Free Yourself To Envision A New Possibility

Over the past few weeks I have found myself counseling many, many people to work on becoming strong enough to get out of various dysfunctional relationships. Some of these bad relationships are with spouses, some with friends and some with co-workers and jobs. Whenever the reason to stay in any relationship is because the alternative fills them with fear I counsel to go and be free. I'm not encouraging them to run away from their problems, I'm encouraging them to free themselves from their pain. I see people selling their souls in relationships, I see them absconding their personal power to feed the power of their fears. Fear diminishes the ability to think and feel clearly. People become enslaved to horrendous conditions because of their fears. So I counsel strength training in self love and self acceptance. What is happening to individuals in their immediate relationships is the microcosm. The macrocosm is what is happening to our planet and our relationship with it.

I practice Reiki, daily. The precepts of Reiki are very simple. They teach honor, respect, truth, gratitude. They ask us to free ourselves from anger and worry. These are challenging admonitions. The common factor in all situations of anger and worry is fear. When we try to protect ourselves from the things that are fearful we tend to become either angry or worried. Both, however, are fruitless states of vibration.

Creating A State of Right Vibration
I have witnessed many people try to change situations in their lives by becoming very angry. Most people for example, can't find a way out of a relationship without needing to create and experience bitterly angry exchanges. Expressing anger and outrage seems to help us feel justified in our desire to create change. Somehow we feel that it gives us added strength. Truth is, however, anger leaves us weaker and more vulnerable to attack. When we become strong in our conviction to help ourselves, to do what is right for our own personal highest good, when we choose to defend our morals and our personal ethics by not tolerating abuses against them we move into a state of 'right vibration.'

In 'right vibration' we are released from cycles of fear. When we align ourselves with our highest truth we are symbiotically free to be governed by what is right for everyone, we allow everyone to move in their own patterns of right timing, and right place, we become released from the need to control anything. We find our selves having more faith in the possibility for well being for all concerned. Instead of feeling the fear of the potential loss of anything, we can shift our focus to what is to be gained.

Right Vibration + Right Vision = Highest Possibility
We are currently seeing devastating events happening all over the world; war, natural disasters of every description, horrific oil spills and so many more atrocities that seem to be destroying all life forms on this planet of ours. We are overwhelmed in fearful vibrations. All these scenarios are foreshadowed by the quickly approaching 2012 as the end of our time. I often hear people commenting how quickly the devastation is accelerating as we approach 'D-Day'. It is imperative that we learn to change this vision of our future NOW! We are so overcome in worrying about our future and the future of the various species of life on our planet that we can't see the possibility for a better outcome. But this is exactly what we need to do. We need to commit to becoming part of the solution and not sit in a separated position of them and us, evil abuser and innocent victim. We need to love ourselves as never before. It is imperative that we come to believe in our own personal strength, visionary powers, capacity for love and compassion if we want to move gracefully into the next age.

Always remember that like attracts like. Many groups are forming worldwide to send thoughts of love and prayers for healing to the oceans and forests of our planet. Excellent...however, when these thoughts are grounded through the fear of potential pain, loss of life and loss of life style the power of these prayers is significantly reduced. Love yourself fully and compassionately, exercise faith in a better future, conduct yourself ethically and responsibly for only this will free up enough energy to stimulate new thought, new possibility and new solutions.

Believe in Your Own Possibility To Change the World Possibility
These are serious problems, and although they seem to have been created by big people in powerful places we have all contributed to this abuse of power. But this is not a time for blame or guilt. We can not afford to sit in a place of protest and opposition to these people and organizations. They have the responsibility to find the solutions to the problems that have been inadvertently created, we need to support them towards achieving their highest power of right thinking, and right compassion. We can only do that by holding compassionate space around these very difficult times. By loving ourselves we allow them to love themselves - like attracts like. When they are able to free themselves of the fear they are free to envision new options. All of life on our planet depends on our ability to solve these problems in a loving compassionate nature, anything else will only compound and worsen the situation at hand. As Mandela said, be the change you want to see in the world, never has this mattered so much.

The way we choose to experience the end of the cycle of this era in or around 2012 will determine how the new cycle begins. Let's do it with love, compassion and forgiveness, not fear, anger and resentment. Be willing to envision a healthy, wise and life honoring outcome. Be strong enough to leave the life that destroys your soul in order to be free to live the life for your highest good. I'll do the same. Together we will shift consciousness into a new reality.

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