Fulfilment Is Your Birthright: 3 steps to Embrace it

Each and every day is a brand new opportunity, a gift, a chance to start all over again. What will you create today? As you open your eyes first thing in the morning, yawn and stretch still feeling the coziness of your warm blanket, before thoughts of your impending day begin to flood your mind, if even for a moment, relish in the calmness, the calmness in the awakening moment. It is in that perceived calmness, the ideal meditative state, as you’re just awakening for the day, you can now choose to create your day.

The fact is, you create your world, your reality that you live in day in and day out. But the question remains, are you living in the moment, and sending out a positive vibration to attract the life you desire? Or are you spending your time dwelling on the past, or feeling anxious about the future? You see, you have the power to manifest anything you want, but most of us spend a majority of our time and energy on worry or negativity. It’s not entirely your fault though as most of this reasoning runs deeper that we realize. Science has proven that most human beings use only about 20% of our conscious minds whereas the remainder 80% or so reflects our subconscious patterning. The catch 22, it’s from our subconscious programming and beliefs we either create or impede our manifestations. Most of our beliefs were placed there by programming from childhood experiences, family, religious and societal dogmas and possibly past lives. It’s not about fighting your thoughts it’s acknowledging them and going beyond them. So, do you have the confidence in your ability to dig deeper, unearth those limiting beliefs, and raise your vibration by reprogramming your thinking to serve your highest purpose? In actuality, the higher your vibration the easier it is to manifest your ideal and fulfilled life.

Step 1 -    Forgive everyone for everything, especially yourself

If your body and mind are not harmony and is in a state of dis-ease, chances are, forgiveness will be your most important tool for transformation and healing. Our bodies are always sending us messages, are you listening? Are there events from your past you have not released, including those created by yourself? Anger, resentment, shame and guilt are the foundations for pain and suffering within our mental, emotional and physical bodies. Now ask yourself, do you feel you are worthy of forgiveness??  It could be as simple as picking up the phone and being the first to apologize or it may be much deeper, like an unresolved traumatic event. Yes these are really tough questions to answer all at once and will require some investigating on your part. So, be gentle with yourself and take baby steps. The most important step is in the inquiry and the awareness that forgiveness needs to take place. The truth is, forgiveness does not mean what you or the other person did is justifiable or that you need to be again in the company of such persons, it simply means you choose to no longer be a victim of that event and the outcome and you choose to now let go of these circumstances. Utilizing tools like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Meridian Tapping can prove to be very effective in the releasing process and can help to shift your energy back to its original state of balance. EFT combines ancient Chinese Acupressure with modern psychology and can be easily learned and implemented in a few short minutes. You can learn more about EFT/Tapping at www.thetappingsolution.com Combine EFT with a daily meditation and/or affirmations: Look into your own eyes in the mirror and repeat to yourself “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you” while tapping on the meridian points. Do a few rounds daily and you’ll begin to see your life shift in a profound and healthful way.


Step 2 - Gratitude Reciprocates

Countless new research within the quantum field proves “that which you focus upon, multiplies”. So if you’re living from a place of regret and dwelling on what “should” have or “could” have been different in your life, guess what, you’ll continue to multiply and manifest the same thoughts and events again and again. It’s impossible to be judgmental and happy at the same time as one stems from fear and the other is of a higher vibration. You cannot change the events in your past, because it no longer exists, you can choose to keep those events alive in your present moment and create more of it in your future or you can now choose to let it go and create the life of happiness and abundance you really deserve. You see the underlying theme here….CHOICE. Choose thoughts and feelings of gratitude today and give yourself the gift of contentment. List at least 10 things you are grateful for in your life right now or email yourself one thing you’re grateful for daily and create a list for the days which you may feel are tougher to get through, it will really shift you out of the darker feelings back into joy and appreciation.

Step 3 -  What’s Love got to do with it?

The answer: Everything!

You have to love your body enough to want to eat a more healthful diet, to exercise and start a meditation practice. You have to love yourself enough to look at the shadow parts of yourself, to forgive yourself and others and finally let go of the invisible chains to the ego. Here’s another tough question, do you feel you are worthy of love? Be honest. If your life feels out of control with stress and anxiety as an underlying theme, then it may be time to take a deeper look. To truly love yourself is to truly love others. One cannot be without the other. The truth is, fulfilment is our birthright and you deserve it, but to get there you have to take the first step and then your path will be illuminated step by step. Love is the highest vibration that exists and it’s the universal path to enlightenment, spirituality and long lasting fulfilment. So, what will you choose today? The Universe is waiting….

“Your heart is the center of your power. I have learned that you can create easily and effortlessly when you let your thoughts come from the loving space of your heart” ~ Louise Hay

About the Author

Shivana Pateras, C.N.H.P. is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Akashic Records Consultant, and Usui Reiki Master, specialized in many modalities of Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. Through her private practice and spiritual teaching her vision is to be an instrument of Love, Light and Service to you on your journey of Healing and Self-Discovery. You can learn more about her work at www.shivanapateras.com and connect through social media; facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. 

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