By Nancy Oakes


The consequences of which are serious for people who are the target of hate

When discussing the issue of third gender, which is how I refer to people who live and love within the LGBT community, many people complain, it’s depressing and too controversial.  However, there is a tremendous spiritual rumbling across our planet.  CNN recently published an article speaking of a spiritual energy they described as an “awakening” in the human species regarding the new human. That does kind of make it official, right?   Who are the new humans and whom are they aligning with? 



This planet in its original design was created by and for a human/god-like creator. The divine plan for this creator was the freedom to live in abundance with everything provided and to be co-creators by choice.  However in the beginning there were also people arriving from other galaxies and born on this planet that served within the community who did not have separate sexes, and chose a different lifestyle.  This practice of third gender lifestyle was totally accepted and they were honored within their communities.   Herein lies the cover-up and misconception about people who have inhabited this planet from the beginning of time; in other words were hermaphrodites in nature just as the gods and goddesses that orchestrated the divine plan.  We can trace back to Hermaphroditus, the son of the Greek god Hermes and the goddess Aphrodite, for the origin of the word "hermaphrodite. Third gender people have been living on our planet for eons with artifacts to prove their existence including statues of the gods and goddesses with obvious genatalia of both sexes. 


 The Egyptian elders say there are more than 12 genders living on the planet.  This includes obvious females with male genitalia, obvious males with female genitalia, and not so obvious with both genitalia.  All of the indigenous cultures had names for the “Two Spirit” people living within their communities. In the indigenous cultures “Two Spirits” were serving as medicine people, teachers, midwives, and elders before colonization persecuted and began the elimination of their roles.   When these sacred people were targeted for ridicule and/or separated from their own societies many lost their connection and their purpose leaving them vulnerable and forced to live in secret, some forced into prostitution for daily survival.   The following is a short list of real people born into societies all over the planet recognized as an addition to their community. There are many more countries that have documented three or more genders within their communities.  


North America-

Two Spirits-Native American

Muxes-Zapotec People, Oaxaca- Mexico

South America-


Guevedoceh-Dominican Republic



The Sworn Virgin-Balkins



Eunuchs-Ancient eastern Mediterranean


Ashtime-Southern Ethiopia

Middle East-

The Kurgarus-Sumer





Religion, later science and the medical industries have been categorizing people who were born androgynous, identifying a person who does not fit neatly into the typical masculine and feminine gender roles of society for over 2,000 years.  Instead of sacred human beings who deserve equal rights to happiness and life they are labeled non-gender, gender-neutral, agender, between genders, genderqueer, multi-gender, intrgendered, pangender, gender fluid, cisgender bi-sexual, transgender and undifferentiated.  Their personal sexual behavior is tagged either homosexual, lesbian, gay, and further they are labeled as intersexual, butch, lipstick lesbian, tomboy, tomsuay, beautiful butch etc.  They have been laughed at for being too feminine, ridiculed for being too butch, unable to get health care, not able to marry whom they love, or even have children without the church and our federal government interfering with their lives.  Also labeled as pedophiles by mainstream religion, as documented recently in the new anti-gay laws passed in Uganda.  How have these precious people survived until now?



Given all this evidence does it give you a different view of how difficult and dangerous it has been for this entire group of people to survive under the rules and authority and the dogma of the religious groups who also controlled the medical industries, and our government.  Targeted for murder, ridicule, oppression, abuse and finally surgery to cut them up in order to make a surgically altered body; the only purpose being to fit into a two-gender society. 


However humanity has arrived in the new era, the “FIFTH WORLD”, as the indigenous elders refer to this time and the return of the feminine energy to our planet. Millions of transformed humans who are vibrating at a higher level of consciousness are saying enough.  We are beginning to see the big picture, and understand that all sacred human beings deserve to be free to live their own lives not based on their sex or gender.  Or perhaps we should say they deserve equal rights because of their sex and gender, which is perfect in the eyes of the Creator. Those who align themselves because of the great love that has ushered into our hearts, have a new understanding and recognize the system of hate. A system perpetrated by some religion authorities towards these sacred people. And since it has come from the mouths of preachers, priests and those who proclaimed it was according to the Bible and God, humanity was trained for centuries not to question.  We have moved into the new era and now recognize it was wrong to burn witches at the stake, and of course no one tolerates that type of behavior today.   I love these wonderful sacred intelligent and loving souls who I have witnessed being persecuted and oppressed.  All people have the right to be happy and love according to their own desires. What business is it of anyone’s who is having sex with whom, or how they are having sex.  What if the religious authorities focused on saving starving children, rescued young women from the sex trades, prevented war and protected the innocent, thereby saving the environment. Then humanity could rebuild paradise.  Paradise for everyone, not just those that conform to certain religious rules, or in a designated gender chosen off a list of two.  


Millions of people recognize that humanity has been misled and deceived regarding the presence of a large population of human beings on this planet.  Led by the feminine energy of love and compassion those transformed lightworkers, who are operating at a higher vibration and consciousness will join hands to include and accept all sacred people as a part of the human experience for the first time in centuries. 


Nancy is the CEO of the “Spiritual Life Style Wellness Center.”  She is a member of the Free Cherokee, and an adopted member of the United Lenape Band.  Nancy is currently involved in the study of psychology, and cultural anthropology.  Her first book is available on amazon.com The Return of Sophia, Mother of the Universe. Nancy is an ally for the “Third Gender” LGBT communities. When our hearts are filled with love and we embrace all sacred creation humanity will witness the shift to a higher consciousness, and arrive in the new world. You can contact her at:  nancy.oakes1@aol.com aboutme.com  www.lovetothelight.weebly.com















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Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 23, 2014 at 2:33pm

Perhaps we can address this when we have our conference call. I did see earlier comments where mentors were asked for. Thank you

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 23, 2014 at 11:39am

I have no doubt you would be capable. It would of course be a learning curve

Comment by Nancy Oakes on July 23, 2014 at 9:50am

Thank you-Trevor-Many years ago this work came to me, I did want to do it. I asked the universe could I please be an activist for the whales and dolphins, or butterflies. My spirit guide, Grandmother came to me many times-I said not now, I will think about it. I got my first good night sleep when about three years ago I realized I can not run nor hide from this work any longer. I am an ally for all those sacred souls who have been murdered, oppressed,eliminated and caused to be unrecognizable and separated as human beings on this planet.  I have actually lost family and friends as I take a stand-but even through that I have to go on. I am looking for opportunities to lecture and to counsel people who must know they are born perfect just the way they are. Secondly to educate society that we must embrace and invite all sacred human beings into the new era with love and compassion, rebuilding paradise together. I am interested in the radio program OM Times is offering however I have no experience. I can see this as another door that could open for the message of love. Do you think I am capable of working the technical side of a radio program? 

Comment by Trevor Taylor on July 23, 2014 at 2:24am

Thank you Nancy. Powerfully written. Recommended to the publishers for inclusion in one of the forthcoming multi media editions of OM Times.

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