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Find your Zodiac power foods and beneficial dietary plan. Yes, you will notice there is some overlap between the elemental categories eg). Fire Signs in general benefit from spicy foods; so long as they are not overly fired up already! Water signs need water based foods and sea foods are great for added nutrition. Earth signs respond well to root vegetables or anything grown in the ground. Whilst Air signs may enjoy quite dry, crisp foods and the odd bar of chocolate.

Your power foods are almost like medicine to your system; though remember to get the balance right. Rotate your foods for optimum health benefits and do not ever fixate on one particularly favourite (you are likely to be intolerant to such a food.). Always follow your intuition and eat what your body requires from day to day; even if it is an occasional burger. You need to feel cool and happy about your diet; not that it’s like some form of prolonged torture of avoidance. But do be a little bit disciplined and draw the line at over indulgence.

For Zodiac signs with a strong Aries component, good food is vital to life source and equilibrium. Such vibrant dynamic souls need to keep well stoked up to feed all that surplus energy. They need to eat regularly and not scrimp on any major food group. This fire sign energy requires a well balanced, full bodied diet in order to function at its best. Potent foods like meat, beans, nuts, bread and pasta serve the Aries constitution well. An Aries type copes well with junk food; and rarely suffers from indigestion. This soul is active, loves to keep busy, and finds it easy enough to burn off the fat. However, it is very important that the Aries type does not over-tax their system though. Middle aged spread beckons if extra care is not taken. 

POWER foods for Aries include ginger, horseradish, red pepper, chillies, leeks, onions, garlic, mustard, watercress, paprika, beer, tomatoes, juniper, milk thistle, nettle, rhubarb, peppermint.

Taurean types need to watch their tendency to plod along. They are prone to laziness and inertia; inclined to comfort eat and put on weight easily. Lack of exercise only makes matters worse. These souls need to avoid rich foods, particularly dairy products.  Many of the world’s large, big, and beautiful people are Taurean: you get the picture? Understandably, the sensual zodiac bull is reluctant to give up its pleasure zone and usually accepts the consequences of overeating. But in general a diet of fish and chicken with plenty of fruit and vegetables does the trick if trying to lose a few pounds. 

If you are an earth sign type who loves dairy and sweet foods, make sure that you boost good cholesterol levels with a high intake of porridge, dark chocolate, lethicin and cranberry juice. 

POWER foods for Taurus include cereals, berries, spices, beans, cloves, mint, gooseberries, thyme, rosemary, olives, apples, pears, grapes, rhubarb, green beans, cherries, cabbage.

Air sign Gemini types are another matter. They burn up fat much more quickly than most people, but this does not mean that they should over do it. The air sign system does not tolerate overload and these souls should not overtax their digestion with too much heavy food. They need light, nutritious fare, little and often for optimum health. They must guard that sweet tooth and not indulge a penchant for sticky puddings too often. For optimum health, air signs must avoid meals and drinks with additives. They are already wired to the heavens and quite hyper enough. It is advisable to eat plenty of protein, for this has a grounding effect and strengthens the constitution.  Meat, nuts, fish, eggs and beans work well for Gemini in particular. But they must be careful with dairy products.

POWER foods Gemini include carrots, dill, marjoram, valerian, hazelnuts, walnuts, oats, fish, licorice, apricots, squash, tumeric, peanuts, nuts and vegetables. 

Cancerian water sign types have an extreme love of dairy laden profoundly sweet puddings. One of the zodiac’s main chocoholics, they generally can not contemplate a diet that does not include a daily fix of some little indulgence. This makes them susceptible to stomach acid issues. Ruled by the moon and connected to the sea, a cancerian needs to keep up a daily intake of water. It is important to drink plenty, but not with meals, so as to aid digestion. 

POWER foods for Cancerians include cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, seaweeds, mangoes, bananas, mushrooms, melon, strawberries, watercress, lettuce, melon, mushroom, pumpkin, turnip.

For Leo fine food is imperative. This regal zodiac beast can not survive on meagre rations. Leo types are proud, exacting creatures who need the best of everything. A natural carnivore, Leo's intake of foods is likely to be high in protein and rich in fat. They have a hearty appetite, and tend to eat for two. Sometimes you are inclined to be lazy, exercise has to be a part of the leo regime. A fine appearance is part of the leo appeal. The lion can put weight on easily; whilst too much fat and sugar puts the heart under strain. It is beneficial to drink plenty of cranberry juice and eat porridge regularly to keep good cholesterol levels high. 

POWER foods for Leo include olives, citrus fruits, almonds, saffron, cornmeal, pineapple, mangoes, honey, cinnamon, bananas, meat, and vegetables with high Iron content.

Earth signs like Virgo are likely to be fussy eaters. They can not cope with huge meals laden with intense protein. Grazing suits the virgo digestion and intestinal system. This earth sign needs to be  careful to avoid the foods they are intolerant to. Yet it pays not to be overly fastidious. A diet that is high in carbohydrates suits virgo, though they should try to go for grains like spelt, rye and barley if they can not tolerate Wheat. A huge variety of fruit and vegetables is highly beneficial.

POWER foods for Virgo include parsnips, green beans, parsley, carrots, watercress, dill, marjoram, mint, caraway seeds, alfalfa, brown rice, potatoes, roots vegetable, fish and most nuts. 


LIBRA:  Naturally enough, you thrive on good food. For the best quality produce, your fruit and vegetables should be organically produced. Simple recipes and styles suit your system well: anything too fussy just smacks of pretension. Not that you are adverse to posh meals. It’s just that you like to know what you’re eating and where it’s come from. You are quite prone to weight gain if you over do the good life. Understandably you love a good quality wine with your meal; but endless candle lit dinners are bound to hit the waist line eventually! Your strong drive to retain your good looks and gorgeous appearance usually keeps you in check. Though if you become complacent in life or in your relationships, you may become rather cuddly if not rotund! You love sweet things and you are another of the Zodiac’s chocoholics. Belgian Chocolates hit the spot, but also tend to produce them on your face. Lighten things up with tasty vegetarian food; you don’t really need much meat.       

POWER foods: Basil, Cinnamon, Raspberries, Blackberries, Artichokes, Sorrel, Pennyroyal, Pears, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Dates, Fruits and Milk, Starchy foods, Sugar, (similar to Taurus, also ruled by Venus).


SCORPIO: For optimum health you need a wide and varied diet. Like Leo, you should not restrict your protein intake. You do not particularly benefit from a vegetarian or vegan diet as you thrive on the extra oomph that meat bestows. Balance is important though and you probably do need to up your intake of vegetables and fruit. You tend to think you have eaten enough when you tackle a juicy prime Rump Steak. But you do need to eat its accompaniments too! Make sure you have an abundant salad and at least three types of vegetables per day. If you can’t face a multitude of Apples; get the Smoothie habit. Smoothies are a great way to up your fruit consumption. One for breakfast will set you up for the day. Mix Berries with Bananas, Orange and Wheatgrass for a real kick!  Stodgy cakes and breads may not be your thing, so make sure you get your carbohydrates from Rice, Oatcakes, and Porridge with Honey. Spanish Omeletes are a painless way to boost your veg. consumption.

POWER foods: Watercress, Kelp, Brown Rice, Aloe Vera, Beets, Onions, Garlic, Potatoes, Carrots, Brazil Nuts, Tomatoes, Spices especially Cayenne, Paprika, and Chillli, (similar to Aries). 


SAGITTARIUS: Boy do you love your food! General abstemiousness is so not you. Thankfully you expend a large amount of energy running from place to place. Your system is quite hyper and you can cope with a certain amount of overload. But quite often, you do feel off colour because of over indulgence. Do learn not to overdo the animal produce, for an excess of protein is liable to make you hot and sweaty! Indeed if you really over do things over time, you may be at risk from high blood pressure, and shortness of breath. Don’t assume you can get away with eating what you like for ever. Be sensible and disciplined with your choices, at least some of the time. You are not the most health conscious of the Zodiac signs, and tend to think you can eat whatever you feel like with no repercussions. Curries, spicy foods and fried platters are probably your favourites; but do make sure you up your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink more Water and lay off the Spirits. Balance holds the key… 

POWER foods: Asparagus, Mint, Olives, Dandelion Leaves, Mulberries, Hawthorn, Rosehip, Chestnuts, Maple Syrup, Sage, Thyme, Nutmeg, Celery, Leeks, Tomatoes, Cinnamon. 


CAPRICORN: Your digestive system can be somewhat sluggish and you do not digest big heavy meals easily. Sometimes your eyes settle on something your stomach just can’t handle. You love food in theory; but must learn what suits you and what doesn’t. As you grow older, your appetite becomes heartier; but Capricorn children can be quite a pain to cook for! Fussy eaters all, Capricorn needs to learn the habit of grazing for optimum health. If you really can not face big meals, acquire a taste for healthy titbits like Nuts and Raisins. Soups, Smoothies, and Casseroles present food in an easily digested form. Try to steer clear of high protein dairy rich dishes that will lie on your stomach for about a week! If you can handle Salads learn to create elaborate platters with Fish or Chicken and 101 types of lettuce. Drink plenty as you are prone to dehydration and choose foods that are light on the stomach but pack a punch on the energy system. Root vegetables and fruits ground you and fill you up!     

POWER foods: Raisins, Beech Nuts, Pine Nuts, Barley, Turnips, Sloes, Tamarind, Spinach, Carrots, Beets, Malt, Meat, Starchy Foods, Rye, Onion.


AQUARIUS: You are quite likely to get into bad habits with your eating. Once you find a meal or two you love, you are inclined to stick to it, until you realise you have eaten the same thing for about a month! You are also quite eccentric in your tastes. A picky eater, you can be quite strict with yourself about what you should or shouldn’t eat. To give you credit, you usually go for healthy choices; but you probably don’t get enough variety in your diet. Remember there are many different foods out there you usually don’t even consider! So don’t be lazy in your choices. Do supplement your food intake with a good quality muti-vitamin though. If you are not allowed to eat certain foods for medical reasons, you tend to become over meticulous about everything on the menu. You are inclined to get quite rundown through not eating enough. Make sure your diet packs a punch and get into foods that nourish your brain power. Introduce more Fish, Nuts and Cod Liver Oil and ease off the dairy products.          

POWER foods: Oily Fish, Coconut, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Carrots, Licorice, Caraway Seeds, Parsley, Wheatgerm, Appples and Citrus Fruits, Dried Fruits and Frozen Foods (similar to Taurus)

PISCES: Being an emotional sign, you can be quite erratic in your eating patterns. You may adore a particular food one minute and go off it suddenly, the next. You’re the Zodiac fish that swims in two different directions. So your reactions and eating habits are inclined to be either one thing or the other. You alternate between two options in all things. If you are upset, you comfort eat; or else you can’t muster up an appetite at all. There is also an addictive streak to your personality which makes you inclined to fixate on certain foods. Watch that you don’t overdo the sugar, coffee or fizzy drinks and steer clear of bad habits. Your sensitive system is hyper reactive and you are quite likely to have food intolerances. Strong flavours and additives don’t do you any favours either. Keep your diet sensible and tuck into lots of plain and simple hearty home-cooking. Avoid pre-packaged dinners like the plague! Make sure you get a varied diet high in minerals, seafood and water content.

POWER foods: Watercress, Brown Rice, Cucumber, Dandelion, Poppy Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Oily Fish, Seaweeds, Melon, Sea Foods and high Water content Fruits and Veg. 

Sarah Delamere Hurding is Ireland’s famous Mystic, Seer, Healer, Life Coach, Writer, Media Personality and Consciousness Facilitator. Ashton Kutcher identified her on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as his psychic. Simon Cowell was stunned into silence when she predicted the full line up of his Irish Popstars. Louis Walsh, perhaps dangerously, called her “the woman who knows everything.”

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