Pioneering research by Dr Elaine Aron shows that 1 in 5 people (or approx.1.4 billion) are born with a trait of 'high sensory processing due to a biological difference in their nervous systems’. People with this trait are known as ‘Highly Sensitive People’ or ‘HSPs’

The term ‘Essensitivity’ refers to a group of Souls whose spiritual essence enable them to innately tune into the senses that they were born with and who also have a much deeper level of intuitive and psychic awareness compared to those who were born without the trait. According to the Angels those HSPs born with this innate sensitivity but who also feel a particularly strong connection to the Angelic
Realms and who have past life memories of the 'Essenes' are known as Essentives.

The Angelic Realms want to deepen our spiritual and psychic awareness about the High Sensitivity Trait, because too many Essentives are struggling to find a sense of belonging in a world that can feel less than sensitive a lot of the time.


The following list will help you recognize if you are: (especially if you tick YES to at least half of the points listed)

  • You have often had comments from those around you about being 'TOO sensitive for your own good’ or told that you ‘need to toughen up' or 'not be so sensitive.’
  •  You feel completely different to other members of your family, or that you that you born into the ‘wrong’ family.  
  •  You have or had psychic or spiritual experiences which others around you haven’t experienced. 
  •  You believe in the ‘unseen world’, e.g. a Universal Energy, Angels and Spirit Guides.
  •  You see Spirituality or a faith based Religion as a fundamental part of your life which involves daily practice such as prayer, ritual or meditation.
  •  You often have vivid or prophetic dreams.
  •  You have a belief in Past Lives and have had or are drawn to having a Past Life Regression.
  • You have a deep longing to find ‘The One’ (Soul mate/Twin Flame.)
  •  You are highly intuitive and pick up on subtleties with people or environments. You can sense if something is wrong, even if other people are unaware of it. 
  •  You tend to ‘absorb’ or be affected by other people’s energies and can end up feeling drained whilst others comment that they feel better after they have been with you.

According to the Angels there are many hundreds of thousands of Essensitives who have incarnated and are currently incarnating for this crucial period ahead, as the Earth undergoes a vibrational transition in its Ascension process. These Soul choices are normally forgotten once Essentives are born however because they forget they are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. A part of their journey therefore, is to 'reawaken' and remember who they truly are - a Soul in a physical body with a mission or purpose to fulfil.
It is during the Soul 'slumbering' stage, when Essentives mainly feel lost and empty inside. They often feel completely different to others and have much deeper levels of feelings and emotions as well as sensory sensitivities to process. In a desperate attempt to manage their trait they try to numb out from
or cover up their innate sensitivity especially if others around them are disparaging of their trait.
Essensitives have become highly vulnerable to criticism, contempt or put downs and their psyches’ have chosen to assimilate this negativity and made it their reality.

The Angels want us to remember that Soul awareness is the key to our awakening and that we are more than just a physical body. Conscious awareness, acknowledgement of our Divine Self and Self Love are the steps needed on the painful road of recovery for a lot of Essensitives at this time. The reason for this is so that a remembering of their Soul’s gifts can occur and be initiated. In ancient times all those born with innate sensitivity were honoured and respected for their abilities. They were often sought with to take counsel, share visions and prophecies as well as for their healing abilities., these gifts have been stored in the cellular memory from previous incarnations.

For those Essentives who have stripped away the layers of past conditioning, removed the masks that hide their Authentic Self and who have connected to the Divine source of Love within, an activation will occur. An inpouring of pure Source energy will bring an ‘awakening’ within them of their Soul’s magnificence and untapped potential. This activation will bring those gifts back into consciousness once more for the benefit of humankind and will enable Essentives to live their Soul’s mission in full potentiality in the years to follow.


The Angels are asking us to reawaken and stand in our Power: the power of who we TRULY are and to know that our uniqueness not our 'sameness’ is our gift. When we reconnect, reawaken and stand in the energy of Love, we can step away from the energy of fear that keeps us small. The Angels want to guide us, so we can walk with gentle assurance, their wings of protection wrapped around us so that nothing can deter us from our chosen path. They tell us to Trust in them, trust in ourselves and see our Essensitivity through the eyes of Angels.

As HSPs and Essentives process their words, hopefully this will help them to start reframing their trait from a personality perspective into a Soul remembering instead. Being Sensitive is not a flaw, it is a wondrous gift that brings something beautiful to this world. The innate sensitivity of all HSPs is the foundation of their Soul purpose in this lifetime. When this Soul remembering occurs fully, Essentives  find their sense of belonging in this World. 

MELANIE COLLINS is an Essentive, Soul Healer, Angelic Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. She is currently writing a book about Essensitivity called ‘Bringing Light into the Darkness’ based on her own Soul journey as an ex-Prison Governor and HSP.

You can connect with her through her website: www.melaniecollins.co.uk or via her Facebook page @Mel Collins or on Twitter @MelCollins444.

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Comment by Regina Chouza on March 23, 2016 at 9:04pm

Wonderful, thanks!

If you comment here when it's done I'll get an email notification =)



Comment by Mel Collins on March 23, 2016 at 11:37am

P.s I did see the Mary Magdalene article was published - it was very exciting to see it in print! Thank you

Comment by Mel Collins on March 23, 2016 at 6:46am

Hi Regina

Thank you for the feedback - I will rework it in the next couple of days, using the recommendations given.   I agree with the points raised. Angel Blessings Mel

Comment by Regina Chouza on March 22, 2016 at 10:43pm

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for submitting this article! I’m not sure if you saw that your piece on the Magdalene Movement was published in the magazine one or two weeks ago. You can find it if you look at the Tables of Content for the early march editions:



I have some feedback on this submission. It’s based on the latest update from our Senior Editor. The main point is that we have been asked to steer clear of channeled writings so the article would need to be reframed, so that it includes insights and advice for “Essensitives” without presenting it as a channeled message. Do let me know if that is something you would be OK with.


2) I also found the term Essensitivity to be a little bit confusing, and I’m not sure how this is different from a Highly Sensitive Person. Are essensitives more connected to the angelic realm? If there is no difference why not use HSP instead, as readers will already be familiar with that term and it could make sense faster. 


3) Our senior editor, Kathy, also asked that we stay away from using second person extensively if it makes it sound like we are telling people what to do. If we combine this with the first comment about OM Times no longer publishing channeled messages, you could rewrite this using “first person plural” to make it more inclusive and speak to the reader as if we “HSP’s” are all in the same boat. We don’t publish 1st person singular (I, my), but plural is usually OK.

I hope that makes sense. 


These were our Senior Editor’s points, just in case:




4) In the first paragraph we can reference Elain Aron once instead of twice, and I would try to do this without using so many parenthesis as they can distract or confuse readers, early on. The brain is said to skim over the contents of a (…) ..


5) Without counting it, I can also tell that your author bio is too long (60 words maximum, including any links to your website, etc). Please trim it down a bit =)


Overall I’d suggest breaking the article down into subsections with subheadings to make it as easy as possible for readers to follow. It occurs to me that you could start by talking about Essensitives/HSP, how to know if you are one, and then the third part could be the advice and/or panorama for HSP’s going forward, etc.


Let me know if you have any questions,





Comment by Mel Collins on March 19, 2016 at 10:08am

Hi Michelle - yes it was, however it was also an experiential learning experience to really implement and become disciplined in psychic protection work. HSPs are highly empathic and can feel and absorb other people's emotions, so I had to learn very quickly how to manage it :)

Hence why I'm writing a book about it :)

Comment by Michelle Alberigi McKenzie on March 19, 2016 at 9:26am

Melanie, an interesting article! I imagine being sensitive in a prison environment was extremely painful.

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