I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel the world and see how many live.  From 3rd world to 1st world, I’ve talked with the homeless, the cancer survivors, the war survivors, thieves, murderers, victims, the rich, the famous, the successful, the goal oriented, the achievers, the believers, the dreamers, the do’ers, the psychopaths, the schizophrenic, the hurt, the parentless, the childless, the god-less, the religious, the over religious, the passionate, the lovers, the patient, the kind-hearted………they are ALL teachers.
And what have I learned?
I’ve learned that I know very little.  I have learned that opinions can and will change.  I have learned that the crazies are often right.  I have learned that the truth can often be hard to swallow.  I have learned that our biggest demons are within ourselves.  I have learned that each person lives their own life which is  completely different from our own.  I have learned to listen with my heart because that is the one thing that can’t lie.  To feel the energy of someone rather than their appearance or circumstance.  I have learned to unlearn everything I had learned.  To let go of what had been programmed from such a young age.  I have learned that the more I feel the more I realized how preconditioned to circumstance I was…….

Let go of what you have been taught.  Let go of what you think you have seen.  Let go of your ego.  Let go of your own self importance and self righteousness…it's all an illusion.
Now don’t get me wrong, we ARE ALL important…but not how we may think.  Not by your vote, it doesn’t count.  Not by your looks, they will fade.  Not with your money, it isn’t real.  Not with your possessions, they are overvalued.   
But in your true intention of coming here…
Every single one of us…of all colors, races, creeds, shapes, sizes, intellect, and religion…are VERY MUCH important.  But to remember how, we must let go of what we thought we knew.
No more mass murdering of animals.  No more allowing people to control through fear.  No more being afraid.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in each other.  Believe in LOVE.  This is the one and only law we need.  Is it loving? Is it for the betterment of everyone?  If I do everything in my life with love…then what other law do I need?  Why would I need control?  Unlearn everything you have learned.  If we weren’t so concerned with fighting illusions, if we weren’t so set on creating division…then maybe….just maybe…we would see the beauty of a tree dancing in the breeze.  Or the smile of the homeless man you just walked past.  Maybe we could even feel joy again…
What would THAT be like? 
When was the last time you saw a patch of grass and just laid in it…just to feel the energy of the earth?  When was the last time you spoke with the "wild" animals? When was the last time you looked up at the sky and took a minute to realize just how small you are by comparison?  The realization that our “worries” are a complete waste of energy.  When was the last time you sat alone in silence?  To face yourself…
This world needs you…yes YOU…the one reading this right now.  With all of your pain, your joy, your flaws, your mistakes, your love…
We need you.  I need you.   
Are you willing to transcend your ego’s energy through your heart?  To be joy in places of pain?  To be light in places of dark?  To listen when everyone else is talking?  To be a lighthouse…
Yes, a lighthouse.  A lighthouse will take a beating from storms and crashing waves.  A lighthouse will be sought out by lost ships at sea.  And occasionally, the lighthouse may lose its light…and that’s ok.  But it can be relit…
Nothing has ever changed by complaining about it.  And historically, action, usually as fighting, has led the tides changing.  But to what?  One tyrant in for another tyrant?  If the leader of an angry fighting mob beats the leader of another angry fighting mob…then nothing has really changed.  Right?  Maybe a couple small beliefs here or there, but in reality…the situation is the same.  So how do we break this karma?  This cycle of repetition?
With love…while Ignoring the illusion of fear.  Ignoring the illusion of man made laws, democracy, and government.  Ignoring the ignorance of division, racism, and control.  
We do what we WANT…based on what is right and good and loving. Forget societies rules. We are meant for SO much more than a 40 hour work week.  So much more than giving our lives to this slavery that man has created in a diplomatic manner.  We are worth SO MUCH MORE than the pain we are inflicting on ourselves and others.  There is no greater joy than love…..
Together we can change the world...
It’s my honor to accept you as one with me….

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