Four Ways to Become the Oracle of Your Business

How often have you wished you had a crystal ball or that you were an oracle and knew the future of your business or a solution to a problem or the best answer to an important decision?

The truth is that you really are your own oracle. The sixth chakra is call the third eye chakra and is the energetic center of your intuition. 

Many people are socialized into believing that their intuition doesn't exists, and never have an opportunity to strengthen their innate intuitive gifts. 

When using your intuition, you draw on the oneness of the Universe and focus on the whole rather than the parts. This helps you to find the connection between seemingly unrelated things. Often the connection will not make sense to your rational brain, which is why you may feel like discounting it. 

There are many ways to tap into your intuition, but I will touch on the four "clairs". The "clairs" are different types of psychic knowing. They are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. You may unknowingly be using one or more of these already.
  1. Clairvoyance is the ability to see an image or scene in your mind's eye or imagination. Recording your dreams is a great way to strengthen this intuitive muscle. Before going to sleep, focus on a question for which you want an answer, and see who and what shows up in your dreams. What symbolic messages do you receive? Then journal about the connection with your present dilema.
  2. Clairaudience is inner hearing. This is NOT the voices of your inner mob, you know the voices that tell you what you "ought" to do or "should" do.This is a  clear, calm, nonjudgmental voice that helps you get centered in your inner wisdom. Hold a question in your mind, then practice a few mindful breaths. See if you can distinguish between the chatter of your inner mob and the quiet voice of your intuition.
  3. Clairsentience is when you receive a message through a feeling. This may be a gut instinct or just a feeling that you need to proceed in a certain way. People who are clairsentient often pick up on other's emotions. Sometimes they will even carry the emotional mood of another person as their own. Notice if your mood shifts dramatically when in the presence of certain people. When faced with a new business partnership, a decision, or an opportunity, practice focusing on the sensations in your body while ignoring the chatter in your head. Notice how you feel.
  4. Claircognizance is an inner knowing. It feels a bit like an information download (think computer update). You may just suddenly know something. When faced with a business question that your rational brain has not been able to figure out, try asking your intuition to give you an update. Numerology, astrology and sacred geometry are great ways to engage your inner knowing while keeping the rational brain occupied as well. 
As with most thing in life and business, it takes practice to become accomplished. Intuition is no different. Everyone has innate intuitive capabilities. You may realize you lean towards one of the clairs listed. Flex your intuitive muscle every time you are about to enter into a new business situation, and notice any impressions you have. How does the information come to you? Pay attention to symbolic messages that come your way. What you hear beyond the words being spoken. How you feel in the presence of others. And what do you just know? 

You truly are the Oracle of your business! 
With gratitude!

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