How to Boost Your Personal Growth Through Blogging

Sure, you can blog for other people. The problem with that strategy, however, is that you end up exercising your own happiness to the whims of others. And, as we all know by now, other people can be nasty – particularly if they’re hiding behind a screen.

A much better strategy is to blog for yourself – for your own growth, for your own improvement, to reinvent yourself. If you do that, then what other people think is suddenly much less important. If they like what you’re doing, that’s a nice bonus. If they don’t, if they troll you, well then you just shrug that off. After all, you’re blogging for yourself, not for their approval.

And you know what? There are a lot of opportunities for growth in blogging. Here we’re going to explore a few ways that it does just that.

Critical self-analysis

The first thing that blogging allows you to do is offer you a platform where you can explore yourself. And that is not something to be underestimated. After all, you can only confront a problem if you know of its existence. And the only way that you’re going to uncover some problems is through critical self-analysis.

“But,” some of you might say, “Can’t I just sit down and think about it to get the same effect?”

Sure, to an extent you can. The only problem with only thinking about a problem is that you can’t catch the leaps in logic that you make or the mistakes in reasoning that occur when you make a jump from one point to another.

You see, when you’re just thinking about something, you can’t read it back again. That is possible with blogging (or any type of writing). And that outsider perspective, that ability to look at your own thoughts with fresh eyes will make it far more likely that you’ll see the faults in your reasoning and in yourself.  

Work through your issues

Another fantastic advantage of the blogging is that it allows you to work through your issues. Writing has actually been shown to help you improve your mental health, as it allows you to confront your problems and move forward from them.

In this way, it can help you deal with the negative and focus on the positive, which will ultimately help you become more proactive and happier.

Now, journaling and writing about issues, in general, has been shown to do this, but blogging has a special place because it turns the act of writing into a routine. The danger with other kinds of writing is always that during hard times or busy times, you end up abandoning the practice.

With blogging, where your audience expects you to produce content at least on a semi-regular basis, that danger is much smaller.

Learn to express yourself

Even if you don’t have issues that you need to work through (And let’s face it, most of us do) then you’re still going to gain from blogging, as it will help you formulate arguments, understand a different side of an argument and overall express yourself better.

And blogging even has a step up on writing in general, as when you blog there is a feedback element. Sure, you shouldn’t depend on that element for your own self-worth, but it will still give you some insights into what posts are more widely appreciated than others, which will allow you to analyze what you did well and what you didn’t do well.

That means that you can turbo-charge the speed with which you get better at self-expression.

Learn about unexpected things

The great thing about researching another blogging topic that you want to put up is that you sometimes end up reading about things and learning about things that you normally never would have looked at.

In this way, blogging can help you become far more knowledgeable, expanding your general knowledge and giving you new insights, and even sparking new interests that you otherwise would never have developed.

These things matter. After all, if you want to write professionally – for example for an academic writing service – then you’re going to need that kind of knowledge and insight. Heck, even if you don’t, being more knowledgeable can help you in a great many walks of life, from tutoring to playing trivia.

Become more disciplined

And then there’s the discipline element. If you maintain a blog, then every time you meet your deadline and put up a good post, you’re training yourself to become a little more disciplined and a little better at meeting people’s expectations.

And that is important.

After all, it doesn’t matter how clever you are and how much you know, if you don’t live up to your commitments you’re not going to hold onto a job, a project or an opportunity very long. Discipline runs through every profession and every occupation.

Discipline is, in fact, the first step towards self-improvement, as it is a discipline that helps you get through the boring moments and the hard times so that you can continue the journey towards the person that you want to be. 

Last words

Blogging is such a fantastic way to grow I’m surprised that not more people are doing it. It gives you greater insight into yourself, helps you become more disciplined and also helps with self-expression, as I explained above.  

And those are just the most obvious ways in which it can make you better off. There are no doubt a huge number of subtle ways in which blogging can help.

And you know what the best thing is? If you manage to keep focused on yourself and your own improvement, then there’s always the chance that you’ll build a following and gain popularity. And at that point, the blog can become a platform and a vehicle for sharing your self-improvement (And your message) with the world.

Now if that isn’t a bit of amazing icing on the self-improvement cake, I don’t know what is.

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Comment by Kathy Custren on October 8, 2016 at 11:37am

Hi, Janet - thanks for your submission, but there are a few things that would need revision before it can be considered. It very much reads like a blog, and we specifically ask for articles. Lengthy posts such as these can be saved for your own blog, where people may read more. In order to provide an article for consideration, the first thing is the length, which exceeds our current standards of 500 to 800 words. You may seek to edit this down somewhat.

In doing so, kindly remove the embedded links. While it may be appropriate to reference your own site or your own work, taking visitors off-site does not aid your piece in any way. We ask that any appropriate references be placed as links below the article, if you feel they really need to be included.

Lastly, is the voice, as there are many "I/you" statements. We ask that articles be written from the third-person (we/our) perspective, with focus on the message and less on the ego. If you wish to made these edits and wish to reoffer this for publication, kindly message me and I will be happy to review it again. Thank you ~ Blessings! 

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