Life is erupting like popcorn right now. Kernels of creativity, passion and drive are exploding willy-nilly. Others are heating up and will burst when least expected in the coming weeks. The languor and confusion of late winter has given way to a pace so quickened that it’s borderline out-of-control.

We’re very much in initiating and new-growth mode, setting sparks, ideas and projects in motion that will only evolve and blossom. These metaphoric seeds have a primal drive to flourish and on an accelerated schedule to boot, as if they’ve been dosed with thermo-nuclear, radioactive strength, cosmic Miracle-Gro. Some of them have been building strength for months, a year, even years, which only adds to the pressure and excitement behind their emerging.

True, it’s not all new business. Some cleaning up of the old is still going on. The next six weeks will bring a flurry of closings, profound shifts of attitude and situations, permanent departures, abrupt endings and the like. They will not be the focus, though. Their purpose will be make room for the new growth.

The process is much like when a gardener removes debris and dead plants from a garden and thins out seedlings so that the new plants don’t have to compete for space and nutrients. Only, in our case, with a tad more emotion. Okay, maybe lots more emotion. Still, the point remains: the clearing is to further the new, not obsess over the old.

Besides, we don’t have much time for the past. We’re making like the White Rabbit and dashing about muttering, “I’m late. I’m late, for a very important date.”

All of these characteristics intensify this week. By the weekend, the sign of Aries will reach capacity, with all the inner planets, the Sun and Uranus crowding around (or in) the flames. The bonfire is roaring to its maximum height and shooting passions, tempers, enthusiasm and gumption up and off the charts. All kinds of matters, big and little alike, that have been percolating or stalling or lurking in who knows where are coming to life. It’s as if booster rockets are firing in quick succession and catapulting everything forward. (Yes, I know: how many metaphors can I cram in one forecast? Apparently one a paragraph, if not one a sentence.)

Wednesday’s Aries New Moon -- the first of the spring -- imprints this boisterous, life-enhancing energy onto the entire season.  Last weekend’s fiery date between Venus and Mars fuels the mix. What ignited within you? It won’t go out quickly or easily. This New Moon occurs so close to the embers (in some cases, still-burning fires) that it will keep them glowing for the next three months. (Read more in my moon cast, which will be posted by Tuesday.)

Friday Pluto stations for his annual retrograde. As the agent of deep level, unavoidable change does an about face, he will be begin backing into his next clash with Uranus, the agent of sudden and unforeseeable change. The metaphoric roots and structures that Pluto loosens now will snap, break, collapse or fracture when the two change agents square off again at the end of May.

On Saturday, the ruler of communication and transportation, Mercury, emerges at last from all that water in Pisces and joins the gang in the fire of Aries. Brains will lunge back into gear. Words will come easily, exuberantly, quickly, impulsively. People will be running here and there at a moment’s notice. Prepare to think and live absolutely in the moment. And not be bored.

For another take on this week’s events, listen to my five-minute podcast. If you like it, please give it five stars oniTunes! Look for it under Religion & Spirituality.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for four and a half years.  Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation. Thank you!

Monday:  The Moon is void of course until 3-ish EDT. We’re not lunging into the week but building up strength and speed for take off. What happened to your inspiration, creativity, motivation and zest for life this past weekend? It’s hanging in the air. We’re all assimilating the weekend and burning it into our concept of ourselves. (Are you on fire with yourself? In love with yourself? That would be on target.) The heat increases mid afternoon, when the Moon enters Aries and begins the approach to Wednesday’s New Moon. Her first hours in the fire promise to be unsettling. You may well wonder if you are fooling yourself or if a personally meaningful development is as good as it feels. Time will tell.

Tuesday: It’s a day of more processing and assimilating. New perspectives and strokes of genius erupt and put you to the task of how you are going to give them concrete form and rework certain situations in your life to make room.  Bask in yourself. Indulge in activities that make you feel good about being alive. Bask in your creativity, desires, beloved connections and, if you like, your precious belongings, too.  Bask in the sensation of blood coursing through your veins -- and excitement crackling throughout your entire being. Your sense of self is lining up with the passion that recently ignited, and it is spurring you to action.

Wednesday: In the overnight hours, concepts jump up for attention that you haven’t openly faced -- and that push against some of the tidy rules of your life. Dream imagery may take weirder than typical forms as your psyche explores Monday’s question of “is this real or am I making it up?”  Venus and Mars reaffirm their vows and underscore the passion that has awakened. Our bodies may well awaken, too, with the powerhouse  New Moon at 5:36 AM EDT. (Read more about in my mooncast, which will be on the site by Tuesday.) Whether it rouses you out of bed or not, it zaps you with an energy that ramps up at least twice during the morning. You are alive, and how, completely on board with the desire and drive that have fused within you and without you. As per the usual pattern, just as this energy erupts into a blaze, an unseen hand hits the pause button. Warm yourself by the fire -- and maybe outline the zillions of projects that are erupting in you -- when the Moon goes void of course just after noon EDT for the next 11 hours.

Thursday:  Today allows more time to play with the fire. Inspiration and guidance run high, so ask for it. You’re likely not inclined to kowtow to authority or limits. The force is with you, though, and change comes easily and organically. It’s a good time for closet cleaning, real and metaphoric.

Friday: In the soundtrack of your life, the music is taking on a somber note that signals mysterious, powerful, maybe even fated developments. From today through July Pluto will be retrograde, plowing deeper through/into psychological and structural foundations and destabilizing roots, pylons and support beams that will ultimately go. Change is in the air and on many a mind, but whether we’re ready and willing to talk about it is another matter. Folks are more prone to act (or demand their way) than speak reasonably. Eventually, we are all put to a choice of how to welcome toward’s lightning bolts, insights, disruptions and harbingers of change into our lives...because one way or another, they have arrived.

Saturday: Get ready to talk! After a happy, chatty morning, Mercury ends his two and a half month voyage through Pisces and enters the revitalizing fire of Aries. Minds and mouths are ablaze.  Slowness, sogginess and confusion vanish, and conversations are now possible -- and wholeheartedly so -- that couldn’t get off the ground in recent works.

Sunday:  The predawn hours have us weighing options and experiencing the paradox of structure and innovation. The subconscious choices that you are making for stability are creating the platform that allows you to experiment and break through previous limitations. After the sun rises, denying yourself is futile. Your imperative is to enjoy, to expand, to flourish. Romance could flourish as well. At a minimum, so will awareness of love, compassion and all that is good and kind in humanity (and yourself).

Kathy Biehl is a professional astrologer and Aquarian who has lived on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind for more than 30 years. Visit for her podcasts, recordings and information about her services. You can also find her on Facebook, at Best American Psychics and at the Professional Aquarian YouTube channel.

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