Golden Ray Healing For Planetary Ascension

There are 12 Divine Rays of Light that emanate from the Source Creator of this Universe. They are 12 individuated forms of Divine Source Light that allow the Creator to experience Itself and manifest All That Is in Creation. 7 Rays are related closely to the Earthly plane and 5 are transcendental or Heavenly Rays. These Rays of God’s Light carry forth certain qualities of the Creator. By working with these Divine Rays we can integrate their qualities into our lives for soul healing and spiritual growth. The essence of each Ray communicates through colour, sound and archangelic frequencies. They can be channeled through the human body into the Earth plane, positively influencing the collective consciousness.

The Golden Ray is the 12th Ray of Creation and is the highest frequency of God’s Light currently available to the Earth plane. It contains the essence of all the preceding rays and it’s energy is what is known as Christ Consciousness; the experience of Oneness with the Creator.

When you activate the Golden Ray in your field you connect with the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun is the Firstborn of Creation, from where all souls originate. Therefore, when you connect with the Great Central Sun through the Golden Ray of Unity Consciousness you connect with the highest aspect of your soul, which resides in Oneness with all souls. It is the Great Oversoul. In this space, everything in Creation is known, including the best solution for every imbalance. When you work with this Ray you go beyond healing. It brings forth complete transformation and spiritual rebirth.

The ultimate purpose of the Golden Ray is to assist souls in their journey back to the One, but on a more mundane level it manifests the qualities of peace, harmony, creativity and unconditional love. It balances the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within. It is the Ray of God that blends the physical with the Spiritual, combining Heaven and Earth.

The Golden Ray brings you into the Now, helping you gain inner clarity and inner knowing, opening your connection to be guided by your highest Self.

What is the difference between the Golden Ray and Reiki energy?

The Golden Ray can be used as a compliment or alternative to Reiki. They both come from the same Source.

The main distinguishing factor between the Golden Ray and Reiki is that use of the Golden Ray is intended to go beyond healing. It's job is to facilitate complete transformation leading to spiritual growth on a holistic level. It is particularly potent when healing past life traumas that manifest in current life circumstances. It is very effective at clearing blockages on all levels of the soul and across all timelines. It transmutes fear into Love, and brings joy where there was sadness.

How can the Golden Ray be used in healing?

In 2012, supported by the energies of the Venus transit in June, an ancient symbol was revealed and activated on the Earth plane for the first time in aeons. This ancient symbol is known as the Great Solar Light Key™. The Great Solar Light Key™ is a Divine symbol that originates from and spins within the Great Central Sun. It’s purpose is to channel the Golden Ray to Earth through the Pleiades star system and the planet Venus. This pathway was chosen by the Creator for a very specific reason. By stepping down the golden light through these predominantly feminine cosmic entities the masculine and feminine energies on Earth are brought back into balance. For many thousands of years the balance has been tipped in favor of the masculine, which over time has degenerated into the negative patriarchal control system we know today. Channeling the Golden Light through the Pleiades and Venus brings through the feminine qualities that are required to bring the Earth’s polarity back into balance. There is a reason that throughout the ages Venus has been known across many cultures as ‘The Lightbringer’.

The mission of the Golden Ray goes beyond individual healing, it’s major purpose is to heal at a planetary level. By working with the Great Solar Light Key™ and the Golden Ray we become conduits for Golden Light to penetrate the Earth plane as it passes through our own energy fields into the energy field of planet Earth, known as the 144 Consciousness Grid. Every Golden Ray Healing that takes place on an individual level channels golden light through both the Healer and the recipient into the Consciousness Grid, thereby cleansing and purifying the collective consciousness of humanity. This is how we bring Christ Consciousness (otherwise known as Unity Consciousness) from Heaven to Earth. As Golden Ray Healers, we are the bridge for this transference of energy.

The Golden Ray works to remove all negative energy from the Creation, replacing it with pure Christ Light. It is an intelligent force that dispenses itself in perfect amounts according to the level of development of each individual soul. This is an ongoing mass healing process, the seeds for which were planted by many illuminated Ones throughout the ages in preparation for the spiritual renewal we are beginning to see today. The importance of the Golden Ray at this time should not be underestimated. When you commit to working as a Golden Ray Healer, you are contributing to a Divine Plan many aeons in the making.

Golden light energy is channeled very much like Reiki, but in many ways it is much simpler. The most effective way to channel the energy is through the hands. However, you can also use the power of your mind through pure intention and visualization. As long as your intention is to use the energy for the highest good of all there is no right or wrong way, and the very nature of the Golden Ray allows you to be creative with it.

The Golden Ray is safe to use, with no contraindications. Having said that, when using the Golden Ray for healing it is important that the person being healed be aware that the process may stir up emotional trauma that has been forgotten in this lifetime, or stems from past or future lives. It is important that the recipient of Golden Ray Healing retains consciousness of the process throughout. When in the middle of a healing it can be very easy to lose sight of the end goal and get caught up in the emotions as they are released. Working with a Golden Ray Healer is important because the healer acts as an anchor through the process of transmutation and rebirth. Physical ailments have their roots in the spiritual, mental and emotional realms so it is natural that when we heal physical ailments the trapped energies will first be released in the unseen realms. It is in these realms that a Golden Ray Healer will guide the recipient.

You will notice even more information being shared about the Golden Ray in the coming years as it becomes anchored into the 144 Consciousness Grid, and maybe you will feel called to become a Golden Ray Healer and assist with this phase of planetary ascension. Thank you for being here.

Ahtayaa Leigh is a Spiritual Alchemist, Golden Ray Healer and creator of the Energy Healing Practitioner Course. Following the call of Great Spirit she has travelled the world participating in light activations and global healings. Her life work is committed to supporting others on their journey of awakening. Learn more about her at and connect on Facebook at Ahtayaa Leigh 

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