It’s ‘Over’ ! How to heal a wounded heart ?

It’s  ‘Over’ !  How  to heal a  wounded heart ?

It’s OVER…! The most dreaded word used by homo sapiens. Well hearing this ‘ill fated’ verbal holocaust one feels insanely sad, depressed, betrayed, disappointed ; not to forget ‘suicidal’.

Am I right ?

You should be very lucky if you have never faced this one. Infact if you carry out a survey of ‘broken hearts’ vs ‘first time forever lucky’…it’s the former that will ‘win’ the ‘votes’. So what is this ‘it’s ‘over’ thing all about. Most likely it is used when you are getting  ‘separated’, ‘divorced’, in polite terms ‘forced to move on’…Wow ! how one wishes that they are the one’s saying/speaking this ‘killing word’ rather than been made to ‘listen’ to this. As the saying goes ‘it’s easy to drop the ‘bomb’ than getting ‘killed’ !

However  your case maybe , this forced ‘moving on’ is not ‘cool’…rather it appears like walking in the Thaar desert without an ‘oasis’ in sight. So what are your options ? Well you can use all possible abusive verbiage towards the ‘bomb’ dropping party but dear one ‘face it’ …it is ‘over’ ! So let’s see what can be done to handle this situation in a more ‘polished’ manner, no matter how ‘bleeded’ , ‘wounded’, ‘depleted’, ‘rejected’, ’devastated’, ‘murdered’, ’back stabbed’ you feel. After all…you are strong .

  1. Vent it out – don’t let the ‘crap’ in for long. The earlier you let out the… ‘baggage’ the better it gets!

    Now the question arises, ‘how’ ? and to whom do I shed my ‘crocodile tears’ or  do we say ‘infuriating roars’ to ? Well yeah…think ! Any of your ‘buddies’ so to speak, your dog if you don’t have a real good, patient friend, your mum ( if she is one of those, ‘take it out on’ mama) or your grandparents (spare them though – age factor) or if you are a ‘loner’ in the literal terms, than your ‘sweet room and pillows’ will do the trick; yes box your pillows to death; or just ‘wet’ them ‘clean’…

    Now you have done the venting…what next ? You feel you have ‘moved on’, but honestly it’s not so ‘quick’ atleast for the ‘emotional softies’ that most of us are. Next someone talks about your breakup and all you know you either endup ‘firing’ them or just land into another ‘distress paranoia’…God! now what ? So do we rewind the whole ‘letting out’ process; sorry to say – yes! Buddy you still need to heal …bigtime!


  2. Join a healing/meditation group- it will help you to cleanse the negative thoughts bubbling inside you. Infact the more you will deep breathe the ‘lighter’ you will feel…try it ! This one works ‘magic’…

  3. Dance – Wow ! this one rocks! You will feel happier ,lighter ,livelier and refreshed.

  4. Join a gym – yes exercise sets the ‘the happy hormones’ jiving ; keeping you vibing hale and hearty

  5. Aerobics/Power yoga – even better ; you feel very much bright and the ‘prana’ moves well; giving you a nice feel.

  6. Counseling – yes sometimes talking to ‘experienced’ psychologist can help to ‘quell’ the fire . Must give it a shot, more so if you are in the ‘loner’ category and no amount of pillow killing or wetting is working for you.

    7. Holiday – is sure breather for the ‘busy’ mind ; it takes you to a land of ‘new experiences’; works pretty well in this case. If one has the finances ; try going to a different country, it will be very good at all levels.

    8. Swimming – Infact not just swimming but any water related sport is good for your ‘emotional’ senses. Water and emotions are like ‘twins’…nothing is more ‘connected’ than the ‘two’.

    9. Walking – considering you are low on the purse; never mind , simplest way to drive the dragons away – go for long brisk walks daily, morning and late evening; you will definitely sleep easy. Your mornings will resound more peace than you have ever known.

    10. Journaling – Trust me there’s nothing better than ‘writing’ your thoughts out and ‘burning’ them away. Yes ‘burning’; as in literally burning and seeing them turn into ‘ashes’ can actually lift a broken heart. Don’t worry when people see you always scribbling in ‘public places’; no matter how mad it may seem…do it! Carry a notepad and a pen with you wherever you go, scribble your thoughts and burn the paper once done with the writing. Soon you will find the ‘negative’ thoughts seem to ‘lessen’ giving your ‘head’ more space to create a ‘new’ soulmate.

    11. Music – I am sure everyone will vouch by this one. Peaceful music is like a ‘balm’ to a ‘crippling heart’…So guys listen to some nice ‘uplifting numbers’.


    And above all ‘breathe easy’…it’s not the end of life …rather take it as a ‘new beginning’… a better, brighter, enriching  start . Because when the time is right you will meet the ‘one’. All the best !



Sunanda’ s Bio

Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach .She is a member Elite Psyche Team - Best American Psychics 2013, Member of Certified Psychic Society 2013  , Winner Tarot Super Achievers Award 2012 India. She is a published author. She has written two books of Spiritual/Inspirational genre "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume I" and "Inspiration from the Spirit Volume II".You can reach her at


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