This morning I was turned down for banking services.

As a professional psychic medium, this came as no surprise. As a self-proclaimed mystic, I know enough not to take it personally.

This article is not a rant. It’s about progress and spiritual evolution. I find it interesting that just a few decades ago, psychologists and chiropractors were considered “quacks” and massage therapists were thought to be in the sex industry.

I was born a psychic medium. I didn’t ask for it, it was an extra sensory gift that I chose to stuff for most of my life due to a strictly religious upbringing and fear of judgment and ridicule.

But one of the many blessings of growing older and of following my own unique spiritual path is that other people’s judgments just don’t matter as much anymore. What I offer is a healing modality that helps lots of people. I consider it “service” work, my particular way of giving back to humanity, to help grieving people find peace and closure when they understand in an evidential way that our soul never truly dies.

As a society, we (for the most part) encourage individuals to get in tune with their intuition, but when someone demonstrates this, they are often discounted.

My own intuitive abilities amplified substantially after a near death experience in my early 20s. I am not alone—many mediums became more sensitive after such an event. In my case, the light was so brilliant and profound, so filled with non-judgment and unconditional love, that I didn’t know how to match this when I had to “come back.”

I fell into a deep funk, until I found yoga and meditation, back when it wasn’t “cool.” It was the closest thing I could find to that sort of bliss, and so I dove into it fully, eventually opening a yoga studio and writing my first non-fiction book on the subject.

Ironically, it was during those peaceful times in “savasana,” or corpse pose, that the dead came to talk to me. To be honest, it sort of freaked me out how clearly I could sense, hear, and see their messages! So I ignored it for the most part, and only shared messages with clients I knew would be open to hearing them.

During this time, something told me to get a mammogram, despite it not being time to do so. I had a pre-cancerous lesion which was caught incredibly early, so although forced to have a lumpectomy, I was spared chemotherapy and radiation. My intuition saved my life.

I was, however, bedridden while recovering from my surgeries, and spent lots of time with gut pain, listening to healing hypnotherapy CDs and refusing to believe that this was my future.

It wasn’t until my intuition once again led me to medical doctor, psychologist and medical intuitive Dr. Judith Orloff, that I realized to what extent I was emotionally stuffing my gifts, as well as taking on others’ issues empathically.

Once I “came out of the metaphysical closet,” not only did my health return, but I was surprised to find that more people supported my gifts than denied them. In fact, simply through word of mouth and synchronicity, I began giving private and small group readings, which filled my calendar. Soon thereafter, I received invitations to speak to large groups, which now tend to sell out everywhere I travel. I now trust spirits to “show up” and give me ample evidence to demonstrate who they were, then pass along private, heart-warming messages to the recipients.

Is this a science? Probably not. I do use my journalism background to objectively “frame” the messages I am experiencing, and then let the client decide the meaning. And when I receive psychic “snapshots” into someone’s future or past, I always include the disclaimer that since we all have free will, there are infinite possibilities for our future. I am simply reading their subconscious mind from the position of where they are presently. If they choose to move to a tropical island the next day, everything will change. That’s the power we have to choose, the power of our own thoughts to create our reality.

I would argue that just as there are “good” doctors and “bad” ones, there are good mediums and bad ones. However, it’s up to each individual how they present the information in a clear, yet compassionate, way. It also depends on how much ego the medium allows to get in the way. Again, this is true of most professions.

There are mediums who only have one or two strong senses, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience (the ability to see and hear messages) and others, like myself, who have them all—what I like to call the “full meal deal.”

While all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. And mediums are born, not made (although if you have the gift of mediumship already, you may certainly develop it). Not everyone knows that. I believe in using ALL my God-given, innate, intuitive abilities to both seek the higher Truths, as well as help others.

Many religions will call what I do “evil,” but I never understood their reasoning, when every single message I receive is loving. If there is a devil, I’ve never heard “he” is loving. Sure, I believe there are dark energies on the other side, just as there are on this level of existence. But I don’t attract them. I keep my vibe too high to ever be worried about this. I simply have faith and affirm that I am at all times protected by my angels and spirit guides, and that darkness is simply an absence of the light. It is my “job” to shine the light.

After my grandmother passed many years ago from cancer, I had several reoccurring dreams of her, which felt more like actual visitations. In them, she would state emphatically that she was NOT dead, and why did everyone keep saying that?

In the early days, I would wake up in a sweat, worried that we had buried her alive! Later, when the dreams returned, I realized it was her way of telling me that her soul lives on, as does everyone’s. I feel her presence often, and I know that love never dies.

Some may call all of this a lot of “New Age” woo-woo, but I don’t think so. People have been talking to spirits since Biblical times. Back in the day, prophets like Joan of Arc, St. Theresa of Avila, and Moses, talked to God, the angels, and the dead. They were persecuted before they were hailed as saints and mystics. Can’t we evolve past the point to where we judge, hurt, even kill those who have achieved communion past the “veil,” through dedicated spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation?

This is a peaceful path, one that chooses you instead of the other way around. It is a way to reach those we thought we “lost,” to realize they are with us now and forever, that love is never, ever lost.

Michelle Paisley Reed is a world-renowned author, screenwriter, spiritual teacher, and psychic medium. Her reality TV show, “Small Medium @ LARGE” is in development with Heather Hale Productions. She is at work on her fourth book, “Finding a Happy Medium: The Spiritual Evolution of the Small Medium @ LARGE.” To learn more about Michelle, visit

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Comment by Michelle Paisley Reed on September 18, 2015 at 12:43pm

Thanks for your comments! This is my first submitted article, so in the future I will use third person. 

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