Most people live according to an interesting model that can be called the disease model, or the negative model. This means that they see things from the opposite of a positive perspective. It also means that they may go around trying to repair those things in life that they judge, see or experience as bad. By trying to change the worst things in life, this type of disease model allows us to focus and put a lot of our energy, thoughts and feelings, not in awareness but into exploring the weaknesses or problems that we have to overcome.



“The intention that man should be happy is not in the plan of Creation.” 

- Sigmund Freud


What are we as a humanity truly seeking?


By thinking or feeling that we have to transform things, whether they are physical, emotional, or mental, such as a physical illness, an obsessive thought, a feeling that brings us to a state of unhappiness or suffering, what we are doing within this model (often without knowing) makes us feel very trapped. We then try to escape from the state of unhappiness that Freud spoke about as the curse of humanity.


We do all these things because we are seeking to avoid pain, and unfortunately this is the model by which most people live. We judge good and bad because we want to avoid the bad and constantly seek to find the good. By doing so, our primary focus is on overcoming what we see as deficiencies and negativities, and we live within the context that recreates that space.


Can using a sacred mantra really assist our evolution?


Nahum is a sacred mantra and the repetition of this sacred mantra creates the opposite basis for our focus, verifying a new model from a very, deep state of awareness that is focused and clear.


Nahum, which means no limit, is a healthy model, or a positive model and it is not what the brain is used to. Hence why we need to be patient as the rewiring of the connections that happen within the brain need time.

What is a Healthier Model of Life?

To clarify, this new healthy model, where the focus is very clear, allows us to move into a deeper state of awareness and build our spiritual practice on the very important factor of positivity. This allows us the ability to look at and appreciate all the beautiful aspects of life, even if they don't make sense. The thing is, we are not trying to make sense, as we are living from this new positive perspective and if we are present to it, it is naturally positive without the need for a disease model, or a negative model, of judgment or dualistic thinking.


Consequently, we are free and what we are looking at are all the beautiful things no matter what the situation is, and when we do this we discover that there is always light. When free we also observe that our light of consciousness is shining within everything. Even if we can't see it, it is there.


Without that light of consciousness expanding within us (even if it is forgotten), there wouldn't be existence and there wouldn't be manifestation.


“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

- Hippocrates


In a spiritual sense the healthy model, or the positive model, is not about seeking only beautiful things or trying to focus on only beautiful things, it is about honoring the beautiful things whether they are visible or invisible. In this way, what we are doing is teaching the mind - the neurons within the brain - to connect in a totally different way. In the past we may have been manipulated into thinking through evolution, socialization and through our experiences that may have been negative or traumatic. Now we are transforming this. We are turning everything upside down and building within ourselves a state that resonates with vital wellbeing that allows us to vibrate at a very high frequency.


Scientists confirm the God Particle

In Quantum Physics this frequency is beyond the material, as the material is the slowest moving frequency. Rather this frequency is a state of consciousness that is similar to the finer particles that are beyond the size of even molecules. They are so minute! Some scientists refer to this as the God Particle, which is a very unscientific name for a particle but is due to it being so very fine.


This beautiful space is our space of consciousness. It is within us and hence why detachment is so very important for this positive model. We need to let go so that the space that is there - the particles that are so very fine - can be remembered.


We can help this by repeating the mantra Nahum and by focusing on the positivity of our experience, on the positivity of our meditation and on the positivity of our state of consciousness. By doing so, we are really developing the light within that strengthens our state of consciousness and that strengthens and expands awareness.

Being Free

Remember then, that there is no need to look for happiness and there is no need to avoid pain. There is simply being! Being that which you are! It is enjoyable, it is blissful, and there is no limit to the experience, as the limitation has been let go of.


May our day today, from right here and now, in this present moment, contain no limitation; contain no obstruction, no boundary, no this or that. May it simply be a blissful state of consciousness that we repeat as we continue moving deeper, whilst repeating Nahum deep within our Heart.


We are free.


About the Author:


Tony Samara, world-renowned spiritual teacher and author of 16 books has been sharing deep spiritual work and energy transmission for the evolution of consciousness for over 25 years. To read further articles by Tony Samara visit OM Times and to discover more visit

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