Extending the theory of evolution beyond Darwin

The well known theory of Charles Darwin explains the influence of evolution on the physical features of living things. Here is a theory(original) of mine, which uses basic rules of science and logic, and real life examples to show that the process may also have a very well defined effect on our mind. This theory extends the theory of Evolution into our mental world.

The theory:

a) We live in a cosmic force-field, created by the force which is causing the process of evolution(physical) to happen in our planet. This force is also exerting influence on our mind in clearly defined ways.

b) All our happiness (and miseries) are basically generated as experiences, resulting from the interactions of our daily mental and physical activities with the force causing the process of evolution to happen. When the nature of our activities are in sync or in line with this force, the interaction is peaceful, and the experience is pleasant or ‘happy’. On the other hand, when they are in conflict with this force, the resulting experience is turbulent or ‘miserable’.

This defines the basic mechanism of happiness and misery, but the actual process in our lives becomes much more complicated because of many different combinations of many possible sources of happiness for the human mind. There are numerous real life experiences as examples of this theory, some of which are discussed below.

The nature of our regular daily activities are such that, through them, we are either strongly promoting (or in sync), mildly promoting, mildly opposing or in strongly opposing the force-field that we live in. When we are in sync or mostly in sync, we promote the process of evolution by creating positive changes in the world around us, and when we are in opposition or mostly in opposition, we resist the process by creating negative changes - both in extremely minute ways.

My theory says that our actions which support or promote the process of evolution, produce peaceful or ‘happy’ interactions with the force-field, and constitute the basic mechanism of happiness in some form, and activities which resist the process, generate turbulent or ‘unhappy’ interactions, and create the basic mechanism of misery.

The theory opens a new chapter after Darwin’s theory of (physical) evolution, and shows the effect of the force of evolution on our mind. Thus, it draws the complete picture of the influence of the force of evolution on our planet - on the physical features of living things, as well as on our minds.

The logic supporting the theory:

Science says that a super activity is going on in our planet, called the process of evolution. Basic rules of science also say that every activity is caused by a force behind it, which implies that a supreme force exists behind this ultimate activity of evolution. Therefore, we live in the force-field of this supreme force.

Science also says that a force-field has certain properties - inside it, all activities in sync, or in the same direction of the force are peaceful (or happy), while those opposing the force create turbulence (or misery). So, staying in sync, or in the same direction with this force of evolution may generate a state of happiness, or increase the possibilities of finding happiness, while resisting this force may create a turbulent or miserable state, or raise the likelihood of inviting misery.

Looking at the acts of evolution in the past, we can see that this force has caused transformations in life forms - from the lowly amoeba to today’s human, gradually over billions of years in very small but definite steps of positive changes. The trend is clearly positive. So, the nature or the direction of this force are ‘positive’. Also, positive changes seem to be the building blocks of the process of evolution. So, we can stay in sync with this force by staying positive, and promoting positive changes, however minute they may be, through our daily regular activities, whenever possible! This may be the basic requirement for finding happiness.

Some real life experiences supporting my theory:

Pleasure from eating:

Eating is the most important act to promote the process of evolution, because the first act of promoting evolution is to stay alive. So, preserving ourselves is an act of promoting evolution. Thus the act is in sync with the force of evolution, and accordingly, it generates happiness. On the other hand, starvation can cause unnatural death, and thus opposes the process of evolution, and is painful.

Pleasure from sexual activities:

The reproductive activity is the second most important act to promote the process of evolution, and thus it links with happiness.

Happiness from Love:

Love, in many different forms, probably creates the ultimate positive environment for growth and development. It may be in perfect sync with the force-field of the force of evolution because it encourages creation of positive changes. In it people can synchronize, harmonize, and unite their individual resources to create a bigger force to generate larger positive changes to promote evolution, and in turn get rewarded with happiness of many different kinds, in many different ways. On the other hand, hatred, though a very powerful emotion, can bring negative changes in the world around us, and thus can link with misery.

The happiness (and misery) from children:

With fresh bodies and minds, young people have the most potential to accelerate the process of evolution by generating positive changes, and open many windows of happiness. As parents, we share some windows of happiness with our children. And thus, they link us with happiness. But by the same token, they can also open windows of misery if they create negative changes in the world around them by their activities.


There are numerous other examples of real life experiences which support my theory.

Some Implications:

Happiness, the reward for promoting the process of evolution:

It seems like the process of evolution is built around a reward system. The living entity creates some activity in the right direction promoting evolution, and receives a reinforcement or reward in the form of a good feeling or happiness of some sort. Analyzing the activities of the lower level animals, we can see that they probably only can promote the process of evolution with their activities, and get rewarded, but they normally can’t oppose the process.

But as the simple animal evolved to the more complex human with a developed mind and intelligence, we can generate larger positive changes to evolve faster, but at the same time we also can resist the process by creating negative changes, using driver emotions like greed, etc.. We probably accomplish this by finding shortcuts to some forms of happiness, which requires generating little or no positive changes in the world around us!

The theory may provide a scientific validation to our old wisdom:

Throughout the ages we have received many words of wisdom and advices from sources like the parents, educational institutions, religions, etc., but we still violated them often. The reason may be that we lacked the conviction in them! The human mind may look for a scientific and logical validation to develop conviction. Using basic rules of science and logic, this theory shows that positive activities link with happiness, while negative activities link with misery.

The theory tests the nature of our activities, and generates alerts :

As we are evolving, our speed of evolution is getting faster - the last couple of hundred years it has taken off exponentially. But along with numerous positive changes, we also have been generating many negative changes or destructive acts. Accumulating over the years, some of them may have reached near crisis points in several areas, e.g. the global warming, etc.. They may be distorting the nature of our evolution, and creating threats to our survival in the future. The theory is telling us that sometimes we may be pursuing happiness through wrong activities, which are generating the negative changes.

The theory offers a common ground for Science and Religion:

Using basic rules of Science, the theory shows that:

1) We live in a force-field. This concept is parallel to the concept of God in Religion.

2) Good (positive) deeds increase the possibility of finding happiness.

Thus Science supports the basic concepts of Religion. Also, as an extra but very important feature, the theory enables us to recognize the good acts from the not so good ones, in activities of Science and Religion. A good act should always create positive changes in the world around us.

The theory provides answers to many of our eternal questions:

At some points of our lives, we wondered what’s the purpose of life! According to this theory, our life is the time during which we play our roles in the process of evolution. Since happiness is the ultimate prize of life, the purpose of life would be to maximize one’s happiness in his/her particular situation of life. And happiness is created by creating positive changes in the world around, which means, to find my happiness, I would also have to help others to find their happiness, in a weighted balanced way.

The theory draws a probable picture of our ultimate survival :

The theory draws a seamless picture of our existence in the past, present, and the probable future - extending in the very far future, indefinitely, provided we can advance our skills far enough, and have the time enough on this planet! To achieve this, we may have to maximize our speed of evolution and minimize our destructive acts. That is, we may have to chase happiness through right activities, which create maximum positive changes, and minimum negative changes.



Author’s brief bio:

The author emigrated to USA from India, in 1968. He has a couple of Masters in Science and Engineering. Though his profession has been in Technology, his real passion has been in Spirituality. His first book, The Science of Happiness, was published in 2013, by iUniverse. Currently he has been acting as a Director of Pradhan Foundation, Bethesda, MD, a non-profit organization promoting education.




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