After my column in April’s Om Times magazine was published I received an email from Pam about her dog Rusty. She was frantic as he had been missing for several days. Pam had put up flyers offering a reward around the neighborhood, the vet offices and Human Society and wanted to know if I had any other suggestions. Below is my response to her. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your pet(s). Just email them to me at

Dear Pam:
This is a pet owner’s nightmare. Many animal communicators don’t like to work on lost animal cases as they can be tricky and difficult. I have never had an animal tell me what town they are in or that they are at Third and Main Street. Since finding lost animals is always done remotely the first thing I need to know is if they are alive. I ask questions such as, are you hurt, hungry, frightened, or cold. If the answer is yes, I know they are still in their physical bodies. Then I ask questions that mostly pertained to their surroundings such as, what does it look like around you? I get clear descriptions of places they had been, like: a white house, a fallen tree over a chain link fence, or by the water. But with this process alone I only had about a fifteen percent success rate. Then a dog named Haley came into my life and taught me a very valuable lesson about the power of contemplation that I included in my new book, They Sing to Our Hearts. Perhaps her story could help you find Rusty…

Excerpt from They Sing to Our Hearts

Haley had been missing for about four weeks when I received a call from her mom, Jan. On the day that Haley disappeared she had gone with dad in the family convertible to pick the kids up at high school. Haley often rode in the convertible and knew not to get out; but a hamburger discarded on the ground in the school’s parking lot proved to be more than she could resist. When a loud thunder like noise frightened her Haley ran away in the wrong direction from the car, and became disorientated.

With a member of their family missing everyone was understandably upset and had done everything they could to find their special girl. They put up posters with pictures, contacted all of the animals shelters and vet offices in the area. The family took turns driving around for hours searching for her as well.

Jan who lived in Kansas was feeling desperate and found out about me through someone who had used my services before, via the internet. I told her how I worked and offered to do what I could. I also indicated that I would only charge them if I was successful in bringing Haley home as there were so many variables with this type of case.

Haley was easy to contact and desperately wanted to go home. This is what she told me:

H: I got out of the car for a hamburger on the ground. Something went boom and I ran. I want to go home. I do not hurt anywhere. I am not hungry someone puts out food for me. There is a fence, a white and brick house and cows. A red truck comes and goes. I am far, far, far from home.

The next words I’m certain came from Haley because I not only heard but felt their impact.

H: Connect us both ways; send the cord from me to mom and back.

In my initial training I was instructed to connect a golden cord when working with lost animals but at the time didn't feel that it work. Now I had a clear message to do it so I set for a few minutes visualizing a golden cord coming from Haley’s heart to Jan’s heart center. When I really felt it connect I got goose bumps and knew something powerful had just happened.

Afterwards, I called Jan to convey Haley’s description of her physical surroundings so she could widen her search and repeated her chord instructions. I explained that connecting this chord was like when you think of someone and then out of the blue they call you. Jan had that experience several times with friends and family so she totally understood the concept. I also ask Jan to change her thoughts from how sad she was that Haley was gone to how happy she would be when she came home. This way Jan would not be focusing on her fears, but instead thinking and feeling what she wanted to create. After our conversation Jan went to a quiet room to meditate. She visualized a golden cord from her heart to Haley’s and imagined the joy they would all feel when the family was reunited again. She did this every night before going to sleep and every morning for three days.

Then on the third morning Jan’s phone rang. It was one of her friends calling to say that, it was a long shot, but she had been talking to someone else they knew who lived in a nearby town. This friend mentioned that her neighbor had been putting food out for a yellow dog that was living in their cow pasture. They had been feeding the dog but were unable to catch her to read the tag on her collar.

I would loved to have been there when mom, dad and the two kids drove to the place, all got out of the car, called to Haley and saw her come running; lots of kisses and hugs that day. Haley was a little thin but in good health and very happy to be home. I was sure excited when Jan called to tell me, it worked, all that stuff worked, we have our baby back again.

Haley must have wandered around for a week prior because the people said she had been there about three weeks. Their house was white and brick and the man drove a red pickup truck. This verified what Haley had described as her surroundings, but she couldn’t give me the name of the town she was in or her address.

Now I approach lost animal cases from two different perspectives, the physical and the eitheric or spiritual. Since this change, my success rate went to about eighty-five percent. Yea!

Most of us don’t really know how powerful we are and that we are creating our own reality all the time. I like the way Dr. Wayne Dyer explains it in his book, Excuses Begone. “I am personally convinced that everyone has a capacity for greatness that transcends anything they have been taught to believe, that every being who’s ever existed is in fact a portion of the all-creating power of intention.” This translates into what we contemplate we create.

Haley verified something that I had heard and read many times but never fully embraced. Thought is an energy system that isn’t found anywhere in the physical world. The universe itself and everything in it is both mental and spiritual in nature. You create a field of energy with your thoughts, this field creates all of the particles; thus the golden cord.

Naomi McDonald is a professional animal communicator, certified shamanic practitioner, and educator. She is the author of the newly released book, They Sing to Our Hearts: A Communicator Shares Her Stories of Animal Wisdom. Naomi has studied extensively throughout North and South America with renowned teachers in the fields of metaphysics, quantum physics, shamanism and animal communication. She works with clients locally and long distance, teaches an innovative animal communication program that incorporates shamanic healing techniques and personal self development, gives speaking engagements, and volunteers her talents at animal rescue organizations across the United States. To learn more about animal communication and shamanic practices go to

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