We exist in a fast paced society. We rush from point a to point b. We're on the move, and always on the go.We dance to the beat of someone else's drum, and forget our own. Then suddenly we find ourselves exhausted, uninspired, unmotivated, and questioning what's wrong. We're so busy thinking of our next move, that we aren't paying attention to our present one. The place where there is peace, not anxiety, and not depression. The past is gone, and the future isn't here yet. When we choose to slow down, even for just a moment, we find peace, and mindfulness. We are able to observe our mind, body, spirit, and possibly find the answers we have been looking for.

Our mind and body work together in tandem. We cannot help our bodies if our minds are lacking motivation. To ensure our ultimate wellness we need to take care of both. We have naturally occurring rhythm within us. We know it as circadian rhythm. This is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats on each rotation of the Earth.While there are different types of circadian rhythm for the body, the one we take notice of most is the sleep-wake cycle. It effects our everyday life without fail. We notice when we don't feel well, our mood has shifted, motivation has drifted, and we struggle throughout the day.

When our sleep-wake cycle is off we can experience some dreadful symptoms such as weight gain, impulsivity, slowed thinking, as well as physiological, and behavioral changes. There are simple signs that will indicate that our naturally occurring circadian rhythm has been disrupted. We will have trouble both falling and staying asleep, wake up unrested, experience daytime lethargy, poor concentration, poor physical, and mental performance. We may also experience that our first burst of energy is later in the day, as opposed to earlier.

Let's get in-sync with our natural rhythm! Start by adjusting to the recommended sleep schedule from 10PM to 6AM. Then stay away from situations that reduce restful sleep such as shift work, changes in routine, eating or drinking late, and to much screen time. A good routine will be essential to creating a rhythm our body can follow. Wake up at the same or similar time each day, also practice unwinding before falling asleep.

We must pay attention to what we eat, and drink throughout the day as well. Caffeine as an example can linger in our system anywhere from eight to fourteen hours after the initial rush has left us. Midday coffee may not be the best choice in this matter. Caffeine also blocks adenosine, the neurotransmitter that tells the brain it is tired. We need to also limit nicotine, alcohol, and large meals before bed.

Screen time should be limited to two hours before going to bed. It is known that the blue light from our screens, and devices block melatonin, which aid in restful sleep. Melatonin is a vital hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. It thankfully can be taken as a supplement over the counter. However, it's results vary from person to person, but with the sustainable lifestyle changes, limiting bad habits, and aiding in the things that help us get rest we can continue to strive for better health.

When we awake from our restful sleep we can be excited about the new ventures that await us! Be motivated to reach our goals in a our physical health, creative minds, professional occupation, and strive to reach our highest potential. We can do this all and more, but we have to learn to check in with our mind, body, spirit, and recharge our batteries every now, and again!

About the Author:
Ginger McBride is a certified health coach, nutrition expert, entrepreneur, and raw food enthusiast. She is the founder of Raw Ninja – a nutrition coaching membership that provides affordability and accessibility to her clients. She is passionate about helping others with their health, inspiring them to reach their goals through motivation, and education! To learn more visit www.rawninja.net

When we have restful sleep we can take on the world! Learn different modalities to assist in creating natural circadian rhythm within life, and conquer the day ahead!

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