Four tips to Overcoming Fear for the Young Ghost Hunter

The popularity of Paranormal TV shows has seen a rise in interest from the young, many of whom are keen to try their hand a little ghost hunting fuelled by the mix of adrenalin and fear.  As a teenager, I loved the odd opportunity to explore the unknown with the Oujia and now with paranormal investigating now beaming into our loungerooms each week, there is a whole new experience available to the young and inexperienced.


Just this week, I received a question from Jordan, a 14 year old eager to put on his ghost hunting hat.  Jordan asked “How do you communicate with a ghost and not make them follow you, make them angry or make them put you in danger?”


I admire Jordan for reaching out and asking the questions which are on his mind.  Research in this way shows a lot of maturity and I’m sure in time Jordan will make a great Paranormal Investigator.  So in answering Jordan’s question, here are my 4 tops for a young ghost hunter to overcome fear.



1.Know that what you see portrayed on the Paranormal TV shows does not necessarily equate to what really happens on a paranormal investigation.  Most of the paranormal shows are under pressure to provide entertainment and as a result are a long way from being real and authentic.  Hours of sitting in a dark room with nothing happening does not make for good TV so some of the shows are scripted and certainly more manufactured than you are lead to believe.

2. The true maleovant Spirit, one that is out to hurt you is quite rare.  How many people do you know in life that want to hurt you? None right, or at least I hope so.  The Spirit world is no different, it is just that a lot of ghost hunting occurs is jails and mental aslyums to help create drama.  There are plenty of locations that can be investigated which have much gentler energies and Spirit personalities.  Homes, old historical buildings, cemetaries just to name a few.

3. Show Spirit that you respect them.  Treat the Spirit world and talk to them as you would anyone else.  You wouldn’t go into a friends or even a strangers house and start yelling at them or antagonize them to get them to tell you all about themselves and their life would you?  You will get more openness if yourself have an open heart, show compassion and are free of judgement.  So always approach your Ghost hunting with respect.  I would even go so far as to ask permission of the Spirit world as you enter the building for the right to be there and investigate.  You will receive far greater co-operation and a willingness for them to interact if you do.  And if you feel the answer is “NO”, then please respect this and leave.

4. Your experiences with the Spirit world are manifested and created in response to you and your energy. Just like all of life.  Therefore your thoughts, beliefs and energy will have a huge influence on what occurs for you when you are ghost hunting.  If you do investigate with fear on any level of your being then you can expect to have experiences that will validate that fear.  Being honest with yourself, conscious and aware of this will go a long way to overcoming it and can help deplete fear when you are investigating.


Lastly, when it comes to the Spirit world wanting to attach and follow you home.  I’ve always loved this response from my friend and fellow medium David Wells, of the UK TV show Most Haunted.  “What’s so interesting about your life that they would want to?”  This humourous response always cuts right to the heart of your fear and put’s it in perspective.


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Comment by Kerrie Wearing on January 26, 2015 at 10:56pm

Thank you Shelly, I appreciate you stopping by and offering this information.  Will be trying to do my best.

Comment by Kerrie Wearing on January 26, 2015 at 12:20am

Thank you Rachel, that is a scary thing about the internet isn't it.  They have access to so much information unchecked.

Comment by Master Psychic Rachel on January 25, 2015 at 2:30pm

Great Article, very informative. My only concern, Jordan being so young, I would have trouble answering this child, especially without the consent of a parent, it would personally be hard for me to explain things to him, but I think you did a wonderful job with this : )

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