"Hitler went to Heaven. When you understand this, you will understand God." from book 1 of the Conversations with God trilogy.

Some will be flabbergasted and outraged by such a statement. They will gather all their emotions and preconceptions about this delicate topic and read on armed with interjections and counter-arguments.  It is ok for you to do this.  However, if possible, I invite you to put your weapons down, check your ego at the door, go into your heart, and continue reading. 

After a moment of shock, this controversial phrase resonated profoundly within me.  It made perfect sense.  If God is pure love, how could there be anything but heaven for everyone?  Like others am sure, I have received the indoctrination of a vengeful God, quick to judge what is right, wrong, punishable, condemnable, and so on.  Yet, situations, crimes, values, and so on, are all subjective or cultural at best.  For instance, female genital mutilation is a heinous crime in our western cultures but it is still practiced in most homes in certain African countries without shock or punishment, much to the frustration of international humanitarian agencies who, for decades, try to stop this practice. God does not judge and neither should we.  God knows He/She lives inside each living being in the universe and through this oneness comes love, healing and creation.  If we were to truly live by this truth: oneness, there would not be Hitlers, pedophiles, rapist, murderers, etc.  Who would want to inflict so much pain on him or herself?

Let’s elaborate further on the underlying topics behind such a controversial statement.  Firstly, Hitler went to heaven for there is no other place for our soul to go once it leaves the body.  Secondly, while the destination is somewhat guaranteed, there is a review process through which our universal oneness is experienced by our soul triggering growth.  Thirdly, we are all to blame for each and every disaster or atrocity that occurs on the planet through the concept of oneness.

Nowhere to go but Heaven

Hitler went to heaven along with every other soul who leaves its human incarnation.  It was not a special reward for his earthly endeavors.  There simply isn’t anywhere else to go.  The bigger issue to explore is the existence of heaven and hell.  Do you believe there is a hell or a place of eternal damnation?  Do you believe there is a purgatory or an in-between location where you cleanse of your more acceptable sins?  Or do you believe that the afterlife is a dimension of unification with our Source or Origin or Essence?  Religions teach of various possible outcomes in the afterlife, all connected to our behavior on earth: good deed, praying schedules, even killing sprees.  However, spirituality of all traditions teaches that life – any form of life: human, plant or animal – is a sacred expression of divinity and should be honored and protected.  Similarly, spiritual masters of different traditions, speak of a God of Love and Light.  It therefore follows that the afterlife mirrors those qualities as we are reunited with our true essence, the Divine. 

Taking this concept further, the afterlife is a space of our own creation, at least in the immediate moments after dying, before the soul reunites with its divine origin.  If we accept as true that we create our reality on earth, and that this creation is born in the soul, it must mean that our soul remains creative once free of the body.  Therefore, the soul calls forth whatever creation of heaven or hell it has held true through its experience on earth.  It needs to be noted that our souls in order to discover their divine nature, have forgotten it upon birth.  The loss of data can be retrieved through conscious practice and spiritual growth, or not.  It can therefore happen that when a soul leaves a body un-reconciled with its true essence, still anchored in earthy illusions, calls forth its vision of heaven or hell.  Basically, after we die, we experience what we think we will experience.  If you think you will go to a burning, dark, screaming place, you might be greeted by just that.  On the contrary, if you think your old dog Fluffy will run towards you on an infinite green meadow, so it will be.  

The Afterlife Review Process

While there is no punishment, our soul goes through stages of awakening once it has passed on.  Stage one, this is the moment of death, the soul leaves the body experiencing a continuation of life, albeit in a different form.  The soul is greeted by familiar loving souls who come forth to aid in this moment of possible disorientation.  Stage two is the manifestation of the heaven or hell we have created for ourselves.  A soul can linger in this process as long as it wishes.  In this stage a life review process, that Neale calls KamaLoca, takes place.  During this process our soul experiences not only its own life but the life of each living being impacted by its own actions, words, or thoughts.  If, like Hitler, the soul’s impact on others was horrific and disastrous, that will be our experience from all the victims’ points of view!  Quite powerful!!!  There is no pain felt by the soul, but growth and awakening occur.  In stage three, the awakened soul reunites with its Source or Origin or Essence.


Ultimately, the powerful teaching of the review process is to – albeit a bit late – remind us of our inter-connectedness, our oneness, with the entire universe.  We are all made of the same matter.  By all, I mean humans, plants, rocks, insects, and planets.  The entire universe is physiologically made up of the same matter.  Yet, we are so disconnected from this scientific truth.  We may be more loving towards people close to us, but are quick to yell or insult someone cutting in front of us on the highway.  A particle that lives in us, lives also inside that person.  Through that particle we can connect to that person’s reality and understand why they may be speeding and driving recklessly.  There is always an explanation and there can always be understanding.

The greatest tragedy is not that Hitler – one man with a crazy vision – spoke to hundreds of thousand of people, but rather that these hundreds of thousand of people in Germany but also around the world, did not stop him.  The absence of immediate intervention enabled him to rise to greater power, mobilize resources, wage war on the western world, and kill millions of lives.  The gravest truth to swallow is that we all co-created Hitler, just like we all co-create today’s individuals with crazy ideas who rape, murder, beat, abuse, other living beings, including animals.

Where does the guilt truly lie?  Is it shared by all co-creators?  Or is it just on the person who commits the crime?  The weightiest truth is that it is simply more convenient to allocate it to one containable individual, rather than admit to ourselves that our unconscious living is the real cause.  How many people are consciously creating their present?  How many people consciously interact with other beings?  How many people revisit their habits, their predeterminations, their judgments to honor their inner Divinity?  All of us bear responsibility.  As long as the entire human race refuses to awaken to the truth that it is engaged in co-creation, nothing will change.  Yet, imagine a world without suffering, violence, betrayal, opportunism…. It is all possible, we just all have to create it, as One.


Annalisa lives in Florence, Italy, is a licensed Naturopath and Spiritual Counselor.  She is trained in TCM, Spagyric Medicine, Psychosomatic Diagnosis, Mindfulness Meditation, and Reiki.  She is writing her first book on applied spirituality and enjoys writing articles for the heart and soul. Connect with her on www.healing-consciousness.org.

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Comment by Annalisa Corti on September 26, 2012 at 2:28pm

thank you Dawn, just love CWG messages, i could write and write and write about them. thank you so much for your support.

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