Have you ever wondered why some people react one way in a given situation while others react totally differently? Let’s look at a common reaction to coming across a snake on your path while you are out for a walk. Now, if you have a fear of snakes you would most likely instantly become frightened, your heart beginning to pound, your throat becoming dry and maybe even find yourself feeling weak. Just think, by the time you actually jumped back in fear, a split second transformation has already taken place inside you. Your mental impulse – stored in your subconscious mind- has manifested itself physically as molecules of adrenaline. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you chose this reaction. After all, if you did not have a pre-programmed fear of snakes, your reaction would have been totally different. Perhaps you really like them and therefore a happier reaction would have occurred. Your mental decision caused a physical reaction. This is just a simple example of how our mind and body work together.

Within our subconscious minds we store all memories from our past (both this life and past lives) including the reactions, emotions and physical conditions associated with each memory. This of course is very useful when we remember things like what is too hot and will burn, what is safe and unsafe for our well-being. However, the great misfortune is that all of us are preprogrammed along extremely rigid lines; we have only a few reactions instead of the infinite ones we could have. When this happens, stress begins to accumulate, and negative signals from the mind begin to damage our cells, which in turn will manifest in disease. Almost 98% of all viruses are stress based and 85% of all doctor visits can be traced back to a stress related issue. An East Indian saying goes, “If you want to see what your thoughts were like yesterday, look at your body today. If you want to see what your body will be like tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.” In other words, our health is often determined by our own thoughts. Negative thought processes would in turn produce stress within the body and attract more stress and negative energy into our lives; a continuous cycle of stress and dis-ease.

We need to take time and pay attention to our lives. Any dissatisfaction will and must express itself physically, because our thoughts ultimately turn into chemicals. When we are happy, chemicals in our brain travel throughout our body, telling every cell of our positive feelings. We feel good all over; the cells in fact “get happy” as they function more effectively by altering their own chemical processes. The same holds true if we feel depressed; the reaction is sadness sent to each cell resulting in us feeling weaker, causing heartache and the immune system to break down. Our state of mind is so important to our quality of life and creating health.

Through meditation we are able to draw our awareness to specific issues or parts of our body whether these are emotional, physical or spiritual and actually begin the healing process. By focusing on balancing our Chakras and the flow of Chi throughout our bodies we are able to do many things; change the temperature of our body, slowing down our breathing and even our own heartbeat, and relaxing our muscles even to the point that we are no longer aware of pain or tension in our bodies. In order to do these things we must practice consciously drawing our awareness and intention to connecting our thoughts and body. Knowing this, you are able to consciously create health instead of unconsciously creating dis-ease. Often in order to create health you will need to “let go of imperfection in order for perfection to appear by itself.” Deepak Chopra

Through meditation we are able to let go of any grievances, regrets or hostility we may be carrying in our heart or mind. Remember, if negative thoughts make us unwell, then it is just as true that positive thoughts will create the healthy life we are looking for. It is for this reason that it is important to give thanks each day for all the many blessings we presently have in our life, thus bringing in positive energy. Think also of what we wish to manifest in our life and be open to see the opportunities, which present themselves to help us achieve these desires.

Remember, we need to bring positive energy within to acquire the inner peace and contentment we are longing for and there is no better way to do this but with daily meditation. We deserve this time to connect mind, body and spirit in order to become all we are meant to be…children of the Divine filled with pure potentiality!

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