As we prepare to birth the new year, our thoughts may be on the year now past. Perhaps we feel many things could have been better. We see loss in various human arenas…finance, institutions, relationships, and more. We may have regrets over some of our personal actions or inactions, those things we did or failed to do. We may feel abused, even victimized, by the actions of others.

We need to ask ourselves if we want a rehash of 2009 or if we are willing to make the effort to create situations and events in and around us that are truly new. If we want our new year to be different than this past year, we must begin to think, act and feel differently about ourselves and our experiences.

At this special time of new beginnings I offer some ideas to bring you confidence that the new year will be completely and pleasingly new! First, forget the so called “failures” of the twelve months past. Those losses along with the days that produced them are over. Whip out a sheet of paper and begin to write everything you ever did that was a “win”.

Call your list RIGHT ACTIONS. Documenting your “wins” as a list will be the first step toward your intended new journey. It will imbue you with the knowledge and deep seated belief that you are a successful Spirit filled human.

On your “Right Actions” list write every successful, generous, loving thing you have ever done. For instance, “providing extra food for others to brighten their holidays made me feel good,” Or “I decided to finish the college course which led to my being accepted as a …” Or perhaps, “buying that first little house set me on a good road to identifying winning investments.” Or, “I made a special effort to make my mother comfortable in our final weeks together.”

Whatever you did at any time that brought you a good feeling about yourself, your motives and your abilities write it on your list! The act of writing anything gives it special enlivening energy.

The reason for this exercise is not to encourage living in the past but rather to take you back there long enough to remember those special positive power filled times of yesterday. By reacquainting yourself with your successes of the past you are simply reminding yourself that the power you used then is the power you can elect to use now and in the future.

What name do you give your power? What channel are you tuned to? Do you think of it as the energy of intuition, Spirit, God, I Am that I Am, high self, Light or Love? Whatever name you give to it that power is yours to use in any way you can think, dream or imagine.

By making the “Right Actions” list you will begin to remember many successful ventures for which you may not have given yourself credit. The point of creating the list is for you to visualize and magnify a winning, successful image of you. When you see yourself as a creative winner you will engage more wonderful productive ideas. You will have more success with anything you do.

Did you know that your powerful subconscious will always carry out your orders? Every repetitious thought and emotion you feed to it will be saved, worked with and brought to manifestation. It is a 24-hour-a-day worker. It never becomes tired and it never grows old.

Even more than manifesting your power filled ideas, your subconscious keeps a bank of information that you did not impower. Ask it for some solutions and ideas and it will do the research. Or ask its associate your personal dream maker for answers. You have truly unlimited resources waiting your call.

When you access your own “feel good” emotion you have accessed your personally powerful fuel and igniter fluid for constructive manifestation. You can focus that energy to build the life you have dreamed of. You have always known what you desire and now you have the way to ignite those desires.

By your concentration on your personal successes you are throwing out all your preconceived limits. When you throw out limiting ideas and concepts you are free to engage fully with your personal light filled future.

It is no secret that most of us can tell you what didn’t work in our lives or what isn’t working. Why fritter away our dynamic energy resources on such a wasteful pastime? Let us speak instead of how much we love today and invest our energy here. Let us speak of the bright future that stretches out in front of us. Make our words work for us rather than against us.

Creating a new “new year” for ourselves does not happen by chance. It takes a desire on the part of each one of us to let go of the actions and ideas that did not work and focus on the ones that did!

A particularly good idea at this time of year is to clean house in any way you can. In other words, if you have not used a particular item in the last 12 months, get rid of it. Give it away to someone who could use it. Recycle it! If you are falling over unused possessions and storing some under your bed it is time to make some decisions about where you are using your energy.

The other part of house cleaning is a little different. When a particular personal habit is a stumbling block, it not only has to be removed but it has to be replaced! It is good to remember that anytime you create a vacuum by removing an idea or emotion, you need to replace it with something more positive. Otherwise that hole that is left in your life experience will be filled with the “first available”, in other words, the luck of the draw.

Keep adding to your success list whenever you remember one of your personal winning actions. Adding to your list will build your confidence. It will impress upon you that you are worthwhile and capable of great deeds. Each one of you has special talents and enormous creativity. Believing in yourself will reveal more of your abilities.

Through this list making exercise you will find other new and sometimes startling inventive ideas floating to the surface. Do not ignore your new ideas. Keep a second list of POSSIBILITIES.

Allow the ideas to approach you as they are without placing immediate judgment on them. In other words, just because a particular idea seems beyond your abilities at the moment, too much like “pie in the sky” write it down anyway. Remember that tomorrow everything can change. What seems impossible today may be exactly the action that will work for you next week.

Do not throw away any of your inspired thoughts. WHEN IN DOUBT…WRITE IT DOWN!

Be aware that some of your best most workable ideas may come to you in dreamtime. Write them down the very minute you wake. Even if you cannot understand the metaphor or unusual language of a dream, write it down. Do not let any of these special inspirations escape into forgetfulness.

Pay attention to your colorful daydreams as well. Daydreams can carry wonderful inspirations that are worthy of your notice. Daydreaming is a way of trying out ideas and seeing the probable results. Let no idea wither for lack of your investigation.

The importance of written lists is that we are able to see things in a more concrete form. When ideas are standing side by side on paper we can evaluate much more directly. Clarity of thought is more likely.

Make this new year of yours shine with the ultimate in newness. Make it your best new year yet.

I am Reverend Lois Cheney, psychic medium. If I can assist you in any way with a Spirit filled reading call me at (941)961-2783 or E-Mail:

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