Erasing The Pain: 8 Techniques to Lighten the Load

Two of the most destructive energies we can turn against ourselves, old anger and regret, find a home in our bodies no matter how we try to shake them loose. They destroy not only the clarity of our self perception but prevent us from moving ahead on a path that can bring us joy. Their lingering becomes what I like to call emotional disease from which so many of our current conditions grow.,including chronic physical ailments. digestive issues, weight gain.   Consider this metaphor: diabetes has been described as an internal worm that quietly eats away at our organs. We look healthy on the outside, but inside, we decay. The same is true for anger and regret.  . We might think we practice self kindness, but that little worm trapped within affects everything we do. How can we reverse this? We try many releasing techniques from meditation to conscious connected breathing and drumming circles to peel away layers of emotional wounds, but still, they remain, perhaps not the same shade of dark but shady nonetheless. Pain and loss, anger and disappointment leave imprints despite our many attempts at “erasing” them. We do progress, but we don’t always eliminate it completely.

One reason it remains is that some of us deny ourselves joy as a form of punishment. We feel somehow that we don’t deserve happiness,a pattern stemming from hurts we never fully conquered. The degrees of bruises vary from person to person without sceintific guideleins that determine what is or is not a reasonable scar. We  respond to  pain at ndividual  levels, which is neither right nor wrong. We may also believe we want to heal, yet some part of us remains unconvinced, reluctant, causing self sabotage. 

When we tire of the same stinging motif, it might be time to ask the question: “What am I waiting for?”  and really let it go.  Most anger grows out of failed relationships which bring disappointment and yes, if we really tell the truth,  the desire for vindication through revenge.  Even if we ourselves don't want to exact vengeance, we want to know when the perpetrator conffronts the consequences of his actions.  How many of us still hold that grudge against the lying or cheating partner and wait  impatiently for karma to stun him?  (Raising my hand here)  Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Divine justice is not ours to arrange, and when it  is delivered, it is not always settled within our time frame aoralways earthly standards.  And then who is to say that our own suffering is not a form of leftover karma from another lifetime?  

Imagine erasing a very heavily drawn pencil sketch.  We move the eraser back and forth over those lines, and they lighten,  but they never freally disappear.  The harder we rub the more it fades,  but we  still see the ghost of the original, and sometimes we  even feel deep indentations on the paper below  the one with the drawing.  How do we continue the process so that the embedded cause is minimal?   Here are a few techniques to try if you haven't already:

1.  Empower the release with your voice.  Speak it.  The sound vibration carries your intent through the Universe.  Your guides, angels, higher self will hear and work with you.

2. Write it down. Everything. No one will see this but you, so be honest.  Then burn it and let the smoke rise up into the ethers.  If you can do this under a full moon, it will propel your intention further.

3.  Create a mantra that has direct impact on your desire, something like “I am willing to heal.  I am willing to heal.  I am willing to heal.”  Saying it three times  solidifies our belief in it.  Fortify your release through chant.  Remember the revelation through Dorothy's three heel clicks and "There's no place like home...."

4.  Use your powers of visualization to do a body scan.  Close your eyes and imagine white light, almost like a flood light, running through your entire body from head to toe.  Wherever it slows, or wherever it completely stalls, you have a blockage.   Stay with the light until you can identify the source and the light runs again smoothly.

5 .Bury some artifacts related to the source of your anger or pain: photos, documents, even names written down just for this purpose.  Place them  deep into the earth where the energies will neutralize them.

6.  Drink spring water and as it flows through you,  imagine it clearing out negative particles and debris.  See it as a liquid magnet, picking up all the remnants of broken relationships and stored anger.

7.  Go to the water source itself.  This is an ancient cleansing ritual.  Do it with pure intention.  You may even take what you’ve written on paper and toss the paper into the water.

8.  Do a Native American style “giveaway” as a symbol of your own desire to release.  Make joy our of suffering.  Give with love.  The gift is a blessing not only to the receiver but to the giver as well,  and it will allow your sorrow to be replaced with love.

I give 8 suggestions because 8 is the infinity symbol and a number of balance, which is where you’re headed.  Namaste.


Lisa Shaw is a spiritual counselor, animal communicator,Reiki master and educator.  Her book,"Illumination: Life Lessons from our Animal Companions is available on Kindle and her web site is

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