This is a “Friday the 13th” offering, in appreciation of the changing season. Remember we are each a fractal of something much larger, and begin by saying this exploration is not all about doom, gloom, or even depression. We need to acknowledge that something is up. Or, perhaps it is down, depending on one’s perspective. Maybe orientation does not matter; due to the important shift taking place and our energetic readiness to be included as part of it all.

We know that energy never dies. It may be transformed, cycle around, and go through variances of positive and negative experience. Those who recognize beliefs of past and future existence beyond this current one are able to grasp how timeless energy truly is.

Yet, there is an undercurrent of anxiety that many of us sense. It adds to our stress and keeps us up at night when we would normally sleep. We need to permit ourselves some opportunity to explore it, especially in context with an overall look at the past. There are turns, seasons, ages and events, such as those marked as Kali Yuga on the ancient Sanskrit wheel of time, that indicate periods of darkness--and we may be involved in one of those times now.

The year 2012 was a marker of great change. All of us who noted the passage of that calendar (and those of us who debated our calendar’s accuracy), are now well into our next phase of determining where we go from there. Looking at the larger picture of our current age, we may feel as though we are at the precipice of a downturn.

Most recent hindsight reveals a manipulation, where history and change tend to be rewritten to suit a particular agenda, where larger themes (stories) clash with memes (images). Has our current economic system served to grow humanity in ways it may not have otherwise? Of course it has, and many of us are very attached to its continuation. It has brought ‘enlightenment’ to the masses, in many ways. Thank you, “illuminati.”

At the same time, we have multiple distractions; a myriad of games and images set to amuse and keep us from thinking about what is next and what we might do. When it comes to manipulation, our hands are quite dirty. For as much as humanity has accomplished in this great age, we now face what is playing out before our eyes. How can we not call it what it is--and how many of us will not be able to adapt when things go dark?

The alchemical cycle of growth and change tells us there is a time of darkness, a negative or reverse aspect to the cycle, which is a necessary part of our progress. The thread of progression also contains regression, whereby the very nature of something decomposes in order to regenerate or renew itself. We can see evidence of this occurring in economics, language, and our larger environment.

It may help to look at how people got through the last referenced Dark Age. What skills did they utilize? Surely, it will take adaptable skills more than brute-force strength to survive. Many of us will struggle as we come to grips with the change(s) it takes to make it through, while others struggle to hang on to the old system that is nearing its end.

Even those who are considered well educated and prosperous by today’s “modern” standards may have difficulty thriving in the harsh environment we face. Each age, each dimension, each fractal has its lessons to learn, in order to not repeat mistakes of the past. If we ourselves are the future, have we doomed ourselves? Is the writing on the wall?

Speaking of walls, we may highlight those lasting images that are buried deep in dark caves--images that transcend time and are a reflection of the world that once existed long ago. How might our current situation be in comparison to that? Are there enough caves in the world to house us when the external world becomes less able to sustain us?

In those times considered dark ages, entire libraries of knowledge may be decimated, such as the ancient collections housed at Alexandria. Gone forever from being accessed, it provides a chance to rediscover and make better choices and improvements. Forced into letting go, we find we must make great leaps more than we make slow, steady steps.

The imagery of our enlightened times reaching a period of darkness “can” bring with it much anxiety. We will need to maintain the lightness of our being and counsel each other on what we may expect going forward--especially young people who will experience great change through no fault of their own. It may come as no surprise that our past historical trauma comes back around to haunt us. We will need to focus on healing what is imbalanced, to get to a point of less destruction and pain in order to maintain a positive outlook in the midst of negativity.

The ancients advise us to let go. An overall view of growth and energy, in our current paradigm, says to use what we have--and then what? Nature sustains with consistent cycles, rarely through forced control. Continued, manageable growth means we do not consume energy until it is all depleted (one way or another).

As we prepare for difficult times, we need to focus on what “is.” We learn to survive “with” earth and nature, not against it. Seen as a form of conflict and challenge, it is this type of negative energy we currently face. This is it.

We face reconstruction; it is being done by a few among us. Trust, sharing, doing acts of kindness with a compassionate focus on healing and balance, treating each other as parts of one, united spiritual force instead of as a number, account, or some other disconnecting label…all these encourage authenticity, connection, and inclusion, like nature, rather than masks of pretension that have been the highlight of the illusive ‘show’ in recent times. We can no longer afford to ‘fake it to make it.’

The ways we choose to help each other get by--the kindness, compassion, inclusion, heart-love, positive expression, right-mindedness, actions, and speech will get us through the dark times. We had best be ready with a huge level of understanding.

We are also encouraged to think outside the box. If the box is the physical one of our making, and goodness knows we have had plenty of practice with this, then our spiritual harbor will be to better balance those aspects of ourselves that are not always that easy to see. If money was the physical measurement of wealth and success, then we need to move beyond it and figure out a better way to meet needs.

Many of us worry about people breaking the rules; testing the safety of the societal system. We say we eschew anarchy in favor of peace over chaos. We wonder how people got along before all the modern-day systems of control. They just did. With less of a focus on similarity, individuality was able to really shine. We were more aware of natural processes and what consisted of logic and ‘common sense.’

The earth provided basic needs, and people thrived along with it. As humans moved beyond the earth-evident, basic ways to meet our needs for food, clothing, shelter (caves and huts), tools, and water, we began to literally scratch the surface and dig. We have now exploited our planet’s underground store. No longer satisfied with watching the natural show, we have created a plastic scene of detachment and mechanical/rote animation that is no longer sustainable, especially by Nature’s standards.

Our fitting into the environment, our EV factor, is one measurable area we might explore. Is there a percentage of the growth and regeneration we can track as the cycle spins around? How far out of balance are we? If we follow nature, we may find agreement with the golden mean or Fibonacci spiral. Will we find consistency in that rate of change?

The challenges we face are daunting. Getting used to the seasonal availability of certain kinds of food, locating potable water resources, and maintaining shelter and heat are just a few ready examples. Giving/sharing/creating/offering/putting things forth instead of paying for owning them are another. Might we see that nature provides leaves and fruits we can take to eat without destroying the entire plant in the process?

We define a harvest as reaping what we sow. Why kill off a life force when we can take what is offered? Take what we need from what is edible, use the energy of what is left to generate new life. This is not something we can do with animals that we kill for food. We cannot just remove a chicken leg and expect it to grow back.

What we eat transforms us. We can see it now in genetically modified organisms to the point where if it is not natural, then neither are we. Our very nature balks at the system. These truths are not hidden, but they can be manipulated. Shame on us!

In our desire to keep things the “same,” we lose sight of the fact that they are no longer “steady.” These words and definitions are two different concepts and are not interchangeable. In an effort to provide the same kind of food or a regular meal, we have thrown off stability to the tipping point where our system has become unsteady and imbalanced.

Natural systems tell us things change and that there are seasons. Who are we to manipulate Nature’s story? Plants grow, sprout, fruit, ripen and the waste is recycled--all without much help from humankind. Our lives are all a part of that same process. It is one thing to utilize part of the natural process, to make fibers from plants for example, instead of creating something unnatural, which forces us to keep things the same and feeds into that unnatural paradigm.

Perhaps we can see a better correlation when it comes to our spiritual life. Our consciousness is a steady stream of energy that changes. It is not all the “same.” Each manifestation is different--no two of us are alike, even identical twins. Unlike a store’s “no return” policy, nature is different. We all go forth with the inherent understanding that everything changes and there is a natural return to be experienced.

Nature recycles and renews all the time. There is an exchange that takes place. It becomes more than a share. A positive movement transports and transforms us as we get from here to there. The energy that exists cannot just ‘appear.’ It is an eternal force, no matter the name or title.

As we look closely at the ramifications of natural energy, the way forward that seems reasonable and logical may come with some goose bumps, so it will not be very comfortable. We may become restless and find sleep and subconscious reconnection is ‘troubled.’ We may take alternate means to rest, or find it better to nap for periods of time instead.

With all the recent cases of ADHD and other mental health diagnoses, we see concentration may be unfocused or diffused. More offspring are born with genetic differences that indicate reproductive changes as well. Those energetic aspects are in flux at both ends of our physicality.

The cycle of the sun (associated with the 2012/shift-phenomenon) made us aware of the “procession of equinoxes.” The definition of the word “equinox” is: “equal night.” We may expect night, also known as darkness, to become more evident--an increasing part of our awareness--even for those of us who consider ourselves ‘light workers.’

We naturally enter a different phase of existence. Some preparation can help us be ready, to know what to expect, and consider the possibilities. We act and respond to our environment. If we are able to be positive, we do that. If it is negative, we get that way. If we seek a challenge, let it be to overcome the extremes of any suffering, pain, or trauma that it brings--no matter which way the energy may flow.

All goes as one, all are united. There are times when The Conundrum has parts that are elongated and extreme, and other times when the energies condense and coalesce. As we become more centered, we recognize the distance of the extremes.

Recent years have caused many people to focus on alternate realities and situations. We find less fear, in spite of the darkness. As we have consumed and contaminated the energy taken from underground, we have yet to realize there are stores of energy waiting to be tapped elsewhere. We shine, luminate, and enlighten with the hope of renewal. We are that light at the end of the tunnel, after all.

We feel a sense of completion even though we may not see ourselves as complete. Those who feel pulled through extremes of duality in its many guises may take comfort in finding their center/heart/solar plexus energies--strength, air, emotion--as the grounding force we require. There will be less of a base or sexual energy, and less of the higher or lofty thought that designates the highs and lows of our experience based on sight alone, especially as things are in the midst of change.

Let us partake of the ‘milk of human kindness’ as we balance more around the midpoints, equanimity, the middle path, and stasis. It will help us heal some of the extremes, feel more united, and lend our voice to where we need to be. We can all hold hands and sing, even if dancing becomes difficult. It may be nice to all sing the same, peaceful song.

For our consideration. ~ Namaste ~ Blessings!

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Comment by Trevor Taylor on September 14, 2013 at 2:30am

Kathy, greetings. Would you like to post this article in the 'Time Sensitive Group' to catch the changing season. Link:

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