choice; if wellness is something a person really wants to see in themselves and the ‘usual ways’ are not working, there must be a willingness to make change happen and try new things or new ways. If the person is resigned to a particular state of being, talking with other positive people who can encourage possibilities would be in order. If one doctor says they have done all they could, find another. Seek alternate therapies, take a walk down a different street. Go a different way—that is what nature does.

With alchemy, the fermentation process leads, ultimately, to rebirth or regrowth. Consider the phoenix, as it burns to ashes only to be reborn and rise once again. Consider butterflies that emerge from their cocoon, and know that our own lives can be just as transformed by the changes we discover in the midst of chaos, by looking within.

The ancients know all things take seasonal time to process in the turning of the wheel, and have marked the greater passage of time in eras or “yugas.” They allow for and recognize the “Kali Yuga,” or when the duality of positive and negative attitudes are absent. This time lends itself to chaos because there ‘appears’ to be no choice of ‘this or that.’ It paves the way for “in”clusion and for us (as a part of nature itself) to pick and choose what aspects (good and bad do not matter) will emerge from the chaos.

Imbalances we feel can be balanced; broken systems can bring new ways of progress; walking around feeling disconnected can bring those new or “re-minded” neural pathways of connection. If we carry a sensation that our current web of connection is amazing, just wait until more of us catch up to the next dimension of what is to be. This is the kind of curiosity we need to seek for ourselves ‘now,’ as we take our steps through the forest of chaos that surrounds us.

One piece of chaos theory that becomes helpful in healing is the idea of a ‘feedback loop,’ or the “Law of Return.” What this means is that we have the ability to apply our present knowledge or energy to a problem that may be hanging on from our past. Maybe we had an experience or trauma from before that we could not process, that hangs on in our present shadows…lurking in the dark…holding us down, keeping us in pain. Now that we are older and wiser, it can be to our benefit, individually and as a whole, to change the pathway…to see that ‘that was then and this is now,’ and mindfully give it up/let it go.

You have the direct power to make this kind of energetic change and healing happen in your life. Think of the many prejudicial beliefs and stigmas we may carry. Releasing these long-held beliefs and pains can bring such real and valid relief.

Love yourself in the midst of it all. Love can be the greatest gift to give yourself at this time. For”give”ness can bring the release of many dark and chaotic aspects—just let it go and allow whatever it is to heal. It will…one way or another…it always does.

Wishing you well as you look within…”OM”….and discover your way to health and wellness. ~ Blessings!

About the Author

Kathy Custren is a mother of four, who strives for balance and has a deep respect for All. Interests include advocacy, the arts, communication, education, health, humanity's cosmic origins, nature, philosophy, spirituality and wellness. Visit her page "Consciousness Live" on Facebook, and her site at kathyc-mindblogger.blogspot.com.

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