By Kathy Biehl

Gear shift! The sky’s emphasis is sliding from the impulsive instigating of Aries to the grounding and savoring of Taurus. The seeds that have been sprouting are blossoming into recognizable form. While ideas and projects and developments will continue to erupt, their impact will be more muffled and pace more manageable.

Three bodies bring the energy to ground in stair steps as they make the move from Aries to Taurus this week: Venus, the Sun and Mars. The first to relocate is Venus, ruler of creativity and all that we value, from relationships to possessions to money to concepts to ourselves. She is also the ruler of Taurus and at her most sensual and physically comfortable in the sign, which promises settling in and comfy-ness in our connections.

The tangible is of prime importance to Venus in Taurus -- the smell of flowers, steaming coffee and baked goods; the feel of soft natural fabrics; money in the bank; the reassurance of a physical touch instead of mere words, no matter how artful. She drops the self-sufficient warrior goddess mode of Aries and allows herself to be waited on, catered to and worshipped.

Her shift invites us to do the same: To settle into the moment, unhurried. To enjoy the physical pleasures of existence. To take ownership of our ideas, creations and projects and focus on the fruition of all our energetic seeds.

The earthy emphasis intensifies when the Sun enters Taurus on Friday, followed by Mars on Saturday. The masculine is following the feminine’s lead and supplying the drive and motivation to carry out her wishes. Mars isn’t as quick to act in this sign, but what he loses in daring and zeal he gains in manual dexterity and willingness to see something through. Our instincts are turning to how to concretize and implement our ideas, visions and projects -- in short, how to make them manifest.

Follow those impulses. Claim and embrace all that has been erupting within you. Write it down. Make it physical. Begin to nourish it.

And follow the Taurean impulses back to nature. Make a point to spend time outside. Take your shoes off and wiggle your toes in the dirt. Bring flowers into your home. Really look at the array of local produce in the market. Considering eating more of it, too.

Sound simple? Trite, even? Humor me. Do them anyway. For one thing, connecting with nature is a quick and no-cost way to keep from frying or toppling when the energies grow uncomfortable or overwhelming. Grab a tree or plant your feet in the grass and you can drain fire or anxiety or electricity until you feel able to cope again with what is coursing through you.

For another, these acts send conscious and subliminal reminders that you are here, now, in the physical world. The physical world is the plane on which our lives play out. This is the field in which our ideas are taking root, sprouting and blossoming. And we are physical beings, each of us.

As if to underscore that message, each move into Taurus this week occurs during cosmic down time. The Sun and Mars follow this year’s recurring pattern of sign changes occurring when the Moon is void of course, a diffuse atmosphere that suspends us in time and forces us to sit with ourselves. Venus’ move is not during a void, but instead during the wee hours Monday morning, when the Western Hemisphere is largely asleep.

The impact is the same. Life is not all-systems-go when these shifts in expression take place. As is increasingly the case, the shift in mode begins within -- the starting point of everything.

The fires aren’t going cold, by the way. They’ll be flaring throughout the spring for a number of reasons. One is the delayed detonation properties inherent in last week’s Aries New Moon, which sets the tone for the season. Others are embedded in the dynamic gauntlet we’re entering, with three eclipses and another exact the Uranus/Pluto square before the end of May.

Here’s how the shift to Taurus emphasis helps with all that. It has the effect of banking the fire - surrounding it with stones and earth to shield the fire from the wind and keep the embers glowing. As you slow, ponder, taste and experience, you will be protecting your fires, so that you can return to them and stoke them when the time is right.

Monday: The new earthy, sensual vibe starts the wee, with Venus returning home to Taurus well before dawn EDT. Her comfort translates into ours. It’s a day of feeling good about yourself and about simply being alive. Watch for the opportunity to take practical action toward a heart-based goal.  The later part of the day is suited for the simply being alive part, since the Moon is void of course from 3:42 PM EDT until 10:50 PM. If you’re looking for insight, tonight is a fertile one for requesting guidance in a dream. (Specify that it come in imager that you understand and remember.)

Tuesday:  The feeling of happy-making comfort continues through the pre-dawn hours. Within that safety blanket, dreams explore deep-rooted fears and conversation topics that are clamoring to be addressed. The journey ends in a lovely outpouring of compassion and guidance (for yourself, at minimum). Float on that throughout the morning. Confusion may mount, but take heart: The afternoon puts you through a gauntlet that helps you make sense of, ground and benefit from the ongoing rumblings of change. Tonight’s another productive one for requesting dream guidance.

Wednesday: Answers come overnight, whether you ask for them or not. You may wake up understanding a situation (and particularly other people’s behavior) as never before. Your trust in your own intuition or link to guidance could be greater as well. Hang on to that certainty. Motivations are cloudy as the day progresses; pushes for particular outcomes spin out into confusion or vanish in a poof. Hold tight. By evening, your hand is firmly on the steering wheel -- as your foot mashes down on the accelerator.

Thursday:  The dreamworld sheds some of the happy-cozy atmosphere it’s enjoyed this week. Anxieties creep in -- about a relationship, about paying your bills, about the prospect of being denied what you want. Whatever they concern, they fuel a drive and dissatisfaction. Just be sure not to vent that at any particular person -- although the temptation to grandstand and go over the top, even, will grow all day long. Helpful guideline:  Is it worth it? Fix your eye on the glamour -- as in, fanciful trappings passing for reality -- and you will recognize the real deal when it surfaces late evening. Could be true love; could be heaven-sent; will be heart-opening and nourishing. Do you have writing materials at your bedside?

Friday:  Messages fly in the overnight hours. Don’t discount the possibility that you actually had a conversation. (Last week, after a late night phone call with a friend, our talk continued, on the phone, in my dream.) Dreamworld discontent builds incentive to try a different tact -- as simple as choosing to be happy instead of letting a perceived lack weigh you down. Remember that choice as you navigate the power issues that pepper the morning. Navigate them on the basis on what makes you feel good about yourself (no sacrificing dignity or integrity, okay?) and when you hit a crossroads, take the path that more expresses responsibility and commitment to yourself. When the Sun enters Taurus late in the afternoon/early in the evening, inclinations gravitate toward the practical, the constructive, and the here and now. Before the Sun completes that relocation, the Moon goes void of course at 5:07 PM EDT until late tomorrow. This is definitely an evening to contemplate and experience what is right in front of your face.

Saturday: Last night’s “be here now” vibe continues all day, since the Moon is void of course until 9:10 PM EDT.  Despite the void, it’s not likely to be quiet. We’re compelled to live large and dramatically, as if everyone’s received a temporary entitlement gene implant. Frames of reference are tilting. Bolts of insight are flashing like lightning. Information is arriving out of left field that opens possibilities you hadn’t considered. The atmosphere turns squirmy after Mars moves into Taurus and heads for his comfy chair. Adjusting to the slower, more earthbound vibe may take into the evening. You’ll know when that happens; you’ll be all systems go. Apply some of that energy to putting writing materials at your bedside. The dreams to come will likely make the effort worthwhile.

Sunday: Dreams are more fantastical than is their wont. Tonight’s explore scenarios fit for indie films. The wild meanderings could well be processing your experience of recent developments and sorting through what of them is real and solid and what is illusion. Harsh truths surface with the dawn. They shape your path through the day, which is dominated by implementing the new In all its many forms and communicating in all ways.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my five-minute podcast.

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Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit for her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also find her on Facebook, and at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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