Health & Wellness : June 2011 Editorial : Honoring Our Authentic Men

Each month time is spent in prayerful contemplation as we seek guidance prior to the determination of exactly what topic to share or express within the cyber pages of the Health & Wellness Editorial.   Of course each month shares several common themes that reflect the essence of our combined successful healthy adventures.  The first, “Healing begins withIN,” reminds us to look at what goes in / on / around our bodies when considering an individual roadmap to wellness. Taking individual responsibility as we partner with physicians in creating this roadmap for a healthy mind/body/spirit that works with specific needs!   Good health is an aspect of life that mirrors our treatment to “self” in the years prior and with each decision that is made in the present, we are determining our future wellness. 


June, the sixth month and mid point of our Gregorian calendar, is a month full of mystery. There are several theories as to origin of the name, how many days were included.    One historical idea suggests that June was named to honor Juno, wife of Jupiter, king of the Gods. Juno was the special deity of women, and the Goddess of marriage and childbirth.  For centuries June has been a big month for weddings, possibly because the preceding month of May was observed for "the unhappy dead," and was considered a bad month to be married, all weddings were postponed until June. However, it is interesting to note that Juno is the Goddess of marriage and this is Her month.  [1]


It has always been considered one of our most desirable months and highly anticipated ones. It is the end of school for children and the beginning of vacation for everyone. This, alone, would make it popular. But it is also the month when trees and flowers are at their most beautiful. Nature is at its peak at this time and it is a month that our culture has set aside to recognize and honor fathers, but we prefer to extend this to all “authentic men.”


It has been a journey full of twists and turns as we sought the means to uplift men and discover the connection between healing the duality that has been created and catered to for centuries and healing the individual mind | body | spirit.  Where does this leave us on the subject of healing and how do we get there? If simply interested in healing from the angle of eliminating a problem or improving health and well-being, this might have absolutely no relevance to healing. But for many, healing and spiritual development are obviously inextricably intertwined. In fact, many physical and psychological difficulties are part and parcel of our evolution as “spiritual beings”. In Esoteric Healing, Alice Bailey stated that physical healing can be even more difficult as we become more “spiritually advanced”, and often physical healing is not even the highest outcome in the overall scheme of things. At times when one is struggling with some physical difficulty, it may in fact be necessary to take ones attention from that to our spiritual life* (such as strengthening the connection with our “soul”).


Paradoxically, this may set the stage for physical healing, but not by making that our goal. Things can get quite tricky and complex as we advance on the “spiritual path”, and so it is helpful to investigate what we want when we seek healing. If we can align our intention which what is actually for our “highest good” (i.e., align it with the “universal intention”) then the appropriate healing is assured. Whereas “cure” is not always possible, “healing” is.


What non-duality points to is the recognition that absolutely everything — no matter how glorious or abhorrent it seems to us — is an expression of the One. Everything is part of the Whole, and the resistance to “what is” creates the sense of separation and suffering. Even the intellectual understanding conveyed by Advaita can have a impact in healing, in that greater acceptance of life as it is results in greater peace. As the body, mind, and emotions relax into this understanding, the possibility for healing is increased. The paradox is that in the very acceptance of disease itself, the possibility of healing is optimized! [2]


After watching this video [ ] produced by Conscious Men ( we knew it was time for our hearts to unite and the illusion of duality to end.   There is no doubt we need the masculine and feminine attributes in the cosmic creation of all that is and all that is to come.   With this issue and editorial we offer our gratitude, love and appreciation for all awakened men!  We celebrate our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who have entered into this broke dualistic reality to assist our own divine feminine hearts to heal and reclaim our power as ONE.   To the men in our cosmic life, we thank you for the strength and wisdom that YOU bring to our life through your amazing gifts.    


Please accept this video as a small token of appreciation and love for sharing this journey with the feminine, which is also in a transitional stage and learning how to appropriately use our own gifts to heal the planet and people we love so much.  Our men have been exploited and hurt just as deeply as their female counterpart in this separation, let us open our arms and hearts to the men in our life and “be” a help mate as it was intended.  As you watch the video, go within and consider the pain that our men have carried for generations without complaint and begin to heal from the INside::OUT!   


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