Reflection: “We all have times in our lives when we think we don’t have the strength to carry on. 

You do and You can"    Michael Berg

Mounting pressure…

I am sure you can think of a time or two in your life when the pressure to perform, do or be became so intense, you told yourSelf you could not take another step, would not be able to manage one more moment of stress. You knew without a doubt that whatever strength you had deep, down inside was gone. You were powerless to keep going.

You may have ‘suffered’ through an illness that had you struggling for an extended period of time. Now at the end, all you need is the time to catch your breath and wham, a family member is injured in an accident, a loved one passes away, a bill long unpaid, overlooked in your time of infirmity has a collector dogging your every step and you collapse under the weight of it all. You feel so burdened that every breath you take feels like you are moving a boulder and every step you take is weighed down by a knapsack loaded with rocks. You may sink to your knees in tears, begging God for assistance; or, close down in a complete act of withdrawal, shutting out those you love. This is often called ‘the end of your rope.’

Just thinking about those times in life now, in this moment of reading may cause you to feel sadness, sorrow even defeated. You endure loss after loss, wondering when you will receive a break from these many travails. Your thinking goes to fair and right. How can life be so unfair! It is not right!


You are amazing…

Looking back you will see that you have survived and surmounted many a trial, countless obstacles and innumerable complications. Give yourSelf a pat on the back – you are amazing! In each instance of hardship and ordeal you had to rise above what you believed was your own limitations, your own idea of how much you could stand, how well you could handle ‘things’ and still be intact.

The thoughts that you had reached your limit as to what you could handle can be likened to the hard and solid surface of a lake frozen over in winter. Walking on to this external glacier it appears impenetrable, yet a simple auger can break through the surface exposing a world teeming with life just below. You have the same deep well of energy pulsating below your surface, in the core of your being. Continuing this ice comparison, there are times when the breakthrough requires, like the auger, willpower to get past our own resistance. Then there is the other way; the way of compassion and warmth. This alternative melts the ice with love and caring.


Whatever way you use to melt the ice barrier, what you discover with each breakthrough is your well of strength. Deep and filled with inspiration, you touch upon that very special place of understanding and acceptance. The understanding is that you are made of and from the energies of the Universe and therefore have immeasurable insight and power; and the acceptance is that you are of and from the Universe and therefore gifted with immeasurable insight and power. All of this is stored within you, always.


Hitting the wall…

When times get tough and you find yourSelf surrounded by that frozen barrier, where your thinking goes to the ‘I cannot do this’ place the best thing you can do is choose to love and accept the choices, even love and accept the resistance you feel in the moment. Acknowledge that you are overwhelmed, exhausted, stretched to the very limit of your being and offer yourSelf kindness and compassion. When you can extend to yourSelf unconditional warmth, as mentioned previously, the ice will begin to melt of its own accord.

Additionally, when you are able to choose to remain in a place of balance and harmony, that which you offer those in your circle will reflect this inner light and warmth. This is empowering for you and them! Imagine the benefit to those watching and learning from you. When things are tough it is important to remember, you cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive; sick enough to help those ill get well; or, suffer enough to put an end to the suffering of the world. You can only uplift those around you from your position of clarity, strength and love.

And now, if you will be so kind as to re-read the last two sentences above, which I have italicized and enlarged for your benefit, I would love that! The more you read those words and take them to heart, the lighter your steps will be. To close I am writing, once again the reflection that opened this issue of Silver Threads© for they are so very important! “We all have times in our lives when we think we don’t have the strength to carry on. You do and You can!” Thank you Kabbalist Yehuda Berg for your wonderful words!


Remember You do, you can, You Can!

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