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Such a touchy subject Faith, you ask most folks and either there hackles go up, or they stammer, or blush as though embarrassed. Faith, a simple concept of what do you believe. What do you “know” that you cannot see? Where do you get your divine inspiration?

You will hear people say they have no faith in human nature, yet every day as we drive down the road we have faith that those going the other way will stay on their side of the center line. The few times it doesn’t happen is a real shock to most, almost unheard of. Now that is some huge faith. We put our trust in the lives of strangers every day, and so seldom are we let down.

Yet, it’s those close to us we expect excellence from, those that we see often enough to develop a lasting relationship. Family members, friends, co-workers, people we share our lives with that will on occasion let us down. We give them an open ticket to do so. No one is perfect, no one will do the right thing every time, yet at times we take it personal when something happens that causes stress or strain. Think about it, we smile and nod to strangers, yet will take out our frustrations of the day to those closest at hand. We vent our frustrations, anger, reactions to some injustice dumping our burden on the closest one to us. When doing so try and take a moment to see if they are willing to take the stress you are handing them. If they care about you, and have the energy they most often times will. But it’s not a given.

But have you ever thought to give it all up to the divine? If you have no structured faith how can you do this? God can take all burdens, God can ease your spirit, gentle your mind, sooth your soul. Doesn’t matter if you call it God/Goddness/Nature.

I was having a conversation with a dear friend last night she mentioned, “I don’t believe in your God”. For some reason it made me smile. What people don’t realize is that is not my god, your god, their god…its The God. There is only one creator, one great being. Each faith has a different name for it, all in the name of identifying their belief system. When writing an open article I will say it’s The Source. It’s a generic term meaning the supreme power that keeps the checks and balances, that runs the show. I call it God. But it’s the ONE thing all faiths truly have in common.

Different beliefs have different rules, or guides for living. Many of them are very much the same. But its not the faiths that are all that different, it’s the way people interpret them. Nearly every holy book says to love your neighbor as you love yourself, to be kind and giving. Some people that follow these books do just that, they live in service of others shining their divine light on the world in acts of compassion, great and small. Some however are very different, lacking compassion for your fellow human beings, discounting them if they do not believe as you do. But that is the person, not the belief. Things get changed, reinvented, used for gain in such a manner that the whole meaning of the words are lost.

I saw a quote today that spoke volumes to me: "True intention is when your heart, mind, and soul unite as one. When your intention is united, all the universe is behind you—its fulfillment guaranteed." Think about these simple words. Heart, mind and soul are all united. How often your life does that really happen. We “want” things, things that could be detrimental to one part of our being, yet we take the risk to please the other part. What if you lived in such a way that you kept all parts even, happy, together? The decisions we make should include all 3 parts. The love you share, the job you do, or even the routes you take, all should have heart, mind and soul included. Your heart to feel, your mind to know, your soul to accept you are worthy. And we are all worthy, every one of us. In my faith Christ died for our sins. He died so we can be worthy. And we all are. There are those that say if you don’t accept Christ you don’t get His gift. In the bible it states in several places that Christ died for all mankind, not just a select few. ALL! To me this says that no matter what you call God you have received this gift, weather you want it or not. There is no wrong doing that cannot be righted. Those that grieve and feel immense pain will disagree with this. But if you have faith, you know the truth in it all.

We have intention, the will to act. But if there is doubt, it will not manifest. If there is doubt one part of your being is not on board. If you lack faith, you lack the ability to manifest your dreams. Faith that simple thought of “knowing” something you can’t really know. YET, in doing so you open up your life to all possibilities.

You look at a person, they are more than what you see. They are emotions, thoughts, molecules, energy. Why would the world be any different? There are so many things going on that we can’t see, feel or even understand. That is where faith comes in, knowing that the universe will keep you on the correct side of the center line.

Rev. Wonder

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