Grief Relief Channeled from the Akashic Realm

Are you grieving the loss of a Loved One? Is every day a battle to fend off the overwhelming darkness that is grief? What if you could see, hear, even touch your loved one, just one more time? If you could it might go something like this:

Black velvet. A swirling vortex of black, like being in deep space. It is grief, all encompassing grief. It surrounds and threatens to drown you. It is hard to breathe. It presses down upon you. Valiantly you fight back, trying to thrust it off and escape its clutches. Sometimes you even succeed...for a little while.

Suddenly you become aware of a tiny pinprick of light, but it is far away and you are so weary from fighting. You don’t think you have the strength to make it. You are falling down while reaching for the light. Before you hit the ground, the light expands and comes directly to you. It feels as if the air is being re-oxygenated. You feel pure oxygen flowing into your lungs; so sweet it’s like honey. It nourishes your body, reviving you until you are now able to sit up.

You sit there panting for a few minutes until you feel sufficiently recovered to stand. When you do, a hand reaches out to help you up. It is your lost Loved One, here with you right now, coming when you were in need as if they had been waiting and watching for the opportunity. You weep with joy at seeing them. You embrace each other in a long, tight, bear hug, while you sob in their arms, releasing the pent up sadness and longing to see them just one more time. Your Loved One holds you until your sobs quiet and you slowly regain a measure of composure.

You feel emotionally spent and rejuvenated, both at the same time. An amazing juxtaposition! Your Loved One just waits quietly with a gentle smile, content to just be with you, allowing you all the time you need to absorb this experience.

When you are once more in control of your emotions, your Loved One takes your hand patting it gently and says:

“There now, doesn’t that feel better? You must allow yourself to release those pent-up emotions. They do you no good bottled up inside. Release them like a flock of doves into the heavens. Allow them to be transmuted by the Universe. In their place the golden healing light of love will flow into your entire being turning all the dark places into light.”

“It is as if you are lit from the inside you are so entirely filled with the healing light of love. It is eternal, always available, never ending. A steady stream of healing love will flow to, and through you, for as long as you allow. Any time you feel overwhelmed, sad, stressed, or worn down by the cares and woes of life, stop and remember how incredibly loved you are. Then see, feel and hear the love light flooding your senses, bathing you in its energy, washing away the sadness and the grief.”

“Know that I am in a wonderful place. It is more than I ever imagined and I am so filled with gratitude for the life I lived and for the light future ahead of me. I want to share that hope and happiness with you so that you can get back to living your life. Relish every minute of it because it is speeding by. Savor the sweetness of each day. Try to be happy for me that I have moved on. My time on Earth has ended but yours has not. It is so important that you understand and do not waste your days grieving for me. I promise you we will be together again and it will be exquisite, but that time is not now. Go on with your life and know that I will never be far away. If you feel the need to talk with me just do so. I will hear you and I will come to stand at your side and share with you the universal light of love. Allow yourself to receive it and let your heart be healed. If you feel my presence or hear my voice, know that it is real. I will never abandon you. Even though I now have a new life on this side of the veil, our bond remains strong and I come whenever you need me. In time I hope that you will find you need me less and less, for that would mean you are picking up the pieces of your life and moving on, as it should be. I love you so very much for now unto eternity. Go in peace filled with the knowledge of our bond and love. Let your heart be light. That is what I wish for you that you would live and live fully.”

With those words your Loved One stands, kisses you on the forehead then turns and walks back into the bright light at the other end of the portal.

Slowly you come back to your body and this reality. Everything settles back into place. You are you except your heart feels lighter. You may feel like smiling, perhaps even feel like dancing or jumping up and down for joy. Whatever you feel is perfectly fine. Allow it. If you find that despair begins creeping back into the corners of your awareness, take the time to stop and revisit your Loved One. You may return to that meeting place any time that you need an injection of the healing light of love. Go forth and let your steps tread lightly upon the Earth. You are loved far more than you could ever imagine.

Debbra Lupien is a Psychic/Intuitive. She is actively engaged in data mining the Akashic Realm bringing forth messages of inspiration and enlightenment. During readings the Akashic Guides always supply exactly what each soul needs at that very moment in time, leading to deeply profound, transformative, experiences. Messages intended for sharing can be found on her website:

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Comment by Debbra Lupien on September 3, 2014 at 11:38am

Thanks, Trevor. Very exciting!

Regards, Debbra

Comment by Trevor Taylor on September 3, 2014 at 5:46am

Many thanks for the 2nd edit, Debbra.  Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi media editions of OM Times

Comment by Debbra Lupien on September 1, 2014 at 6:13pm

Thank YOU, Trevor. Edits complete. Please let me know if you need anything else. Regards, Debbra

Comment by Trevor Taylor on September 1, 2014 at 6:54am

Thank you Debbra. As your article is being assessed with a view to Publication, could you (a) Substitute the words 'Loved one' for 'LO' wherever it appears in the narrative and (b) Could you pop a brief BIO in at the end of about 60 words or so. Many thanks, Trevor

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