So I was stuck in bed a few nights ago due to a careless 'energy transference'. Being a Highly Sensitive Empath, other people's energies affect me so I need to energetically protect myself. But I forgot this one time and BOOM! I took on someone's pain and frustration. Nice one Karishma! Now what?!

For all you Lightworkers and Empaths, I know you feeling me! I started to heal myself with Light and called in all the Angels who could help. Instead of moping around, I decided to use the time wisely and started writing this post that you are reading now. I had kept asking God for time to write and whoop! There it was! Time appeared. And I thought I'd share what happened days before. 

I was thinking of the day I had with the ladies at my recent workshop. You see, I had an amazing day of friendship, gratitude, humility and celebration with them. They all had worked so hard at my Confidence workshop that we went out for a lovely lunch to celebrate their success. One of the ladies had given me a pretty Thank you card. Now this lady had only started reading and writing English a few months and her words touched me deeply. 

''You have been a teacher who not just saw our today. But managed to make us see our tomorrow as well. We owe so much to you''

Honestly, when I read that, I cried tears of joy and hugged this woman. After years of soul searching, finding my purpose, prepping myself and doing the work to spread my mission of empowering women; here was the evidence that told me I was doing something right. Sometimes, we do what we do, knowing what we are doing feels right but you can't really see the way ahead at times. When something like this happens, it is like a huge signpost that just showed up saying KEEP GOING, YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT PATH. That validation comes from God in various forms. A hug from a loved one or a card from your students. Validating you are God's Postman. Or in my case, Postwoman!

What on earth is that Karishma? Exactly what it means. We are messengers of the Divine. We all have the Divine Spark in us and God/Universe works through us to reach the ones who need our skills. I love it! I am God's Post-person. I deliver super messages. I am merely an Instrument. The messages come from the Divine. I just say it, express it, scream it or hug it out. As long as it is delivered, my mission is successful for the day. In the case for my workshops, looks like the message was heard loud and clear and wow...I couldn't be happier doing what what I do. 

If you could view yourself as God's Post-person, what message have you been delivering today? How did your message/words affect the person? What Divine magic flowed through you today? The evidence will be the people and situations around you. What do you see around you? Goodness and smiles? Or unhappiness and misery?

We all the power of sending out a message that stems from a Higher Place. A place that lies deep within our souls. Where we are connected with the Divine. If you are aware of how I work, then you will know that I channel Angelic messages as I write or whilst filming my YouTube videos or as I facilitate workshops. I have no idea where the words come from but before I do anything, I pray for the wisdom and the words to articulate the wisdom. And the words flow. Sometimes, I have to read back what I have written or watch my videos because I have no idea what came through earlier!

A Higher loving presence always comes through. Perhaps it is the Universe or an amazing angel. Whoever it would have been, my role still remains the same. Being God's Post-person. I would like to make sure that my work reflects positive motivation for a better life. It is a real blessing to do this work. It doesn't feel like work when you are making someone smile with words that flow through you. 

Yes there are bad energy days for me. However, a darling loved one reminded that my empathetic abilities were meant for a greater purpose and not to look at it as a curse but to ask for Higher Help in using it wisely to help and inspire others. That is why I am sharing this. Being God's Post-person to deliver messages. 

The messages are:
Strive for the best even when you don't see the results soon enough
You will have bad days but it is what you do with your situation that will make you or break you
It is okay to take a break to come up for air to recharge and rejuvenate
Find a higher cause to serve and that cause will serve you
Love deeply like you only have today to live for
Reconnect with your Inner Child to remind you of your immortality as a Soul
Make conscious decisions that will bring benefit not just for you but for the greater good
Take care of your body and listen to what it needs not what you think it wants
Manifesting is about Receiving the energy of your fulfilled desire
Keep only those people that lift you and get rid of everyone else
Learn something new every day
There is no such thing as Time, the power and change is Now
Accept that age is an illusion and you will look 15 years younger
You are unique as an apple is to an orange
Relinquish control of your life over to the God/Universe and watch your life flourish
Being grateful adds more positive energy to your life
You are the source of your own happiness
Be true to yourself in your thoughts, words and actions you have today's messages from God/Universe through me. I hope I have been a cheery Post-person. I look forward to delivering your 'mail' again soon. 

Blessings xo!

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Comment by Karishma Gill on May 25, 2015 at 2:08pm

Thank you Shelly. I am a rookie at this and your insights were sublime. I shall endeavour to do better. Many blessings

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