Gemini - The Messenger of Duality (1,039 words - astrology/spirituality)

Oh Dear Hermes, Messenger of the Gods!  Your intelligence, wittiness, charm and love for communication has served you well as intercessor between mortals and the Divine.  We honor you and the deliverance of your message!

Welcome to Gemini, the Messenger in our lives! It is in this Mercurial energy (Mercury is ruler of Gemini) where we  listen to our own inner Hermes to understand where in our lives we need to communicate or to hear our own Godly message.  

All astrological energies fulfill a role in the unfolding of our wishes and desires.  Aries energy allows us to plant our seed of intention and initiate action.  Taurus brings value via our talents and self-worth.  Gemini allows us to market ourselves through the giving and receiving of information, and these days there are certainly many means for accomplishing that.  Gemini/Mercury uses all forms of communications (internet, writing, radio, speaking) in order to suddenly grab our attention so we can materialize our goals by carefully listening with clarity to the inner message triggered by a single word, song, or vision.

Why, then, does Gemini/Mercury at times receive the reputation of being a “split personality?” Because no other sign in the Zodiac understands the nature of duality in life better than our Mercurial friends.  Negative/positive, darkness/light,  giving/receiving, love/hate, good/evil.  The list goes on. Why do they understand duality so well? They are the Twins. They perceptually understand that all things dual in nature always unite to become one.  We see this in the process of mitosis.  Two cells divide to then become a whole. This energy knows that there is only One, but to get there you must bring unity of oppositions.

In order to be a messenger, one must understand and deliver both sides. There needs to be a balance of the opposing forces.  In order to do this, it becomes necessary to separate them out. And so Gemini’s mission is actually one of separating in order to bridge the gap and bring unity. Hermes, using his charm and his cunning tricks, fulfilled many missions for the Olympians gods.  He liberated Io, one of Zeus’ many lovers, from Argus by using his charm to distract and then kill him.  He also was able to persuade Calypso to release Odysseus.  Hermes acted as mediator for Zeus in calming Hera’s fury towards Zeus’ many lovers.   

And so we see how the Gemini nature of separating in order to unite makes them great traders, salespeople, writers, politicians, entertainers.  We see them in all walks of life.  They are poets, singers, motivational speakers, teachers.

Some of the symbols associated with Gemini are the Lovers card (Twins) in Tarot, Adam and Eve, and in the discipline of Kabbalah, the Hebrew letter Zayin.  The Lovers card represents the intimate relationship with our soul, the ability to be able to discern our physicality to our Higher Selves. The woman in the Lovers card represents our subconscious (higher self), and the man our conscious mind (ego). The man looks to the woman who is looking upwards towards the Angel, uniting the female and masculine back to Oneness. This shows us the importance of communications in all of our relationships, the giving and receiving of information that leads to self-healing.  

Where did the separation of ego and Higher Self occur? We could probably use as an analogy the story of Adam and Eve. They tasted from the Tree of Duality making them aware of an opposing force. Their physicality and purity became shame, hiding from God and themselves. And here enters Gemini’s dual nature. How can you know the opposing force exists without knowing the separation? Again, Gemini separates in order to understand and unite so that we may evolve and return to our Higher Self.

The Hebrew letter Zayin is the letter associated with Gemini. Zayin is obtaining sustenance through struggle, the sword of discernment cutting through delusions/illusions to receive clarity. How is this Gemini?

Zayin’s numerical value is seven. It is the path of the Law of Expression, communication. There were six days to Creation, and then the seventh day was that of rest. The six days of Creation can be likened to the many different tensions that we face in our daily lives, working hard to measure up to the elements of external factors (families, community, work).  This creates struggle for we feel we are never free of these challenges and become unsure as to how to balance our inner natures, values and integrity to fit in with the expectations of the World. We believe it is our egos, our physical abilities alone that control and sustain our fate.

The seventh day of rest is our peaceful center, inner identity. We are the object, not the external factors. So Zayin represents the challenge in shaping and maintaining our identity, our spirituality knowing that God will provide success if we understand that all things come from Him, One Source. Zayin allows us to persevere by bridging the gap of duality, the struggle to balance between the tensions of human existence and the Spirit. And there is Gemini….the Messenger….. bridging duality. Gemini is the seventh day, the understanding that all comes from One.

What does this means to us? By examining Gemini/Mercury in our Natal Charts, we can reflect on our lives to see where we need to merge two opposing forces. Where is there duality, whether it be mentally, physically, or emotionally creating separateness? Find ways to merge this duality. It shouldn’t be an either or decision, but a unifying, a balancing of that which we are and that which is needed to sustain ourselves in our physicality.

In yoga, practicing alternate nostril pranayama merges right/left brain energy. Gemini rules the hands, lungs, and nervous system.  When performing asanas, flow with the breath and bring attention to uniting the body with breath while maintaining mindfulness. Bring the mind to the heart; the heart to the mind.

And listen… attention to ALL forms of communications. This is the perfect energy for hearing the much needed message in order to fulfill our desires, to bring to life the seed we have planted.

Debbie Peluso obtained her Bachelors degree from the University of Metaphysics in association with the University of Sedona in Arizona. She is a certified practitioner in Meditation, metaphysical/spiritual counseling, and is a working astrologer and co-owner of a yoga studio, Zion Yoga Studio,  in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Comment by Debbie Peluso on May 19, 2015 at 12:07pm
Thank you, Shelly!

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