A two-thousand-year-old belief in the Christian Bible being the “inerrant word of God” has been shaken by modern thinking and scholarly scrutiny. Yet a sizable number of Christians refuse to be swayed by the overwhelming contrary evidence. An understanding of the true nature of our reality reveals a greater “logic-based” explanation for the simplistic “faith-based” pronouncement.


Christian Bible the West’s Historical Authority

Deemed as the inerrant word of God, for two-thousand years the Christian Bible has dominated the West. Written by God, handed directly to man, like the ancient ten commandments written in stone and given to Moses high on a mountain by the creator himself, the Bible is the unblemished authority for mankind. Our arts and sciences, and philosophies for numerous generations were, by Church authority, inside the “corral” of this Christian doctrine. Artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt celebrated the faith, as did orchestral musicians, Bach, Handel, all the great composers, and philosophers Hume, Kant, Hegel, Emerson, all generally recognized the “divine” book of God.

The Modern Era Brings Doubt and Disbelief

With our modern era, the test of time is eroding man’s faith. Under scrutiny of a cadre of historians and experts in many disciplines, miracles turn to myth, and old wineskins cannot contain the new wine.  The Bible is revealed as a book written by imperfect men with varying motives, hardly worthy of the “infallible” edict. 

Dr. Bart Ehrman is one such, a leading expert on the accuracy and authenticity of the Bible. He has published numerous books documenting various biblical passages noticeably and clearly contradicting one another. There are two versions of Genesis, and two versions of how David was chosen to be King, and there are two ancestral linages from Adam to Jesus that don’t match, and two very different versions of Christianity’s most sacred story of the Crucifixion. Which version is right? Bart answers, “depends on which Gospel you read”.

An Ancient Hidden Science Questions the Modern Methods

Mysticism, the ancient science, turns the scientific physical world on its head -- the world, composed entirely of living cells, each cell having consciousness, is a construct of the mind.  The world is real in the same sense that a dream or a thought is real. There are no permanent structures. The mind forms the world from a formless source. Every cell, every awareness, every being, partakes in the grand drama forming a three-dimensional spatial reality that we call the physical world. In this sense, all such thoughts, and forms, and sounds, and experiences are divine, perfect in every way, manifestations of a supreme consciousness. We, individually and collectively, are that consciousness, similarities and differences binding the separate selves into a congruent whole. There are no imperfections, for every movement and sensation is what it is, life struggling to emerge out of a formless sphere deep within our mind, a grand play of joys and sorrows, with hope being our guiding light.

An Inerrant Truth Reemerging

The modern world and its sciences look to the outer world for facts and evidence, not recognizing the rich inner world of “myth” and “superstition”. But our three centuries long self-limiting investigation of only the physical world for resolving life’s great mysteries invariably brings up limited and wrong answers as our newest scientific disciplines, quantum physics and biocentrism, are discovering. Material science is proving to be no more reliable than the old biblical declaration of divine creation, for the physical world is consciousness cloaked in form created and interpreted by mind.

A divine and perfect world lies before us, a flawless materialization of an internal developmental mind. It is here that we find our inerrant word of God, consciousness revealing itself in a grand cosmic dance, evolution playing out as formless consciousness taking on form. The idea of an inerrant Bible, for two-thousand years, was easily comprehended by child and adult of any age and education. Yet this small book with its unbelievable fables and myths has perhaps served as a tiny symbol of the true “inerrant” grand reality hidden from the modern “rational mind”. It may explain why, in the face of absolute facts to the contrary, the sancient Bible remains the “inerrant word of God” to the many who – based on intuition from deep within -- will never be otherwise swayed.


About the Author

Arthur Telling has written numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” appeared in the Nov. 2011 AMORC Rosicrucian Digest. Telling is the author of four novels, including his latest book “Yancey Gates: A Dialogue with Self”, a “how to” book in fiction format on awakening to the present moment. His website is: www.arthurtelling.com

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