Finding Love and Unity in this Divisive, Yet Hopeful Time

Abstract: How we can join together in unity to begin to heal the divisiveness that is plaguing our world today? We are passing through a critical time in human history as our world is drifting from “peace” to “pieces”. As conflicts and terror increase, there is a greater demand for spiritual openness and unity. It is time all of humanity joins together to evoke the spirit of tolerance and love to envelope Mother Earth. Unless we unite as spiritual beings above all economic, cultural, political, and religious differences and conflicts, the very existence of this planet is in question.

Darkness Comes Before the Dawn!

As the world is moving from “Peace” to “pieces,” it is time we join together and walk hand-in-hand towards unity, which is only possible through a soul-centered life. As conflicts and terror increase there is a greater demand for spiritual openness and unity. The purpose of religion is to serve the work of the spirit: it unifies. It brings us back to the divine unity underlying all existence. Those who do not understand that, who become lost in theologies and philosophies, sects and dogmas, often cut, rend and divide. All misery arises from ignorance of the spirit and our essential oneness with the Divine. All that separates must ultimately be sewn into the whole cloth of unified being.

Ultimately we are heading toward the dawn of unity consciousness, the golden era of love and harmony. But nature teaches before the golden light of dawn lights the eastern sky, the darkness of night is deepest!  To move from this darkness, we first must learn that all differences are on the surface; they are skin deep! We are here not to create differences but to unite, and the only cord that can bind us together is love. Unity is love. Love dissolves all borders, and divisiveness, and creates unity in diversity.Differences are pure illusion! As we go through life we will meet people belonging to every faith, tradition, culture, political party and economic status. Our goal is to have no conflicts with anyone or with anything under the sun, for how can we question the love of God for variety? Yet, we know that His eye is always on unity.

Finding Unity Within

We need to move from the outer world of manifestations to the inner world of calm, peace and silence. Meditation, mindfulness, prayerfulness and gratitude transform our lower mind to our higher mind where only unity in diversity prevails. The goal is to function in this world of diversity and chaos with the core of our inner being, where our spiritisunity and order. A practitioner of mindfulness and meditation realizes that this notion of borders gradually dissolves, and love, compassion, and forgiveness bring about a deep sense of expansion. Expansion is life and separation is death.

The most fascinating thing about our quantum mind is that it knows all the answers, and has infinite power to create anything and everything for us, but it needs to hear our voice of unity. Confusion and doubt, and negative attitude and belief, simply kill its power to deliver.

Try proclaiming that “My quantum mind is omnipotent and omniscient, I am infinitely blessed to receive the bounty of all that I need in life to be healthy, happy, and in harmony and unity with all of existence.”

Another most effective way to center us is to practice pranayama,or deep breathing. The whole universe is breathing through us as we meditate upon our breath for we all breathe the same air; air does not discriminate! As the mind surfs the breaths, the flow of the vital life energy in and out, bridging the inner and the outer worlds, we are in a spontaneous state of unity in the midst of all the diversities that play randomly on the surface and periphery. We are instantly centered and in a blissful state!

We also need to practice being as “heartful” as we are mindful. Our heart sees through the eyes of unity. The head can divide. The heart unites. The head can try to discriminate, or try to rule and control. The heart unifies the broken threads of life and harmonizes the discordant notes into a Divine symphony.

Unity Is Compassion in Action

Therefore, before we go out to the world to bring any kind of change, first let us know that our world is our own quantum mind. We see the world through our mind, translate the vibrations of the world through our own mind and perceive the other. It is necessary to first dwell within us and integrate our fragmented selves into an integrated state of unity, so that our mind, body, and spirit are in synergy. In such a state, whatever we do is an act of worship, whatever we think is an act of compassion and love. We are then safe from the grip of individual egotistical efforts and serve the world selflessly as the very embodiment of God.

One of the simple practices of unconditional love and compassion in action is to collect ourselves, breathe deep breaths, be aware of the calm center within us, and feel the presence of divine light emanating from our heart touching every sentient and insentient being. Then we feel our heart surging with a deep sense of love and spreading in every direction healing and uplifting every soul, creating a new wave of consciousness that dissolves all divisions and blossoms into pure unity consciousness. That is God.

In conclusion, the time has come when we cannot survive as “man,” but only as humanity. In the midst of all the varieties on Mother Earth, the one principle that rules all the worlds of gross and subtle planes is unity. Unless we unite as spiritual beings above all economic, cultural, political, and religious difference and conflicts, the very existence of this planet is in question! Let us rise above all body identification and merge in the consciousness of unity in the midst of all diversities.  Let us share our individual quantum energy to create ripples of positive vibes that can impact the collective mind, moving toward unity of consciousness amongst all of humanity, beyond all conflicts and strife. Peace! Peace! Peace!

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (India): Globally acclaimed spiritual and inspirational speaker, author, and visionary social advocate; founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission, 1985, which serves thousands of poverty-stricken individuals in India. Received Lifetime Achievement Award, House of Lords, UK, 2015.







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Comment by Lisa Shaw on August 27, 2018 at 7:41am

Thank you! I am sending this forward to the publishers. Namaste!

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