Many have been going through some very strange things these past few weeks, and we all know that some will often call us light workers as people who have lost the plot, or living in cloud cuckoo land - believe me we are not! 

The changes are absolutely necessary for the new templates to be created, and for our next new adventure in life.  No matter whether we are 25 or 65 this is getting very interesting indeed, and am so grateful for all those who have helped me on this journey.

What has become perfectly obvious is we are being drawn to a new way of living, and something we already know deep inside, a life of simplicity and without complication.  As humans we are very good at creating complications in our own life, hence we become our own worst enemy, we have forgotten how to listen to our heart and soul, instead following the ego mind.

No matter what our life has given us, we have always strived to impress others, be accepted by others, or followed others - we became society’s sheep.

When we felt inside there was something drastically wrong with what we were doing, whether in work, relationships or any other situation, we did not think outside the box, we were driven by our ego mind to simply swallow the bullet, live with it or do something that was not in keeping with our soul intention.  These are the lessons of life, they can never be viewed as mistakes. 

Some will always try to blame others for their actions, it wasn't me it was him or her, well unfortunately, we are responsible for our own actions, and are forced to live with the consequences.  If someone has fed a pile of untruths for their own gain, this will come out in the end, it is the truth that always prevails in human lives.

We are brought up to believe the way things are, and how they should be, beginning with our home and family environment, followed by years of education, and then into the work force, no matter where you turn there is some form of compliance to a template or system.  Systems work in the right place and for the right purpose, but we are forgetting the most efficient system of all is that of Mother Nature herself.  As the times change, so does She. 

The Law of Attraction is so simple, what you put out, you will receive. It is not about materialistic possessions in that sense, if you plant a seed, nurture it, feed and water it, it will grow to provide its natural benefit.

When we start to interfere with its' natural evolution, we are creating something that it does not understand, as it has been created for a certain purpose.  If we add an artificial environment we begin to see the effects of this in front of our eyes, with deformed fruit and vegetables.  Mother Nature has all that is needed for us to survive and flourish. 

She will deliver food, water, pleasure and shelter - but we have taken this blessing, and turned it into greed.  The greed of a few has created the distinct class system we have today. The rich continue to get rich, and the poor are getting poorer as far as abundance is concerned.

We are forced to follow the trends of the rich, as they have created the vision they see is fit for them, and the global population.  We have followed them in modern society at an alarming rate, and now many are waking up to the truth of what life really is about.  Poverty is being seen on a global level, and at rates we have never seen before, elitism is rife and it is being rubbed in our faces through the media channels. 

Their actions have an amazing impact on the future generations but is this a role model at all?  Flaunting ones bad habits, personal issues, sufferings and wealth is not a role model for today, or tomorrow, yet our children believe it is how to live life, and is normal.

As we progress along the ascension path, many things become crystal clear, we as a species are living in such a primitive way.  We have become so dependent on media, mobiles, television, internet and fast food - we are living the dream of the corporate giants and they lap it up every day with dollars and cents. They have moulded us, alongside the church, the government, the banks and our families - so we are destined for failure right from the get go. 

Our soul is taken from us, since the day we began to crawl on our hands and knees, we were being forced to comply and accept someone else’s truth.

This is not humanity at all - where has the empathy gone, where has all the love gone?  We can look at psychology and spirituality as much as we want - but we shall always look at ourselves first.  Look at our life, see how unique we are and tell the story all over again so it makes sense. 

Breaking patterns from previous lives start at a young age, trying to find yourself and your purpose, trying to find what the hell you’re supposed to be doing here on this planet, but at the same time making silly mistakes, ones you will cherish eternally.  My point here is that I believe during this current lifetime, we have repeated certain elements of past lives, and changed the outcome. 

I personally feel like I have lived many lifetimes during this incarnation.  Nothing I have done or experienced has not been worth it, I have had the most wonderful relationships with beautiful souls who have all shown me something important.

Having spent the past 20 months living in relative solitude, discovering what makes me tick, and what I really enjoy doing.  I have recognized so many things about the life journey I have followed, and its purpose for today – the road map is clear to see.  When we look backwards it really does allow us to see the way forward, following the yellow brick road always leads to Oz!

Life is not a straight clear  path, it is a meandering journey full of challenges, detours and obstacles.

Unfortunately many have managed to surround us with their veils of deception and illusion.  Those who are waking can see through these, but are often living in fear of making a mistake or living alone.  Fear is what they want you to feel, as that is their control.  Let go of the fear, set yourself free from all that you know and take control of yourself.

Begin to trust and believe in yourself. Shine that pulsating light inside of you, wake up the sleeping inner child and experience the new that is being created.  Don’t be fooled by the temptations, threats or any other negative aspect…love yourself and all that you are.  Allow your true authentic self to guide you along your own unique yellow brick road!

We are all warriors, we have all done this before…we just have to remember!

Bio - Deane experienced a physical relationship with his Divine counterpart, spending nearly 4 years together.  This lead to his own awakening and breaking of the veils of illusion. He has healed and grown spiritually, he now dedicates his time to helping, healing and teaching others. He has created unique personal development programs for those who are awakening and wish to make a smooth transition to the new templates.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on March 25, 2016 at 11:46pm

Thank you, Deane, for lowering the word count. Your article is being forwarded to the publishers. Enjoy your weekend ~ Blessings! 

Comment by Kathy Custren on March 18, 2016 at 7:22pm

Hi, Deane, and thank you for your submission. It has over 1400 words, which is way too long for us to consider as-is. I would like you to take some time and shave off a couple hundred words, please. If you can manage to get it down to the 1,000 to 1,200 range that would be ideal. 

Please message and let me know when it is ready so I may review and forward it to the publishers. Thank you ~ Blessings! 

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