“Glass of Water” - Advanced and Powerful Wish Manifestation Technique

“A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event, like a flame or a whirlpool: the shape alone is stable, for the substance is a stream of energy going in at one end and out at the other.”

– Alan Watts

You have probably wished for something at least once in your lifetime. Some wishes did come true, while others appear to be a struggle. Even if wish manifestation happens to be a challenge for you at the moment, you have to agree that our Universe is abundant. In order to manifest your wishes and tap into the abundance of the Universe you just need wish manifestation energy. When you know how to concentrate and give direction to your energy flow, you begin to attract what you want in your life. This article will give you basic explanation of how you can use a powerful technique called “Glass of Water” so you can better focus your wish manifestation energy and bring your wishes into reality. Make sure to also read “9 Ways to Wish Manifestation” article for more insights on the topic.

A similar technique can be found in “Silva Method”, “Transurfing”, healing practices, ancient rituals as well as other sources. It is mainly based on the fact that water is a great energy-informational conductor and that human body primarily consists of water. The main goal of the “Glass of Water” is to add power to your affirmations and help you program your body with the intention of your wish.

To conduct this technique you will need an open mind, a sheet of paper and a glass of water. Write down your wish in a form of an affirmation on a sheet of paper (or a post-it note). Your affirmation should describe you in the present moment experiencing manifestation of your wish. You can come up with your own affirmation or find one online. There are many sources on the internet that can help you write an affirmation text for different types of wishes. Your text could be about finding a new job that you truly enjoy or finding your soul mate who loves you and who you love back. It could be related to attracting financial resources for a creative project you are involved in, finding a cure for certain health problem or even helping you lose some weight.

However, please keep in mind that any type of manifestation technique is not some kind of a magic spell that will immediately manifest all your desires, find you the love of your life or materialize a million dollars in gold.  Techniques help your mind direct your energy and create a template or a thought-form of your wish on the energy field so it can further guide you towards its manifestation. Some manifestation techniques are just more advanced than others.  “Glass of Water” is just one very powerful add-on to your affirmations and was tested in practice with positive results.  

After you write down your affirmation, you attach the sheet to the glass of water or put the glass on top of it. The next step is activating the energy channels in your hands. You can do it by simply rubbing your hands against each other until you feel them almost burning. Now, place your palms on each side of the glass and feel the energy flow between your hands. State your wish out loud or in your mind and visualize the state of being described in your affirmation to the point when you can almost feel it with your body. While going through the visualization process, concentrate your attention on sending the energy through your hands into the water in the glass. It will record the state of being when your wish is realized. It will charge the water with the intention of your wish. You can do this for a few minutes or until you can feel like it is enough. Now, drink that glass of water.

You can conduct this technique every evening and every morning before going to bed. It is quite easy to make this technique a part of your daily routine. If you have more than one wish, you should use a separate glass for each wish.

When your whole body is charged with the intention of your wish it begins to guide you towards manifestation of your wish. I hope you can make your wishes come true with this advanced manifestation method and don’t forget to share it with a friend!


About the Author

Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has profound knowledge in the new spiritual science Infosomatics, meditation/manifestation/visualization techniques, numerology, energy self-healing practices, as well as other consciousness-awakening fields. Connect with Dmitriy, watch a free exclusive webinar, and learn how you can improve your life script writing skills by visiting: http://www.lifescriptdoctor.com/

For more advanced practical knowledge on wish manifestation please consider "How to Make a Wish Come True with Advanced Manifestation Technique" ~6 hour webinar. It offers a more detailed explanation to the "Glass of Water" technique, manifestation algorithm from a wish granting temple in Myanmar, Infosomatic visualization techniques, guided meditation as well as other powerful tools and insights to help you bring your wishes into reality.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on July 6, 2016 at 8:53pm

Wonderful, Dmitriy, not only was I able to follow along with your instructions well, but what you said early on about the abundance of the universe is very true. I hope our readers try the exercise out, since the water element is such an important part of who we are. Thanks, also for your video. ~ Forwarding on to the publishers with our thanks ~ Blessings! 

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