Grounding and Running Energy - Day 5 of Conscious Living Challenge


Today's Challenge:

After reading through the below information, try out each exercise, and begin to open the door to your own psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities. Then, share your experiences with all of us in the discussion forum!

What Is Grounding?

Grounding is a process of rooting and centering yourself. It’s an essential tool that will bring clarity, focus, and equanimity into your day, moment by moment. When you ground yourself, you’re calling back to you your own pure, positive essence. It’s a balancing tool that guides you to stand in your power, certainty and higher knowing. It is an essential tool as you begin to become in tune with your clairabilities and your Higher Self.

How to Use the Grounding Tool

To use this tool, you will first need to mentally create a grounding cord, pipe or tube. You might pick a tree trunk, a giant rope, tree roots or an empty tube. You’ll know when you find that right cord. Experiment with different images. One day you might be on a pillar of crystal and the next day, its golden light or water. There’s no right or wrong. Whatever image you feel most comfortable with is perfect for you.

To begin grounding, sit up straight, close your eyes, and call all your energy back to you from wherever it might been left behind. Sitting upright in a comfortable chair and holding your shoulders back is a position of dignity and respect for your body. Sit with your palms up, in an attitude of receiving.

Now drop into your upper chest area and focus on your breathing. Tune in to your heart chakra for a bit. Then take your attention to your root chakra, at the base of your spine. Attach the grounding cord to that first chakra and let it drop into the center of the earth effortlessly. Fit that cord to fit snugly around the widest part of your body.

Now mentally jump out of your body and take a look at that grounding cord. Is it torn? Is it weak in some spots? Does it need to be wider? Fix your grounding cord exactly as needed Is anything stuck in it? Is everything moving through it? You may need to set your grounding cord on release mode. Let it open up fully.

To set your cord on release, set the clear intention that it’s time to let go of everything you no longer need. The lower vibrations and energies that aren’t serving you then pour down this drain, through the grounding cord. They’re not yours, so just release them. See a beautiful, golden, divine light pouring through you and through this cord, centering you and rooting your energy to the center of the earth.

See the energy in your physical body and aura that is ready to be released flow down through this cord. This is energy that is either not of you or that no longer serves you. Visualize it pouring out of you through your grounding cord. As you do this, you may see images coming up that are symbolic of situations in your life.

Any of us can get filled up with other people’s energy throughout the day. We’re easily influenced by other energies. In time you will start to realize when you’re out of your center and need to do some grounding, because using these tools will increase your awareness in a big way.

Since I started doing this regularly, I’ve begun to feel good and calm all the time, as if I were being “programmed” to think positively. Now when I hear a negative thought from anyone or myself, I think, “Where did that come from?” Or if I feel anger at another driver on the highway I can calm myself and realize that that anger is not me—it’s coming from them or someone else. That is the beauty of these tools. You get so tuned into a higher vibration that when the lower self comes in, you can recognize it and say, “No more of that! I’m going back to being me.”

Until you establish this practice, it’s easy to not even realize how other people’s energy is affecting you. This is very true for us as a society. I see patterns of this over and over again with clients. Several things are very prominent. People often think, “If that person would just do this, I would be happy.” Or they worry about what others think of them, or feel they have to agree with others. They’re giving up their power in the process. The grounding process can help solve that problem, because when you’re grounding, you’re calling back your energy and letting go of everyone else’s. Nobody controls you but you.

I release through my grounding cord and create a new one a couple of times a day. It’s important to break those energy cords and bonds, because people will tend to cord into me energetically without even realizing it, and that’s never good.

Use a divine golden light in spiritual practice, instead of a white light. White light tends to attract lower vibrational energies, because it attracts everything. A golden divine energy is purer and more powerful.

Grounding Steps In Quick Summary


•          Keep your feet flat on the floor, your eyes closed, and be relaxed in your chair. Place your palms facing up on your lap.


•          Attach a grounding tube from your first chakra, which at the base of your spine. Drop it effortlessly to the center of the earth. Don’t try to find the center of the earth. Trust your Higher Self knows where that is.


•          Tug on your grounding tube to check that at is flowing and attached, if you need to. Travel up and down the entire grounding tube and check it for tears, holes or weak spots. Strengthen the grounding cord where you need to.


•          Widen your grounding tube to fit snuggly around your hips.


•          In your mind’s eye, put a date on your grounding cord, to affix it to present day, and set it on release.


•          Use it for draining out energy and programming that is not your own. See all that is not of you, and any lower vibrational energy such as fear, worry, self-sabotage, doubt leaving through this cord.


Use your grounding tube at any time. It is one of your main psychic tools. You may also use it to ground others when you see they are not in balance for some reason. Grounding others is the one psychic tool you may use to assist others without first gaining their permission. Remember you must have grounded yourself before you do this. Change your grounding tube whenever it is old, worn out or not draining energies out quickly enough.


Running Energy

Running Energy is a simple yet powerful technique in you can use in your daily life to help you maintain more clarity, peace of mind and stay in tune to your Higher Self. As you Run Energy you are bringing in and mixing feminine earth energy and masculine cosmic energy in your Root Chakra, then dispersing it through your body and aura. Through this technique you will learn to become more aware of these subtle yet powerful earth and cosmic energies and how to use them as a balancing technique. This is an essential tool to assist you as you become in tune with your clairabilities and your Higher Self.

Running Energy Process

The exercise may be done in a few minutes or during a longer meditation state. As you learn to Run Energy you may find the process does happen more quickly however and may take only a few minutes. You may feel a great sensation of energy or you may have no sensation at all. Both are fine.


1.         Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor.

2.         Ground yourself.

3.         Bring your aura in closely around you, about 12 inches around.

4.         Let your energy body travel to the depths of the earth and find pure Earth Energy that is just right for you.

5.         Bring this Earth Energy up through your feet chakras, up your leg channels into the first chakra and out and down your Grounding Cord. With each breath, breathe in this Earth Energy fully.

6.         Let your energy body travel up into the cosmos and find pure Cosmic Energy that is right for you.

7.         Bring this Cosmic Energy to you through your 7th chakra. Let it travel down the back of the head in two channels. Then at your neck it splits into four channels, traveling down either side of the spine, down your back, then into your first chakra where it mixes with Earth Energy.

8.         Let the two energy mix fully and when you are ready let part of this divine essence travel up through each chakras and out the top of your head. Allow an equal amount travel down your Grounding Cord.

9.         At the 5th chakra (throat chakra) allow some of this divine essence travel down your arms, out your hand chakras and into your aura.  

Remember to stay light-hearted about all of this process. Work them easily and with no effort. They are there for you to use whenever you need them, but get into the habit of using them regularly. They will increase your awareness of how energy works in your life, how it affects you, and how you can manage it in empowering ways.

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Thank you for stopping in to learn about today’s topic at the 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge! If you would like to learn more about the topics this week: Clairabilities, Grounding, Running Energy, Prayers of Protection, Neutrality and Staying in the Center of Your Head, please be sure to follow the releasing of my inaugural book Take The Leap, set to release Fall/Winter 2013.


Warmly, Medium Michelle

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