Everyone is excellent, but many people can’t see it because we spend so much time under the weight of other people’s expectations.  In a world where our daily activities become fodder for social media, it becomes easy to lose our voice and our own sense of excellence. Our worth becomes subject to other people’s interpretations of it. Finding our excellence is more than just being confident, it is much more intrinsic. Instead of shining a spotlight on your greatness for the world to see, let your inner light illuminate you from the inside out.  Free yourself from expectation and instant gratification and just be you. There is nothing more attractive or beautiful than when someone speaks their truth and truly knows how worthy they are.

Getting Out of the Box

An important part of finding your excellence is to understand that we live in a world of boxes. At a luncheon or a conference, the first thing we do when we meet someone new is ask their name and the dreaded question, “What do you do?” In that instant we take a vast, beautiful, mind, body and soul being of light and squeeze them down into a tiny, bite sized box. Like we can all be explained simply by our jobs or roles.

There are many reasons why we do this. It is a cheap and easy way to ‘categorize’ who they are. The category is then deemed acceptable or not acceptable based on that person’s previous experience. This is how our brains work. You may have had only good experiences with lawyers before, so when you meet someone who says he is a lawyer, you interpret that as good. But if you just went through a bad divorce, that person might already have a strike against them in your mind. This is where prejudices and stereotypes stem from.  Then there are some instances where we need these boxes out of necessity. The physician needs to put his patients in the patient box to ensure that the standard of care is met and also to maintain a level of self-preservation. So knowing that the world is full of boxes, it becomes even more important that we find our excellence. If we are not careful, we can let these boxes define us and limit our potential. We need to be self-aware and know who we are; otherwise we might let other’s determine that for us.

Feedback is Great, but Not Necessary

We all know how good it feels to get a virtual thumbs up, however this constant feedback on what we say and do, can take us away from whom we truly are. This leads to what I call the Chameleon Syndrome. Changing our words and actions depending on the audience. Do you ever find yourself doing something just so you can post it? Finding our true voice is a challenge under these circumstances. Those who do it well, find that more people are drawn to them, not just the highlight reel of their lives. When you do something because it is aligned with your essence and not your ego; that is where you find purpose. So take stock of your virtues. Look at the roles you play in life, not as a way to define you, but to understand what you are good at. It is not the roles themselves, but what makes you good at those roles that are your virtues.  Then find ways to express those virtues in your daily life. This could be through your parenting, work, volunteering or in your relationships. When those parts of you have the opportunity to flourish, then you are living a life with purpose.  There is no better testament to your excellence than this.

There is no one right way to live; there is only the best way for you. Much of life doesn’t give us the thumbs up to tell us we are on the right path. So we need to be able to engage in life without that feedback, so the only thing we can do, is to always do our best.  If we do this we can be confident that the world has changed for the better just by letting our essence lead the way.

Embrace Your Mistakes

Most people don’t intentionally make mistakes, so we need to remember that our best doesn’t mean perfection.  It means that we did what we could based on the information and resources available to us at the time. Our best shifts. Our best when suffering from the flu is different than when healthy and well rested. Instead of judging ourselves for the disparity, embrace it and enjoy it as part of our humanness. If you look at the people you admire in your life, do you admire them because of their perfection? Instead they probably have some quirk or uniqueness that makes them so likeable. This has given them the depth and personality that allowed you to resonate so deeply with them. In other words, they have found their voice; they have embraced their excellence. Many people that we admire have overcome their ‘mis-takes’ and have learned from them and moved on to bigger and better things.

Enjoy Your Successes

A crucial part of finding your own excellence is to give yourself credit for your successes. We often move from one thing to the next without really appreciating our accomplishments. Or sometimes we don’t even see the successes. The more self aware we become, the more aware we are of when we move out of alignment with the things we’d like to shift. Often this is seen as a failure. For example, maybe you have been paying attention to your negative self-talk, then the more you become aware of it; you get under the illusion that you do it more.  In reality, you are probably doing it much less. Now that your level of awareness is elevated, it just becomes more uncomfortable for you when you do it. This is a sign of success.

It is all about perspective; take notice of your successes. We make incremental improvements and we don’t even realize how far we’ve come. Life is art. It is a painting in constant creation; there isn’t a single point on the map that says success. There is no plateau, because excellence isn’t a place, it is a state of being.

In the world of social media, we can lose ourselves. Finding our excellence can bring us joy and purpose far more than a thumbs up. Perfection lasts but a moment and only if we are paying attention. Owning our excellence is true knowledge of our self worth, that can’t be taken away from us, put in a box or left up to interpretation. So take stock of your virtues, enjoy your successes and always do your best. Let your light shine from the inside out.

Angela Levesque is a writer, healer and host of Entanglement Radio of iOM.fm. She works with clients doing intuitive lifestyle coaching, energy healing, awareness development and mind/body weight loss. Angela also teaches several classes on self-care and is the author of Healing Environment: The Conscious Creation of Health Visit www.hestiahealth.com for more information. Find her on https://twitter.com/HestiaHealth and http://www.facebook.com/hestiahealth.


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