How can I create a better future for the world?

How can I create a better future for the world? 

By William Bezanson

ABSTRCT:  The most effective, long-term way, to enhance the state of the world is to teach everyone of the validity of reincarnation.  A firm believer in reincarnation will automatically work to improve the world’s state such that it will be better than currently for his or her return to life here in future lives.  As an example, the author includes a summary or his own previous lives on Earth.


Many people will call me a kook for writing this article, but I am very serious here. Please take my words soberly, and, if you agree with them, even partly, then please tell others, in your own words, about what is written here.

To create a better world in the future, rather than simply extrapolating the current trends, I suggest the following:

Teach everyone that you know or can influence 

about the validity of the spiritual law of reincarnation.

Yes … reincarnation.

This is not a religious statement, but a statement about one of the spiritual laws of the universe.

To my way of thinking, if someone believes deeply in the validity of reincarnation, then that person will automatically want to create a better future than is currently expected, in which the world will be greatly improved in many respects. So, automatically, he or she will begin (or continue) doing everything feasible for improving the current world, to lay the foundation for better lives for their next incarnations on earth.

So, my advice for creating a better world is to teach everyone about reincarnation.

Now, for some background …

In my own case, I have evolved from simply believing in reincarnation to knowing it. I have vivid memories of seven of my earlier lives, from ancient China and Egypt, twice in the Middle-East, to southern France, to Brazil, to South Carolina (SC) USA, to my current life in Canada. I was a man in six of those lives, and a woman in one. I was mostly a peasant, and a minor landowner in two of them, but was nobody famous or memorable. There are two people in my current life whom I knew in earlier lives; one of those people remembers me from the Brazil life and is happy to discuss it with me; the other, from the SC life, refuses to discuss it with me. These recollections are not fantasies, dreams, or wishes, but actual memories. I cannot prove this to you, but I have proven it for myself to my own (rigorous) level of satisfaction.

This ability to recall some earlier incarnations was developed through my membership in one of the reputable Rosicrucian orders, the Confraternity of the Rose Cross ( The technique involves being open-minded, developing one’s intuition, and learning to meditate deeply.

A second point of background is my middle-aged (I am currently 78 years old) understanding that the World is twofold: the physical earth, plus the ethereal spirit. The World equals Earth plus Spirit. “Visible and Invisible”, as taught in the Nicene Creed of the Christian Church. Indeed, to my mind, virtually everything is twofold: inner and outer, tangible and intangible, mundane and refined, concrete and abstract, physical and spiritual … to various degrees of manifestation.

So, one day, years ago, it suddenly became clear to me that if someone is convinced of being born again here on earth, then that person will want the world to be in better shape than currently. So, with this realization, I felt the need to start taking a personal, long-term interest in improving the world. Little ways at first, such as picking up someone’s discarded candy wrapper;  then in citizenly ways, such as returning an abandoned shopping cart to a corral;  and still later in highly significant ways, such as trying to teach people that reincarnation is a valid and true aspect of cosmic life.

I try to spread the word about reincarnation through my writings, my discussions with anyone who will discuss it, and ultimately through my actions and the example that I set for our children and others.

The motivation for improving the world because one will be back in the next life may sound selfish. But actually, the motivation can be altruistic, in the sense that teaching others to think similarly is for the evolving benefits of others, and for creating a better future for everyone, not only for oneself.

So, now one of the driving energies in my life is the pressing need to light a fire within everyone’s mind, a fire that will grow and spread to give every one of them the inner passion of knowledge of the validity of reincarnation, to the point that they will diligently work on enhancing the state of their current world in preparation for a better life on their return, most likely to Earth, in their next lives. And, further, that they will each do their best to persuade others to behave similarly.

Please do not read this article and then ignore it. Please work with me in creating a better world.

I hope that my answer is inspiring for others to take action.


William Bezanson is a regular contributor to OMTimes.  In his retirement from a career in electrical engineering, he also writes books on systems design and world stewardship.  He lives with his wife in Ottawa, Canada.  His latest book is Bill's Collected Wisdom, available from online book retailers. His website is .


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Hi Bill, Thank you for your submission, the article will be published in the 2022 June edition.

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