Help Get Things Moving with the Water Element

There can be times in life when you feel like you are fighting against the tide in almost every respect.  Everything feels blocked and every movement represents a battle that you believe is not one that can be won by you.  It is in these moments that you can call upon the element of water.  It surrounds you, permeates your very being and fills the space between all in this world.  It can help you to regain your natural flow and movement.

When thinking of moving effortlessly through this world it is useful to visualise pouring yourself into every situation and feeling your way through intuitively.  You have no form but all forms at the same time.   You rest safe in the knowledge that water can feel its way through, around and past any obstacle in its path.


When you work with the water element you are drawn in and held in a dreamlike state where all becomes clear and you are empowered with divine energy.  All is washed away leaving only the bare bones of your soul smiling through to you once more.


Opening yourself up to this element, wherever you are, allows you to connect with all of life in that moment.  By drinking a cup of precious water you offer thanks for its life sustaining powers and ask that all may be blessed by its presence.


Masaru Emoto through his extensive work with water and the energy of the spoken and written word showed us how the structure of all that we do is captured and circulated through the medium of water.  Prayers offered from the other side of the world had the ability to heal when focused on a body of water.  With such easily accessible power we must be mindful of our thoughts and actions. 


When to Call upon this Element


1.  When you are feeling blocked or stuck in a pattern that simply does not naturally flow.


2.  You encounter a situation where simply surrendering to the needs of the moment seems impossible.


3.  To help balance and purify your mind, body and Spirit.


4.  When you feel alone and unconnected to all in this universe.


5.  You may be unable to navigate your way around a barrier in life.


6.  When you simply want to explore life and all of its magical nooks and corners without fear or trepidation. 


7.  When you want to stand on the edge and take that brave step into the unknown.


Visualisation Tools


When using these tools allow yourself to focus upon and dive into all that they evoke for you.  Hold in your mind and heart the movement of the different bodies of water and feel the energy wash through and over you. Offer a prayer to this element in whatever form that it may take for you and let it carry you through all that you may face in life.  You will know what you need in any given moment.


1.  Call upon the river and feel its movement as it drives onwards, changing course to fit the land that it flows over and through.  Feel it thriving with life as if carries all within it to feeding and spawning grounds.  The currents within respond and move with the rains that flood its banks, building in power, effortlessly spilling over as it needs to, moving endlessly on towards the sea.


2.  Open up your face to the rain and feel it purify and wash away the surface skin of everyday life.  Feel and welcome its caress as a natural part of life, of life giving and sustaining movement.  It flows from the heavens to bless this land and all upon it.  Do a rain dance of thanks and smile at the wetness on your body.  Feel it purify, nourish and care for you.  Know that the energy of pure divine love can effortlessly flow this gift from above and let it in.


Know that with rains come new life, bigger harvests and growth.  As part of the purification and cleansing process know also that all may be washed away so that new life may begin.  The rains can be a destructive process, purging the land, reshaping it so that it is fit for purpose in a new and altered form, all shaped by nature.


3.  Think of the ocean with its rhythmic ebb and flow.  Its tides move with the push and pull of the moon above.  Standing by the ocean and surrendering to the noise, fragrance and feel of the water moving around our bodies feeds such a connective power to the universal whole.   


You can also float on its surface held by the buoyancy of your body and drift for a while looking up at the stars above.  Simply surrender for a while.  If you feel like a little more adventure you can dive down into the deeps of the ocean and live with the creature that shine like stars in the dark.  The ocean can be all that you need just ask of it and it shall be there for you.


4.  Stand by a waterfall and watch it cascade to the ground.  The water falls from a great height, surrendering to the natural curves and shape of the land upon which it flows, knowing that it will survive the fall.  The path that it takes may make your heart leap and breath catch but the ride is a joyous celebration of free flow and form. 


The splashes caused by its passage may even throw up an elusive rainbow that beautifully dances at the edges of your vision.  Make a wish, as all will be just fine as you surrender to this ongoing adventure over the edge.


You can use all of these tools as visualisation exercises in the privacy of your sacred space or out on the road.  You can be with each body of water in reality and invoke its energy to help you in that moment, remembering to give thanks as you work with this element.  Pass on all that you experience and ask for all to receive the blessings that they may need, as they need it. 


Hold all that you find working with the water element as being a natural and pure Truth.  Carry this with you as you flow on.


I would also like to share with you an affirmation that I have written to help you to work with and develop your relationship with the water element:


Elemental Water Affirmation


I surrender to the natural flow of all things, finding my way effortlessly around obstacles that may present themselves to me.  I move intuitively with all that life may offer.  I let my tears mingle with the waters of the Earth and feel joy in this moment of oneness. In this act I feel my prayers move closer to Source, taken up by the element of water. I am heard.  My blessings mingle with all around me as I open up to the connection that flows through the channel of water.  I am everywhere and everywhere is in me.

Author Bio

Mhairi Scott is an author and teacher based in Scotland. She achieved a BSc with honors in psychology and is a certified Advanced Angel Practitioner. Her book, An Angelic Toolkit for the Spiritual Traveller, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She is a columnist for the magazines Silent Voices and OMTimes. Find out more at

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