For The Love of Our Children: Interview with Rose-Anne Turunen

Interview with Rose-Anne Turunen

For the Love Of Our Children

We are the voice of our children and we need to take personal responsibility to find all potential solutions for their best health and well-being. When we embark on this wonderful journey of parenthood,
there are so many questions and unknowns — when our children get born with
special needs, those questions and unknowns become even bigger in our minds.
Often we get diagnosis and outcome predictions that can seem daunting and even
very disheartening. I want to encourage all parents to find the strength to
take full personal responsibility for finding solutions to keep their children
healthy and happy. They truly are our future.

Our new ebook and online resource, For the Love of Our Children, was created to help get the information about alternative solutions into the hands of the parents who are actively searching for answers.
It is also there to help raise funds to sponsor special needs children with
products and services that we have found make profound life-changes.

You just recently launched a new web site and ebook called For the Love of Our Children... What inspired this?

I recently did a life purpose exercise that was very interesting, because it asked me to list the things that made me angry, the things that I am passionate about, and my talents. Well it turned out that
it was easy to list all of the above and most of them had to do with helping
children to live the best and healthiest lives possible, and spreading the word
using my writing and filming talents. Now the wonderful thing that came out of
this exercise was that I discovered that I was already very much on track for
my life purpose, which is healing our relationship with life. I actually bought
the domain name, years ago because I knew that I
wanted to create something to help other parents who have children with special
needs, but in all truth, I didn’t know at the time what it was that I was going
to create. A book was always at the back of my mind... but it never fully took
shape, just some random notes here and there.

Then recently I did a radio interview with Lee Gerdes, of Brain State Technologies and I knew that I needed to get my son down to Arizona to see him and get the brain training done. But the cost of flying
down there, getting the treatment, staying there for a week, etc etc was a bit
daunting for me. And I thought to myself, if I’m holding back getting this
treatment done that could very well be completely life-changing for my son, how
many other parents are holding back for their children too?

And that’s when the idea became a reality with a clear purpose. Not only did I want to share all the information I have gained over the years on my personal journey with my son, but I wanted to be able to
help other parents who want to find the solutions for their children, but since
these types of treatments aren’t covered by regular insurance, may have to say
no due to financial circumstances.

What is the ebook, For the Love of Our Children, about?

I had two main goals with this first ebook. One, I wanted to share a bit of my personal journey with others, because I am a true believer that it is so important to share our stories. We often feel we
are isolated or alone with our life challenges, only to find out that there are
so many other people on very similar paths thinking the same thing. So by
sharing some of my journey with my son and my personal belief system around
this life path, I hope that other parents who may have been feeling alone and
lost will feel more connected and know they can reach out for support.

The second goal was to share all of the solutions that I have found that have truly made a difference to my son’s health -- and actually the health of myself and my daughter too. Because these
solutions are not just for children with special needs. They simply have an
even more urgent need to make changes. However, to maintain our optimum health,
all the recommendations that are in the ebook apply to everyone. It’s mainly
common sense changes that aren’t always talked about elsewhere, or are so
scattered in different places, it’s not easy to find them all.

You had several others contribute to writing the ebook with you, correct?

Yes, several of my friends and associates came forward to help me put this ebook together. It’s truly about the power of togetherness, which is another big passion of mine. People coming together to
help others. And I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful and talented
people on this path that have helped me so much, that I just had to ask them to
share their knowledge with those that I am reaching out to as well.

For example, Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby was someone I simply heard on a radio show once and loved his frankness and honesty when it came to the real information out there for our health and well-being. Dr. Keith
isn’t afraid to say it the way it is, and he has the medical background on top
of it all to support his conclusions.

And then there are the gifted healers that I have attracted along the way. My good friend Deb Graves provided such wonderful insights into the spiritual side of special needs children. My niece, Leija
Turunen, is a wealth of knowledge for nutrition and EPFX Quantum Biofeedback.
And my friend David Jesse Kennet, also very knowledgeable in nutrition and BIE.
Here are two biofeedback systems that I am sure many people haven’t even heard
about that can provide such amazing relief from so many different symptoms.

Cheryl Millett has been a wonderful support while we have been learning more and more about the importance and power of Omega 3 and Vitamin D. And I am blessed to have met Pearl and Andiran in Norway
as their message for conscious parenting is growing all over the world.

Lastly, I am excited to have met Lee Gerdes, because his knowledge is what is leading us along our current path of research. With all the previous case histories of success with brain training, I am
confident we have found a big portion of the puzzle with this discovery.

You mention in your ebook that you had to take on new job titles when the role of motherhood came into your life. What jobs were they?

Yes, I found myself looking beyond my university degrees, but actually using many of the skills I had learned along the way, such as researching. When it came to my son’s diagnosis, which is
Chromosome 8p Inverted Duplication, there wasn’t much information about it
since it is quite rare. Most doctors have never heard of it either. So for me
to understand what it was we were dealing with, I had to take the challenge in
my own hands and start researching. And what’s important to understand, is that
because it is so rare, I had to start looking at other conditions and find
similarities to research for solutions. So, in the end, I was really finding
quite universal solutions.

The other main role was advocate. With our children’s best needs at heart, most parents take on this role automatically too. I just have to admit, I never thought about it much prior to having
kids... But we truly are their voice. We need to be there to stand up for what’s
best for them and that may mean going against conventional standards. For
example, our choice not to vaccinate our children. It takes a lot of courage to
go against when the grain of society is wanting you to conform. But for me, it
is a thing of personal responsibility and personal choice.

You are very passionate about taking personal responsibility. What is your definition of personal responsibility?

Yes, it is something that definitely came up in my life purpose exercise. Personal responsibility to me is understanding that ultimately the choices and decisions you make in life have to correspond with
your beliefs and your integrity. It’s about personal power as well. When we
give up responsibility for our choices in life, we give up our personal power as
well. And to me that is unthinkable. It is our life, our body, and we are the
only ones who truly have the right to decide what is best for ourselves. Be
intelligent about your decisions. Do the research. Do more research. Listen to
advice. Ask questions! And then ask more questions to someone else. Compare
answers. And then search within for the answers that truly resonate with you.

Are the recommendations you are making in the ebook supposed to replace medical advice?

Not at all. It is because of medical professionals and hospitals that I was able to get a diagnosis for my son to begin with, and they have been a vital partner in many aspects of our journey.
My son has had several operations to date and I am truly grateful for the
wonderfully talented doctors that were able to work with him. I do not have a
medical training background and don’t profess to be an expert with the human
body. I don’t think there is anyone who really is. We are still learning (and
unlearning) so much information about how the body works it is mind-blowing.
What medical students are learning right now will most likely be out-dated once
they graduate, it is changing and increasing so fast. However, I do feel that
medical professionals need to be a “partner” in the journey, not the authority.
What I mean by that is, they have many answers due to years of case histories
and research. So use that as a powerful starting point for your own research.
What my son’s situation showed me very clearly is that they do not have ALL the
answers. They have even told me that they are learning from him and his
situation. And ultimately, we are all so unique that we need to look at our
situations with that viewpoint as well. What works for one may not work fully
for another. So work hand-in-hand with your medical professionals. And again,
ask questions. And ask more questions to others so that you can get a balanced
viewpoint for your options. There is true power in togetherness and we all need
to work together to find all the solutions that are out there.

How much support have you found is available to parent who have children with special needs?

Well, it depends on what type of support we are talking about. There is all sorts of support out there, but much of it is scattered and challenging to find. There are hard-working and caring people in
the government supported offices, but they are also overloaded with cases and
funding is being reduced each year it seems. And there are many support groups
that parents can find. Simply do a search on the Internet and you will surely
find something that pertains to your situation. However, again, I find it is a
bit scattered, and even with it being there, I know there are parents who don’t
know where to turn for support, or are at a stage in the process that it’s not
something they are even comfortable sharing with others.

I am hoping that with the birth of the web site, I will be able to find a way to bring both financial and emotional support to these parents. Soon, I will be starting a Mothers’ Healing Circle
online which will be a safe place to share our stories and challenges and reach
out with new ideas and directions that others may not have thought of in the
past. I’m not sure when that will start, but it will be announced on the web
site once we have that up and running.

Can you share some of the solutions that you have had success with over the years?

There have been so many “little victories” as I like to look at them. From an outside view, some may seem very insignificant, but when you are dealing with multiple challenges, each success is something to
celebrate. The biggest successes I go over in the ebook in more detail,
however, the two that I truly want everyone to know about is the importance of
Omega 3 and Vitamin D. And not just any Omega 3 and Vitamin D... that’s the
key. It was the discovery of the RIGHT kind that made all the difference. We
have all been hearing how important Omega 3 is these days, especially with the
attention that is being placed on childhood obesity and the staggering amounts
of Omega 6 that is being consumed and setting off the balance completely. Well,
on top of all that, finding an Omega 3 that our bodies readily absorb and can
utilize immediately is so amazing! And for my son, it’s brought all sorts of
little victories in our life and keeps doing so. And not to mention my own
health has improved with more energy and clarity of mind (do you know what
brain fog feels like?).

Are there things you have tried that didn’t work?

I would hesitate to say “didn’t work” entirely. I think everything I have tried had some merit. Whether or not I stuck with the solution had to do with many variables: many times cost issues came into play,
sometimes one solution lead me to an even better solution, and other times
things were working, but maybe not at the pace I was able to do at the time.
For example, one issue I didn’t address in the ebook is heavy metals, because I
am still searching for the ultimate answer for that one. I have found several
solutions that seem to work, but I am not at the point of saying “this is the
one!”... so until I can have that kind of passion behind an answer... I will
keep looking.

Do you find that you are supported in your decisions to try alternative solutions with your doctors? Do you talk to your doctors about them?

I wish I could say I have been 100% supported by all the doctors I have dealt with over the years. Unfortunately, as I also mention in some of the stories in the ebook, I have come across some whose
viewpoints differed greatly from mine. So much so, I chose to move on to find
medical support elsewhere. And also, in all honesty, I don’t always tell all
the doctors we see everything that we are doing. And quite frankly, many don’t
ask if we are doing anything else.

However, for example, at our recent cardio exam at Sick Kids Hospital, I did tell our doctor about the supplements I have been giving my son (Auum Omega 3) because I believe it could help other children as
well. Maybe it’s the whisper in the doctor’s ear that will make a difference
for another child. And while some doctors may look at me funny when they see
the EMF pendant around my son’s neck, I do explain what it does and why he is
wearing it. I leave it up to them to take personal responsibility with the
information they receive.

What advice do you give to parents who are on a similar journey as you are?

It doesn’t matter what point of the journey you are currently on, know that you are not alone because there is someone else out there going through something very similar to what you are experiencing. So
find people who you can talk to about your unique situation, share what you
have discovered, ask questions, and most of all, rely on your intuition. When
you allow yourself to open up to the possibilities out there, the possibilities
are limitless. These are all the things that I would want someone to keep
reminding me on this journey.

Is this a registered charity?

No. It’s simply one mother’s attempt to reach out to support other families who have children with special needs. I know there have been times in my life where I have found wonderful solutions and had
to let them go by because I didn’t have the funds to try them out. Or I started
on a hopeful path only to have to stop early because I ran out of financial
support. And when I know that these alternative solutions do make such a
difference, I want to make sure I can help make that difference in someone
else’s life too. And I know that there are others out there that would like to
help as well... so together we can raise funds to sponsor these children so
that they can directly receive the products or services that we can offer.

What can people do to support your efforts?

One really easy thing to do is to buy the ebook online. It’s truly something that everyone can read because the advice within is universal. There are so many little changes that people can make in their
lifestyle to improve their overall health and well-being. And while helping
themselves, they can help support a child with special needs. There is also a
donation button on the web site for those who just want to share any amount
that they are inspired to share. The online resource is going to be free for
all and I will be doing my best to keep providing fresh content and blog about
my newest discoveries and research. And also, there are other products and
services listed online that people can purchase, such as the Wake Up the Healer
in You DVD which is an instructional DVD to learn energy healing, and also EMF
pendants, and Auum Omega 3 Sublingual D supplements as well.

And how can parents who need the help to receive these products and services get the assistance?

On the web site there is a contact form that parents can fill out and make a request to be considered for sponsorship. We are going to do our best to fulfill as many requests as we can as we go along.
So if you have a child or know of a child with special needs and you have held
off getting these types of products and services due to financial
circumstances, please do contact us. That’s why we are doing this. We want to
get these products into that child’s life!

What’s next on your journey?

Well, we are heading down to Scottsdale Arizona to the Brain State Technologies head office to get my son into the brain training sessions there. I will be filming the whole experience and creating a
mini-documentary report to share with everyone who wants to learn more about
it. And of course to report on the effectiveness of the treatment for my son’s
unique situation.

I’m also busy creating many documentaries that have such important messages that I want to share with as many people as possible. Our Daily Bread Movie is going to be released this fall, and it’s all
about the food industry and the “food-like” substances that are being marketed
to us as food, and giving people real solutions to make healthier food choices.
And another documentary that I am currently starting up: “Living Without
Labels” is going to tackle the question of whether it is harmful or useful how
society labels our children with things like ADD, autism, gifted, etc.

And that’s still just the beginning. I have so many ideas to help heal our relationship with life... stay tuned!


Canadian best-selling author, radio show host, and iTV personality, Rose-Anne Turunen loves to inspire others to wake up to their innate abilities to heal and create the life of their dreams. An
independent documentary producer, she often tackles controversial topics that
she is passionate about and that she feels need mass awareness.

Her journey of healing began when she had her two children that led her on a path of discovery and learning that was unforeseen due to her son being born with a genetic condition. Rose-Anne
eventually went beyond the traditional medical advice that didn’t provide
workable solutions, only labels and dark outcomes for his future, to discover
the powerful and life changing force of universal energy — in particular the
powerful energy of love.

Rose-Anne is here to support the children of the world who need solutions beyond those that the traditional medical system can provide at this time. And she is also here to support the women and men who
are mothers and fathers to these wonderful children, to assist them on a path
to growth and personal power and responsibility.

Rose-Anne wants to remind everyone that they are powerful healers for the world. And together we can help our children rejoice in their unique journey during this lifetime.

Please visit for more information and to support children with special needs.

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